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What are the signs and customs of Good Friday, ceremonies and plots before Easter

What are the ceremonies, conspiracies and signs on Good Friday

The week preceding Easter is called Passion. The same name is the saddest day — Friday.

On these days, according to church canons, it is necessary to observe the strictest fasting and completely abandon food. Christians endorse such restrictions as a sign of sorrow for the great sacrifice made by Jesus to atone for the sins of mankind.

In Orthodoxy there are many prohibitions, traditions and rituals that are customarily followed on this date.

On this day Jesus Christ was executed by crucifixion, therefore, Friday on Holy Week, preceding the great and bright holiday of Easter, is considered the most mournful day.

At this time, Lent continues, and all dietary restrictions must be observed more strictly. People should turn their thoughts to the sublime and remember the last agony of Christ. You cannot eat food before the Shroud is taken out, which usually happens at 14 o’clock.

Then allowed to eat some bread, raw vegetables and water.

According to the advice of church ministers, it is recommended to devote this day to prayers and be sure to visit at least one of the three temple services:

  1. 1. In the morning, the ministry is performed with the reading of the Gospel of the Lord’s Passion.
  2. 2. After lunch, a service is held, during which the Shroud, which represents the boards depicting the full-length Jesus Christ, lying in a coffin, is carried out. Believers decorate it with flowers and anoint it with incense, thus repeating the actions of the myrrh-bearing women.
  3. 3. The last ministry lasts all night until dawn. It ends with the performance of the rite of burial of the Shroud.

After the night service, parishioners take the candles from the church home and light them in front of home icons.

What are the signs and customs of Good Friday, ceremonies and plots before Easter

On Friday, earthly affairs should be postponed and turned to spirituality. The Church prescribes the whole day preceding Holy Saturday to devote prayers and memories of the sacrifice made by Christ.

Forbidden actions are presented in the table:

House CleaningAll household chores must be completed on the eve of the day, which is called Pure Thursday. It is important to do it on time, as on Friday cleaning is strictly prohibited. In addition, cleaning after Clean Thursday is prohibited for another week after the celebration of Easter.
Personal hygieneHygiene and all cosmetic procedures are also banned, so you need to choose another time for haircuts or skin care.
WashingOn Friday, Holy Week can not be washed. Violation of the rule faces the appearance of red spots on linen
Work in the garden, garden or on arable landPlanting promises crop failure and trouble in the house. The exception to this rule is parsley or cabbage. The harvest of these vegetables will be double
Spitting on the groundTo the ground on this day a special relationship — it is forbidden to even spit on the road. Those who break this rule throughout the year can not wait for help from saints or angels.
Work with metal toolsThey are identified with the spear that pierced Christ. Therefore, on Good Friday it is not allowed to sew, cut and even cut bread. Loaf need to break hands
FunProhibited all kinds of fun, loud talk and laughter. This will lead to tears throughout the next year. Birthday celebration, marriage or other celebration must be postponed to another day.
IntimacyPurity must be observed not only in food or in thoughts, but also in intimate life. Children conceived at this time, born sick or as adults, will be cruel and evil.

If this day was the birth of a child, then there is no reason to worry about his fate. Even if he has trouble in his life, in the end, they will turn into a blessing.

What are the signs and customs of Good Friday, ceremonies and plots before Easter

Folk customs and the church prescribes to prepare the Easter table on the eve, on Maundy Thursday. However, human superstitions regarding baking on this day, say the opposite.

Previously it was believed that cooked cakes at this time are endowed with special properties.

To bake such pastries, it was necessary:

  1. 1. Before beginning work, say any prayer.
  2. 2. Cook the dough alone, without assistants.
  3. 3. Protect the cooking process from prying eyes. Otherwise, the cakes turned out tasteless.
  4. 4. To keep quiet in the house while the cakes were baked.

If the bread comes out ugly, then you need to prepare for trouble.

Easter cakes cooked according to the rules were not fully eaten. Some of them had to be left and hidden behind the icons. There they were kept, not stale and not spoiling the whole year.

Slices of this baking treated patients, they also protected the house from fires and other ills. A year later, the remains of Easter bread were not thrown away, but fed to the birds.

What are the signs and customs of Good Friday, ceremonies and plots before Easter

Good Friday is the right time to conduct various ceremonies.

At this time, it is customary to perform actions related to health promotion:

  1. 1. To get rid of back pain and legs, use a rag, which wipe the corners in the house. It must be kept hidden from strangers. Having washed in the bath, such a rag is tied up with a sore spot and left overnight.
  2. 2. To protect against diseases, you should consecrate a silver ring in the church and keep it with you.

To get extra income and good luck, you need to feed the needy for lunch.

It is pleasurable to abstain from eating and drinking until the Great Saturday begins. Keep such a strict post need three years in a row.

This makes it possible to know the date of his death and what will happen three days before it. Suffering thirst for the whole day, then there will be no harm to any drink.

If a person begins to hurt at this time, the disease quickly recedes.

Cleansing the house from damage

At this time, you can conduct a ritual to check the house for the presence of damage. To do this, you must visit the morning service in the church:

  1. 1. Before you go to the temple, be sure to buy a candle, light and stand with her all the liturgy.
  2. 2. Houses with a burning candle candle need to go around the room without missing a single one.

Where there is damage, the flame will begin to smoke and the candle will pop.

Rite of passage to attract well-being

You must perform the following steps:

  1. 1. Bring 12 candles into the house with worship according to the number of months in a year.
  2. 2. Light, pre-arranged in all rooms. They must burn to the end.

Signs on Good Friday related to the weather:

  • if the weather is cloudy or rainy, this year the harvest of wheat or other grain crops will be weeds;
  • if at night the sky is clear and starry, then you need to wait for a rich harvest of bread.

To find out what awaits a person over the next year, they conducted a special fortune telling. For him it was necessary in the morning immediately after waking up to look out the window.

A prerequisite was the observance of complete silence. The future was guessed by the first person seen on the street:

  • a sick person — to loss or illness;
  • girl — to great luck;
  • adult woman — to well-being all year;
  • disabled person — to major loss or even death;
  • the boy is lucky for the next three months;
  • middle-aged man to health;
  • the old man meant that man would show wisdom all year;
  • the old woman — to the deterioration of affairs;
  • the whole family — to peace and harmony in the house;
  • the bird seen in the window foreshadowed good news for men, and a pleasant acquaintance for women and girls;
  • cat — to wealth and wealth;
  • to see the dog foreshadowed all year to be sad and to be in sorrow.

Of particular importance were the dreams seen on the night preceding Good Friday. They were considered prophetic and filled with accurate predictions.

The baby who had reached the age of weaning was the easiest to wean on that day. In the future, such a child had good health, strength and great happiness.

Good Friday was considered a good time to get rid of ailments and protect the house from enemies. In this case, it was necessary to perform special actions and utter the words of a conspiracy.

The procedure for performing the ritual:

TitleExecution orderConspiracy words
Elimination of depression
  1. 1. Put 3 painted and consecrated eggs in the church into consecrated water.
  2. 2. Read the plot words.
  3. 3. Wash the patient with this water.
Strengthen my faithful words, Lord, strengthen Christ, the servant of God (name). As people rejoice at the bright Easter, so let the servant of God (name) be glad to life. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Amen. Amen
Alcoholism Treatment
  1. 1. Take ash from the oven.
  2. 2. Take it to an empty intersection and scatter it there.
  3. 3. During this process, utter the words of the conspiracy.
  4. 4. The next Friday after Easter to perform this ceremony again.
As this ash will not sprout, and the sprouts are petals, from the petals are fruit, so the slave will not take the wine into his mouth: neither on Sunday, nor on Saturday, nor on Friday, nor on Thursday, nor on Wednesday, nor on Tuesday, and not on monday. Amen. As this ash does not score with a key, the nightingale does not sing, so the slave (name) will not drink green wine. Amen. Just as this ash will not be farrowed, it will not crush, so the slave (name) will be forgiven with wine forever. They will not drink: neither on Sunday, nor on Saturday, nor on Friday, nor on Thursday, nor on Wednesday, nor on Tuesday, nor on Monday, nor on weekdays, nor on holidays to the Saints. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Amen. Amen
On protection from enemies
  1. 1. A woman or girl should have baked a small round loaf.
  2. 2. Speak baking conspiracy words.
  3. 3. Divide the loaf in two.
  4. 4. Eat one yourself.
  5. 5. Another hide behind the icons and store there all year
Lord, save, save, protect. Now and ever and forever and ever. Amen

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