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What are the symptoms of the evil eye in adults

What are the symptoms of the evil eye in adults

The evil eye is a phenomenon that everyone can face, it can provoke the appearance of various problems with physical and psychological health. It is important to know the main symptoms of the evil eye in adults and children, in time to recognize the presence of alien negative energy and take measures to eliminate it.

What are the symptoms of the evil eye in adults

What is the evil eye

The evil eye is the promise of bad energy from one person to another, or from several people to a person.

By its symptoms, the evil eye is very similar to damage, but its main difference is that the evil eye is, as a rule, an unconscious effect.

Literally, the evil eye is a clot of negative energy, which, sent to man and attached to his energy field.

Sad to know, but the evil eye can linger on a person’s aura for a long time. By its influence, it is very similar to a pathogenic virus or a leech, which takes away all the vital energy from a person.

Most of all suffer from the evil eye:

  • children;
  • the fair sex;
  • people whose profession makes them constantly visible;
  • young, attractive and successful people;
  • creative individuals;
  • those who have a broken mind.

Varieties of the evil eye

A negative impact can be triggered by someone else’s envy, anger, greed or selfishness.

What are the symptoms of the evil eye in adults

Also known are the main types of the evil eye:

  1. Disclaimer He is provoked by envious words. As a result of a slander, the victim begins a solid black line in life. A person cannot achieve success in any sphere, and everything that he does not undertake only ends in failure.
  2. Ozev. This kind of evil eye is caused by slander, as well as evil thoughts and evil eyes. Ozev also leads to global setbacks.
  3. Envious eye. Its occurrence is due to the appearance of negative energy in one person relative to another, as well as a sense of envy. Often, the action of collective negative energy leads to an envious evil eye. For example, when one of the employees gets a promotion, his colleagues, instead of feeling a joy for him, feel dissatisfaction and actively discuss this news behind their backs.
  4. Evil eye baby. Children are the most defenseless creatures before the evil eye. If someone expresses his admiration for your baby, actively praise him, but deep down he is jealous and angry, then the evil eye will affect the health of your child. The aura of children is not strong enough and cannot act selectively — it absorbs all the negative information entirely.
  5. The evil eye of newborns. It should be especially wary of people who fail to conceive their own child for a long time. They pose a serious threat to your newborn. Therefore, be careful, remember the baby’s weak aura and protect it from the evil eye of others.
  6. The evil eye for loneliness. If you have a happy marriage — do not brag about the details of your personal life, exposing provocative photos on social networks or telling anyone about it. If you are jinxed, you will encounter frequent quarrels and conflict situations in your pair.
  7. The evil eye to health. As a rule, it is produced by sick people, who envy other people’s good health.

WITHevil eye symptoms

Damage and the evil eye have very similar symptoms, but in the case of damage, all the symptoms are much more pronounced.

First of all, the health of a person suffers from the negative: the immune system weakens, chronic diseases go into an acute phase, new pathologies appear.

In addition, the sphere, which has fallen under the influence of envy, is seriously suffering.

The main symptoms that can be used to diagnose the evil eye are also determined:

  1. A person cannot look into the eyes of his own reflection in the mirror.
  2. Suddenly cool to his beloved earlier activities.
  3. Feeling incomprehensible changes for the worse, a person is hostile to the outside world, suffering from constant internal tension.
  4. Conflicts arise regularly in different areas of life.
  5. Vital interests are being lost, there is a constant lack of energy.
  6. Perhaps an unexpected «sitting down» on addiction: drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking.
  7. In the chest area (solar plexus), there is often a burning sensation and sharp tingling.
  8. There is a constant heaviness in the body, a feeling of weakness and general malaise.
  9. The appearance of frequent headaches, dizziness, and periodic sharp changes in blood pressure in one direction or the other. Blood can flow from the nose or ears, a person often suffers from colds.
  10. Long do not heal various injuries.
  11. Appetite disturbances are observed: it is either completely absent, or, on the contrary, gluttony takes place.
  12. Sleep disorders appear: from insomnia to increased sleepiness.
  13. The mood is spoiled, it seems to man that those around him are opposed to him. Characterized by a constant state of increased irritability, nervousness, conflict.
  14. Depressions are also typical.
  15. Sexual desire is noticeably reduced.
  16. Certain parts of the body may begin to tremble. There is a feeling of chills, changing skin color.
  17. A person does not have enough air, he feels pain in his chest, complains of shortness of breath.
  18. The condition of an integument changes for the worse: there are acne, blackheads and other rashes.
  19. May cause attacks of causeless anxiety, fear, panic state.
  20. Characterized by severe fatigue, it is difficult for a person to recuperate even after a long rest.
  21. Slow reaction.
  22. A man often yawns.
  23. There is increased tearing.
  24. Without any signs of rising body temperature.

How science explains the evil eye

Scientists who study various subtle energies and the process of their interaction with human energy are called eniologists. They have long established that our thoughts and even feelings are energetic in nature.

It is this phenomenon that explains the realization of thoughts in life.

What are the symptoms of the evil eye in adults

A thought is an energy wave that is transmitted and spread throughout the surrounding world.

But today a very small number of people have the ability to consciously control their thoughts. Often this process is unconscious.

At the same time, thoughts can be both positive and negative, which threaten a real damage to the energy of a person, since they form holes in it. As already indicated above, the evil eye is precisely such disturbances in the energy field through which energy flows.

It turns out that initially the evil eye is provoked precisely by thought (in the form of mental energy). Each person has a biofield (aura or energy shell) has its own characteristics, has different strength, elasticity, integrity and color.

All these indicators in the most direct way affect how much a person will be exposed to negative impacts.

It can be summed up that to protect oneself from the evil eye, one should less share one’s joys and successes with others, also never tell about future events and especially protect one’s children.

Finally, watch the video on the evil eye.

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