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What can your favorite color tell you about your character?

Character and favorite color: know yourself

Scientists have long established a link between certain colors and characteristics of a person’s character. It’s not for nothing that those who are used to being in the center of everyone’s attention are impressed by bright, juicy shades, and more modest personalities, on the contrary, are attached to pastel or neutral colors.

Character and favorite color: get to know yourself better with the help of color in this material.

What can your favorite color tell you about your character?

Color — the doctrine of flowers

Color is the science of colors, which is based on the knowledge of the nature of colors, includes basic, composite and complementary colors, considers basic characteristics of colors, color contrasts, color harmony, color language and color culture.

The study of color allows you to determine the color type of the person, and also provides information about the effect of certain colors and shades on the personality and character of the individual.

It is remarkable that Leonardo da Vinci was the first who was engaged in the study and structuring of coloristics as a science.

In total, there are four simple colors in nature: red, blue, green and yellow. And all the other colors are the result of mixing these shades.

Character and favorite color: know yourself!

Want to know what your favorite color means? Then be sure to read on.

Characteristic white

Of positive properties white color can be distinguished: the absence of vices, the desire to give oneself, openness, the ability to find what is hidden, the desire for justice.

Considering the negative aspects of color, they mention: disappointment, detachment, boredom, fruitlessness.

In the wardrobe, white things are associated with the concept of «beginning». Wearing such clothes seems as if your skin is whiter than it actually is, even the face tone is evened out.

Individuals who choose white for themselves are often inclined to help others by their nature, without demanding anything in return.

Characteristic black

Of «Plus» The characteristics of color can be called: creative power, ability to predict the future, elegance.

Of «Minus» talk about: a feeling of depression, depression, aggression, the desire to destroy.

The shade of the night evokes an association with everything that is inexplicable to the human mind, and also with a thirst for knowledge. But at the same time, we all know that in order to live the notorious “black line” it is necessary to first get rid of your fears and inner fear.

Love for black clothes tells that there is no important component in a person’s life, he also indicates a desire to hide, to hide. The way out of this state should be slow; it is recommended to start gradually diversifying your image with the help of other shades.

What can your favorite color tell you about your character?

As a rule, an increase in black in the wardrobe indicates the individual’s desire to avoid external reality, or indicates that the person does not know how to solve the situation.

It is noteworthy that kids who really need care and love begin to use black color in their drawings. In normal condition, the coal color is rejected in most cases.

Characteristic gray

AT in a positive way the gray tint will tell about: realistic perception of the world, pragmatism, sanity, possession of information, associated with a combination of opposites.

And in negative sense: indicates melancholy, desire to merge with other people, unwillingness to stand out from the «gray mass» and show their individuality, there is no initiative, there is a state of sadness.

Persons who like everything gray, are piously convinced that emotions are something completely inappropriate and meaningless. But at the expense of their inner restraint, they begin to destroy and deplete themselves from within.

When gray things predominate in a person’s wardrobe, it means that he is looking for such feelings and emotions that could help him to relax and achieve a state of inner harmony. In addition, the weak and vulnerable people gray color gives them the necessary vitality.

Characteristic red

Positive properties Red: persistence, leadership, persistent achievement of goals, creative power, the presence of internal energy, passion.

From the negative: red tells about cruelty, intolerance, authoritarianism, stubbornness, lust and aggressiveness.

Speaking as the personification of the desire to win and power, the red strives to always achieve its goals. But the more vivid the tone of red is meant — the more aggressive the person uses on the way to his dreams.

Red is constantly in motion and has powerful energy.

The shade of fire symbolizes love and passion, but at the same time is associated with aggression and danger.

A person who loves the color of blood, is accustomed to act on the principle of “came, saw, won,” but succeeds only if he does not act thoughtlessly. The shade stimulates to active actions and to the completion of the begun.

It may seem as if such an individual is ardently fighting for justice, but in fact, when he realizes the futility of such a struggle, he immediately stops it.

What can your favorite color tell you about your character?

Due to its activity from the red fan, a good reformer is obtained. This is due to the desire of a person all the time to convince others that he is the real leader.

If such a condition is not observed, a powerful internal force will begin to sweep everything and everyone out of its way, not sparing anyone around.

Turning to the popular test Luscher, we find that the love of red means the desire to live life to the fullest, as well as receive new impressions and characterizes a person as very hardworking. And the rejection of this shade will tell about intellectual, emotional and physical exhaustion.

True, many adolescents reject the color red when they enter puberty.

Characteristic pink

The magnificent shade of the rose is associated with femininity, friendliness and ease in its positive properties.

But on the other hand, this color can tell about frivolity, vanity and frivolous intentions. Another pink color in its negative qualities is personified with excessive sensitivity and naivety.

The pink shade is a symbol of goodness, romance, passion and love. It facilitates emergence from critical situations, eliminates sadness, removes obsessive thoughts, allowing a person to achieve a state of inner peace and harmony.

Colorists experts do not recommend using pink clothes for business meetings, interviews, as it is unlikely that you can create a serious image.

Characteristic yellow

The strengths of the shade: love of life, developed intellect, tolerance, love of truth, craving for freedom, faith in one’s own strength, originality.

And speaking of its weak properties It is necessary to mention absent-mindedness, idleness to pastime, stinginess, criticism of other people, egoism.

If you are attracted to this sunny color, it means that you want to achieve inner harmony and eliminate troubles from your life. At the subconscious level, lovers of yellow can affect the world around them, therefore, as in the case of pink, it is worth refusing to wear yellow clothes for a job.

The main desire of all those whose favorite color is yellow is the desire to reveal themselves to the world. With this shade, you can eliminate unnecessary shyness and increase confidence in yourself.

What can your favorite color tell you about your character?

Characteristic orange

In their positive aspects associated with strength, love of freedom, patience, great potential of energy and cheerfulness. The color of the orange is devoid of the unnecessary aggression, which is inherent in red.

But there are negative points: orange color also correlates with inflated self-conceit and too demonstrative manner of behaving.

The orange shade is a kindred red with the only difference being that it is not so “heavy” and not aggressive. Orange color can lead to tone and give a charge of creative energy.

But the delicate influence of orange sometimes becomes harmful: because of its energy, which it receives from red, it can overshadow all other shades.

The desire to wear orange clothes indicates that such a person is eager to assert itself against the background of others. It is also a shade that is associated with enthusiasm, pleasure, warmth, joyful emotions.

Used in the wardrobe items orange color helps to improve mood and overall well-being (therefore, it is often used in advertising).

Characteristic green

The color of grass and trees will tell about the progress, stability and commitment with its good side. BUT with bad — associated with hypochondria, selfishness and jealousy.

As a rule, green lovers are accustomed to give a comprehensive assessment of the situation and often anticipate its further development. Such individuals are distinguished by their ability to work and always easily understand what is happening.

Although they give the impression of being outwardly friendly, they are actually characterized by great secrecy. Accustomed to carefully protect their internal universe from outside invasion.

Psychologists advise to calm nerves, despite the green color. It has sedative and sedative properties.

Characteristic blue

In his positive context blue hue is personified with strength of mind, accuracy, hardness, kindness, loyalty and stability.

But with negative side — will tell about fanaticism, infantilism, lack of a bottom.

The color of the sea and sky is very popular with philosophers and all those who seek to find spiritual experience. He pushes for reflection, but is not able to give answers to questions.

Those who prefer the blue color in clothes, just crazy about the order and system in everything that is around them. Absolutely on any subject or phenomenon of the world around them they have their own opinion.

On the other hand, because of their devotion and dedication to some occupation or person, they often become fanatics or become slavishly obedient.

The blue tint is able to send a person into dreams, to charge with creative energy and tears away from reality.

What can your favorite color tell you about your character?

When people are under stress, they begin to reject the blue color.

Characteristic brown

Of strong aspects The color of chocolate can be mentioned about reliability, prudence and common sense. But with negative side he symbolizes a depressive state, frustration.

If your favorite shade is brown, it means that you stand steadily on your feet, show respect for traditions and in your heart dream of physical and mental peace. But the denial of chocolate shades in clothing will indicate a dismissive perception of their health.

Characteristic purple

Of favorable properties shade of violet can be identified: increased self-esteem, as well as the development of sensuality.

Of negative: manifestations of immaturity, psychological immaturity.

Purple color is just adored by perfectionists. It should be noted that this shade has rather heavy characteristics and in clothes it should be diluted with the help of yellow.

Otherwise, it can provoke the development of depressive states.

For themselves, the violet tint is chosen when they wish to identify themselves with someone or wholly and completely go in the wake of their feelings. Also, their love of violet color is manifested by individuals who have not yet found enough strength in themselves to realize themselves.

In addition, children and adolescents, women in an interesting position and representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation prefer this color.

Psychologists say that the denied violet color tells about sexual and mental maturity.

At the end of the topic

  • Scientists have determined the effect of certain colors on the physical and psychological state of people.
  • In total, there are four basic colors in nature (red, blue, green, and yellow), and all other colors are the result of their mixing.
  • Any shade has both a positive and a negative shade, so it should be used in the wardrobe dosed.

And finally, I want to invite you to watch a fascinating video on the theme of flowers:

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