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What are the rituals, conspiracies, prayers, signs on his birthday

Effective birthday rituals for love, health, wealth, luck and wish fulfillment

Since ancient times, people have noticed the special influence of the date of birth of a person on further events in his life and even derived a number of formulas related to the correct behavior of the birthday man and invited guests. In addition to the recommendations that can and can not be done on this day, contemporaries have reached a huge amount of superstitions and will accept, enabling the birthday man to predict future life situations in order to avoid them or speed them up.

The personal possibilities of the birthday man and his connection with the information field of the Universe at this time are so high that they become subject to managing their own destiny in the future. On this day, conduct ceremonies for the fulfillment of desire, good health, wealth, love, etc.

Throughout the day, the birthday should pay attention to the factors that can be attributed to the signs of fate, as well as the nature of the events accompanying the celebration:

  • if a dog is howling around that day — be in trouble;
  • on the eve, I had a dream of a flat road — the year will pass successfully, bumpy — with varying difficulties, broken and with holes — there are many challenges ahead;
  • a holiday held sadly, in reflections or with unsympathetic people, promises a year full of trouble;
  • rain or snow on a birthday means many pleasant events;
  • if the first person whom the mornings can see out of the window is a man, then the year will be lonely, if a woman is fun and successful;
  • if the hour in which a person was born was greeted by him on the way, then the year will be full of interesting events;
  • a positive sign for the bride is her birthday, which coincided with the date of the wedding, but the groom promises an unhappy marriage such a coincidence;
  • the death of a relative on a holiday warns the birthday of the dangers that await him in the coming year cycle;
  • a child born in the anniversary of the mother receives enhanced heavenly patronage and special life luck.

The holiday that fell on the full moon is a sign of the special arrangement of the heavens that helps the birthday man to fulfill his cherished desire, which you just need to be voiced out loud.

What are the rituals, conspiracies, prayers, signs on his birthday

One of the main traditions of celebrating a birthday is arranging a magnificent feast inviting a large number of guests, but not everyone is aware of the existence of sacred life points, which must be overcome in peace and quiet. So, it is not customary to celebrate 9, 13, and 40 years in both sexes and 53 years in women.

And at the age of 3, 12, and 18 years old, no candles are lit on the birthday cake.

Other important beliefs and customs associated with the holiday:

  • on a birthday, it is better not to bathe or confine yourself to a light shower, so that, as the ancestors believed, not to lose the birth protection;
  • if the birthday person is fasting, then the holiday is postponed to the end of the fasting or feast, it seems to be Lenten dishes;
  • congratulations cannot be accepted before the due time — this makes a person energetically vulnerable;
  • on a birthday party, you can change clothes no more than 3 times;
  • bad omen in name day is considered to spit on the ground;
  • if during the holiday a plate or cup was broken, then the fragments are tidied into an inconspicuous corner, and thrown into the garbage only after all the guests have left;
  • if such a gift is presented as a gift: a knife, a potted plant, a mirror, a manicure set or a comb, then before taking the object in hand, you must give the donor a coin;
  • in case of a quarrel with someone from close people or friends on the eve of the holiday, you need to make peace with them in order not to transfer the negative to a new stage of life; for the same reason, on the day of birth one cannot raise a voice, quarrel, cry, or participate in the dissemination of gossip;
  • women who plan to become pregnant during the year should not peel seeds on that day and another 8 days;
  • since the energy protection of a person in transition is weakened, he cannot be involved in funeral rituals and attend a cemetery.

To receive a bouquet with an even number of flowers from one of the guests — one of the worst will take on a birthday. If this happens, you should be alone during the holiday with an unlucky bouquet, remove an extra flower from it, break it and throw it under your feet, then whisper:

“There are two dawns in heaven. One dawn blooms, the other fades. Without the dawn of the morning the sun does not rise, without the evening dawn — does not set.

The Lord of the Apostles counted, and my flowers were unread. The one across my prayer will count that odd number of exchanges. Key, lock, tongue.


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