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What can and can not be done on a clean Thursday: tips and tricks

What you can and can not do on a clean Thursday

On the eve of Easter, the need to respect traditions is particularly acute. In an effort to comply with the laws of the church, many people want to know exactly what can be done on a clean Thursday, and with what it is better to wait.

Pure or Great Thursday is always on the fourth day of Holy Week. It was on this day that the Last Supper was many centuries ago.

Christ conducted the Jewish rite of the division of bread. It is known that the Savior, as an example of serving people, washed the feet of his apostles.

This ceremony gave the name of the holiday, and in modern churches there is a special ritual, when during the liturgy the bishop symbolically washes the feet of the clergy, there should be 12 of them.

Today, there are several prohibitions that should not be violated and established traditions.

What can and can not be done on a clean Thursday: tips and tricks

What can be done on Pure Thursday

The day should be properly started, namely — to get up early, until the sun rose. Having washed, pray.

If the morning did not succeed, then you can wash in the evening too. Christians are confident of the healing power of Pure Thursday water.

Before water procedures, it is desirable to briefly hold silver in the tank. You can just dip a ring or a cross there.

According to legend, the water from this simple manipulation will be cleaned and will have a stronger effect on the person who is washing. The hostess can wash things to go on a holiday, but it is better to organize a large laundry before the beginning of Holy Week.

Go to the temple, and then you need to think about cleaning. She is considered the last of the week. The beginning is the washing of surfaces, doors, window sills, windows, then wardrobes, interior items.

If you take a regular cloth and brush the dust in corners and cornices and then tie it up, then, according to folk legend, the sore loin will stop bothering you.

It is very good on this day to take out the garbage and all old unwanted clothes shoes away from home, or just burn. Getting out of the cemetery is also possible, as in other places.

If you need to tweak your hair, cut your hair and dye it is not prohibited. In the people, it is believed that after such a haircut, the hair will be thicker.

Drinking wine is not prohibited, but in small quantities, only as a symbol of the Last Supper. Sometimes, if necessary, you can wash after a clean Thursday before Easter, the main thing is that the bathing time does not coincide with the time when the service in the Orthodox churches goes.

Cooking festive dishes

From this day you can start baking cakes and paint eggs. In addition, it is worth once again to think about the holiday table, make purchases and purchase the missing ingredients for future goodies.

It is important to start cooking in a good mood. Poorly cooked dish not only can spoil the mood, but also show the attitude of the owners to the holiday.

Interestingly, an undercooked or ugly cake can cause a year full of heavy and tedious worries. If baking failed, it is better to do everything in a new way.

Fourth salt

Once a year, namely on Maundy Thursday, guarding against misfortunes is made — Thursday salt. It is not only stored from prying eyes, but also added to food throughout the year, or splashed into the corners of his house during any unpleasant events.

If in a nutshell, then prepare it is not difficult. A packet of salt is taken, preferably the most ordinary, large, mixed with a handful of rye flour and ignited to the black in a griddle.

Previously, of course, all this was done in a furnace. Today, an oven or a cast-iron pan will do.

Then the mixture is poured into a clean canvas or cotton bag and use at their discretion.

Keep better near the stove, but away from prying eyes. She decided to share with relatives.

What can and can not be done on a clean Thursday: tips and tricks

Temple visit

If you manage to visit this day in the church, then very well. According to legend, a burning candle taken from there, not extinguished on the way, promises its owner happy times.

Another interesting thing. In the old days, so that the sick would not suffer, he quickly recovered and put a church candle at the head of the bed.

After waiting for it to go out, they took a stub and wax wax and carried it to the temple. Choosing a place near buried.

Garden affairs

Clean Thursday is considered an easy day for agricultural work. You can sow seeds for seedlings and plant flowers.

The only thing that is not recommended is planting potatoes. Rooting of cuttings and young fruit saplings is not forbidden.

However, according to the church, it is better to go about housework, as mentioned above, and not to plant a garden, if this is not absolutely necessary.

What not to do on Pure Thursday

It is forbidden, ignoring the cleaning, to be taken for cooking. It is believed that such actions are fraught with quarrels among family members.

All year there will be some kind of trouble and small squabbles.

It is known that Lent on Thursday is still going on, so dishes prepared for the holiday remain banned, and what can be eaten on a clean Thursday before Easter is given below:

  • lean (salads, nuts, fruits, legumes, mushrooms);
  • fish, if required by a special diet.

On Good Thursday, you should not bind yourself with some monetary matters, especially borrow or lend. In the latter case, you can lose luck.

And if someone gives something himself, there is a chance to catch other people’s problems.

In addition to the listed points can not be on Pure Thursday

  • drink plenty of alcohol;
  • to make love;
  • sew some things or knit;
  • idle around the cemetery;
  • You should not guess on the cards — a sin.

On the fourth day, in any case, you can not swear, and even more so, to denounce someone with bad words. Even in the case when there is a conflict, it is better to remain silent or accept neutrality.

All this in order not to become a hostage to unhappiness in the near future.

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