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What are the rites, conspiracies and rituals for baptism (January 19): for money and wealth, beauty, health

Signs, traditions, sacraments and rites of baptism: health, luck, money, love, desire

The baptism of the Lord is one of the most important Orthodox holidays. Practically all the rites performed on this great day are associated with the use of holy water.

At Epiphany midnight, she is endowed with healing power. On January 19, it is customary to wash with holy water, to sprinkle a dwelling on it, to hold special rites and rituals with its use.

The ordinances performed at Baptism have a special power and help to quickly bring the desired to life.

The consecration of water is one of the greatest church traditions. There is an action on Epiphany Eve after the end of the liturgy. But you can stock up on baptismal water yourself.

It is recruited from any reservoir or from the tap on the night of January 18-19. From time immemorial believed that water at this time has miraculous properties.

It is believed that it has the most power at night from 0:10 and until 1:30.

What are the rites, conspiracies and rituals for baptism (January 19): for money and wealth, beauty, health

They drink holy water on an empty stomach every morning to heal sickness and get rid of sins. Before accepting read the prayer:

"Good Lord, All-Good! For the sake of all filthiness, let thy gift be your holy one. Bless this water in the enlightenment of my dark mind, the strengthening of your mental strength and health according to Your goodness and mercy, Father of Mankind.


What are the rites, conspiracies and rituals for baptism (January 19): for money and wealth, beauty, health

The tradition of bathing involves the total immersion in the water of the hole. They are carved in the shape of a cross on the eve of a holiday in the ponds. After that, people enter the hole and dip themselves three times, overshadowing themselves with the sign of the cross.

In the people it is believed that this custom allows you to be cleansed from sins.

This tradition is a folk, not a church custom. Church rules do not force anyone to swim in the water.

What are the rites, conspiracies and rituals for baptism (January 19): for money and wealth, beauty, health

The following national signs are connected with the feast of the Epiphany:

  • all dreams on the night of January 19th are prophetic;
  • Baptism predictions are the most reliable;
  • the engagement concluded on January 19 promises young people a happy marriage;
  • he who decides to be baptized on this day will live a very happy life;
  • if the elder woman at Baptism recounts all the tablecloths in the house, the hosts will have many guests all year.

The following actions are recommended to refrain from this great holiday:

  • salt, bread, matches, or money should not be given from home to baptism;
  • you can not cry, otherwise the whole year will have to shed tears;
  • it is impossible to pour water brought from the temple, otherwise a person from whose hands the container slipped out will not live long in the world.

The magic of baptism will help to improve financial well-being. When this happens, you need to thank the Lord and create any alms: to feed the beggar, to give a tangible amount of money to the begging temple.

At Baptism, they wash their faces with holy water, while uttering the words: "The Lord Jesus Christ was baptized in the Jordanian water; he was revealed to the white light. How true that Christ is the Son of the Living God is so true that I have enough strength in my way.

Holy God in heaven reigns and commands, and helps me in all matters. Amen".

Words must be pronounced three times.

In the evening on the eve of the Epiphany (celebrated on January 18), the next ceremony is held to attract money. All family members count coins and bills, saying the words: "Holy God Jesus Christ will appear to the world, and money will appear in my pocket. Money is small and big, silver and gold.


This conspiracy to a rich life will serve as a good defense against impoverishment. During all-night service from January 18 to January 19, you should collect in the temple of holy water. At home, the corners of all rooms and rooms are sprinkled with it, uttering the words of a conspiracy:

"The holy water in my dwelling came, the grace brought. The expenses and losses of this house are bypassed, but prosperity and joy will come every day.

Good luck accompanies me in all matters, and failures I will not know anything".

Remains of holy water should be left overnight in the corner of the house that seems to be the most important.

If family members have to go through difficult times, you can use the following rite. On the night of Epiphany they are drawing water.

The container is placed inside the house near the threshold, without closing the lid. In the morning it is necessary to wipe the shoes of every household with water.

The remains are poured from the tank into the toilet, uttering a whisper: "Sinister under the earth, the Holy Spirit on the earth".

According to popular belief, if you ask Heaven for the fulfillment of a dream, it will come true within a year. Fulfillment of desires is due to the fact that the Lord hears human requests through open skies.

On the evening before Epiphany, they put a container of water, saying the words: "At night, the water shakes itself". The movement of water is a special sign that Heaven has opened.

To check whether this happens, you should wait until midnight. If at this hour the water really starts moving without external influence, you need to look out the window at the sky as soon as possible and ask the Lord about the fulfillment of the most cherished dream.

A rite with a coin in a glass helps to fulfill any desire. It is carried out as follows:

  1. 1. On the eve of Baptism, holy water is collected in a glass, which has remained in the house from previous years.
  2. 2. Dip in a glass of silver color.
  3. 3. Write a cherished wish on a small piece of paper.
  4. 4. The glass is put on the note so that the moonlight shines on all the contents.
  5. 5. The treasured desire written on a piece of paper is pronounced three times on water.
  6. 6. Then you can go to bed.
  7. 7. The next morning, the water pours out under the tree.
  8. 8. The coin is hiding in a secret place.

A dream written on paper will come true within a year.

Suffering from various diseases will improve their health with the help of powerful baptismal ordinances. The cure may not come instantly, but such rites are strong enough.

Usually they are valid for several months after.

In order to get rid of the most terrible ailments, the holy place is washed in holy water at Epiphany midnight. At the same time the words are pronounced: "Holy water, wash lyhovitsu".

The ceremony can be used in Epiphany and in the old New Year. Exactly at midnight, they remove any old thing from themselves, and then burn it, uttering a whisper: "I burn this thing (the name of the wardrobe item), flushes it off".

January 20, you can cook a rooster and talk meat for healing from ailments. Plot text: " Rooster vociferous in the yard went, and after his ax sharpened chopped.

As now the rooster has no head, so that in my body there is no leprosy and ailing. Amen".

If you need to get rid of male diseases, you should hold this ceremony:

  1. 1. On Epiphany evening, a full bath of water is drawn.
  2. 2. First, a cross is dropped into the bath.
  3. 3. Then the person conducting the rite is immersed in water.
  4. 4. Conspiracy words are spoken thrice (see below).
  5. 5. After that, it is necessary to dive completely under water for a few seconds.
  6. 6. Get out of the bath and take two to three sips of previously prepared holy water.

Plot text: "Christ appeared on earth, and was baptized in water. As the Jordanian water baptized the Lord, so let the sickness leave me.

In this place, at this hour. Amen".

That the whole year was calm, and the soul did not know the anxieties, such a rite will help.

At midnight, a full can of holy water is collected from the tap. The tank should be metal, unpainted. Well fit aluminum can.

On the edge there is a cross made of coniferous wood. You can make it yourself with a knife or tied two sticks.

Further along the edges of the can, three wax candles are brought from different churches. Above the water, the plot is read three times:

"At night I go up in the dark, I take the holy water. Holy water-sister, sanctify my body, mortal and sinful soul. Proceed, holy angels of God, bring peace to the soul.

I meet the Lord Christ, at the table I plant. John the Baptist, I offer my prayer. John the Baptist, the great Forerunner, the first martyr!

Do not deny me, the servant of the Lord, do not leave the fallen in their sins. Renew my spirit by repentance, my soul, defiled by sins, cleanse soon.


After that, scoop up some water in a mug and drink it. The remaining holy water must be used throughout the year.

Girls who dream of preserving beauty for a long time can wash themselves with snow for this. On this holiday, in its magical power, it is not inferior to holy water. Clean snow is brought home and melted in a basin.

The resulting water wash, uttering a whisper: "Epiphany water from the sky of the Lord flowed. All the flaws but the flaws she fix, and I add the girlish lepoty.


Epiphany ordinances will help lonely people to quickly meet a lover or a beloved. With the help of ceremonies it is possible to strengthen relationships with existing couples.

It is believed that the effect of the ritual is manifested within a year after its implementation.

If for many years it is impossible to find a soul mate, this mystery will help:

  1. 1. On Epiphany Eve, burn any old thing.
  2. 2. Take a small amount of ash, three hairs from the head, a little candle wax and roll it all into a small ball.
  3. 3. When midnight comes, you must throw the resulting ball out the window, saying the words: "I’m driving loneliness away from myself, and inviting good and love to the call!".

This rite is held if it is snowing at Epiphany. A girl who dreams of getting married, lights a candle on the windowsill.

Looking at the falling snow, the words are pronounced: "As the Epiphany snow covers the ground from edge to edge, let the wedding veil cover my head as well. Amen".

If the couple has already been formed, the future spouses can spend the ritual for a happy family life. For this they need to plunge into the baptismal ice-hole together.

The same ritual will help breathe new life and legal spouses into the relationship.

Baptism is the day when a ceremony is held to reveal the life ways of the baby. Another ritual will help spouses who want to have a child.

If there is a baby at home, in Baptism, you can talk it on an easy way of life A piece of a wax candle is carefully molded to the diaper, along with which water was consecrated in the temple.

At the same time the words are pronounced: "Lord Jesus Christ! There lives a child of a small first year.

Have mercy, send him (name) easy roads. In the Kingdom of Heaven and in the bright Your Paradise at every hour send it.

For every good hour, for good times. Amen".

After the ritual, the plotted diaper must be hidden in a secluded place. It is desirable that she did not come across to anyone before the age of majority of the child.

Three days before baptism, the couple must sleep in different beds. On the evening of the 18th, the wife should go to the temple and defend the vigil service.

After that, no one can talk to anyone until she dips three times into the hole the morning of January 19th. The husband also attends church, but he must go to another temple.

Like his wife, he should dip into the baptismal ice hole three times.

After performing these actions, the couple should meet and spend the night with each other. After that, they will have a chance to become parents.

In Baptism, not only the heavens are revealed, but the evil force is also walking. For this reason, divination January 19 are among the most reliable.

Those who resort to the fortress should be sure to wash with holy water after the session, read a few prayers.

Take four faceted glasses, and fill them with water. Then put the additives:

  • put a spoonful of honey into the first glass;
  • in the second half of a spoonful of salt;
  • in the third — a pinch of citric acid;
  • in the fourth — some wine.

Contents are mixed and covered with glasses with a napkin. Then, dreaming about marriage, they blindfold and offer to take one glass. Her choice determines the nature of the future spouse:

  • honey — the spouse will have a good temper;
  • salt to sorrow and anxiety;
  • citric acid — to boring life;
  • wine — the husband will be a lover of drink.

On the evening of the Epiphany they take a small spruce branch (it is allowed to take a pine). Then two fingers of his left hand, without looking, grab a few needles. Whether a wish is fulfilled is judged by the number of needles:

  • 0 — will not come true;
  • 1 — the chances are small;
  • 2 — will be fulfilled, if you put a lot of effort;
  • 3 — come true within a month;
  • 4 — will come true in 7 days;
  • 5 — will be completed in three days;
  • 6 — have to wait no more than a day;
  • 7 and more — the dream will come true very soon.

Epiphany water has a powerful cleansing power, removes damage and the evil eye. With the following rites, you can quickly get rid of induced witchcraft.

After the negative is removed, you should visit the temple and put a thank-you candle at the Savior icon.

Before the ceremony, it is necessary to take holy water from three or seven churches. The water mixes, then the words of the spell are pronounced:

"The Lord Jesus Christ was born, was baptized in Jordan by baptism, became famous among people. As water flows from me, so that the ruin leaves me.


Mixed water wash face. Remains poured into the sewer.

Ritual helps to remove even the most powerful damage. It is carried out as follows:

  1. 1. On the night of Epiphany, holy water is gathered.
  2. 2. They go to church with her and sanctify it additionally.
  3. 3. Leaving the temple, buy three candles. It is forbidden to talk on the way home;
  4. 4. At home, a new cotton tablecloth of white color is laid on the table, a container with water is placed in the center.
  5. 5. One candle is placed per vessel, the other two are on the sides.
  6. 6. Candles are lit with one match.
  7. 7. Some time you need to look at the fire, reflected in the holy water.
  8. 8. Hands applied to the container so that the fire of candles pleasantly warmed them.
  9. 9. When the surge of energy begins to be felt, it is necessary to pronounce the words (see below).
  10. 10. Fingers moistened in water, then wipe the face with water.
  11. 11. The balance is carried to the bathroom and poured over the head.
  12. 12. Within one week after the ceremony, it is prohibited to give objects to anyone from home.

"The thoughts of Christ are pure and righteous. So let my soul be righteous.

The water in front of me is holy, its power does not dry out. I wash myself, I take off the dashing ruin. I cleanse soul, body, and spirit in the name of Jesus Christ.


To purify the house, the next rite is performed. In the capacity of gaining a small amount of Epiphany snow. When it melts, it is necessary to sprinkle water on all corners of the apartment, moving in a clockwise direction.

After that, crosses are drawn on each door and on each window. It is especially important to conduct this ritual to those who have sacrificed much at Christmastime.

They take leather cord or rope from any natural material, moisten it with Epiphany water. Then give the future charm to dry. After that, placing a lit candle next to them, they begin to tie knots on the rope and at the same time utter the words of the conspiracy:

"I will tie the first knot from fierce feud. The second — from a slander and vanity. The third is from ailments and sorrows.

Fourth tie for joy, for health. How much rope does not wind, and there is an end.

I lock evil and famously, crook and dryness. Amen".

The rope is worn on the wrist.

To make the rites more effective, you should attend a divine service at Baptism. If this is not possible, it is useful to spend the day in prayers.

It is important on this great holiday to refrain from bad words and deeds, to forgive the enemies.

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