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What are the ranks of angelic from the point of view of Orthodoxy

What are the ranks of angelic from the point of view of Orthodoxy

Recently I was offered to become a godmother. This is a very exciting event in human life. During baptism, a small Christian turns out to be the personal angel of the guardian, protector, and protector.

What are the angels, and who are the archangels? I did not quite understand the differences between these names, so I decided to learn more about the celestial beings. In order to avoid confusion, she asked the Orthodox priests for clarification.

And that’s what I found out — read. It turns out that the angelic ranks are the closest beings to man.

They are in charge of our earthly affairs and assist.

What are the ranks of angelic from the point of view of Orthodoxy

Angels of heaven

Before the creation of our earthly world, the spiritual world was created, which God settled with disembodied beings — angels. From the ancient Jewish language the word «angel» is translated as a messenger.

This is an intermediary between God and man, since we cannot communicate directly with God because of the sinful nature.

Angels have a higher mind, they are more powerful than humans. The Bible tells us that angels have their own hierarchy. The fathers of the church decided to classify the angel ranks, and in the fifth century AD, Dionysius the Areopagite created a classification in which nine angel ranks are indicated in three triads:

  1. Higher: seraphim, cherubs, thrones.
  2. Medium: domination, power, strength.
  3. Lower: beginnings, archangels, angels.

So, angels and archangels belong to the lower triad, so it is much closer to humans. If seraphs and cherubs are in the immediate vicinity of the throne of the Lord, then the angels with the archangels are in charge of our earthly affairs.

What are the ranks of angelic from the point of view of Orthodoxy

Higher triad

Seraphs, thrones and cherubs are next to the creator. Their task is to glorify and exalt the name of God constantly. Seraphim have six wings: two wings for flight, two wings cover the face, and two more — cover the legs.

Why do seraphim cover their faces and legs? So that they will not be burned by the glory of God. From the Hebrew language «seraphim» is translated as «flaming.»

They burn with the love of God, therefore they look like fiery figures.

Lucifer was also a seraph, until he was proud and fell from heaven.

Who are the cherubs? They are described with fiery swords and called intercessors. Cherubs pray for all people for our sins to be forgiven by God.

Cherubs also personify memory and are considered custodians of the Knowledge Book. They have access to all the knowledge of the world, they possess the wisdom of God and are enlightenment.

King David called them the vehicle of the creator, writing about him «He who sits on cherubs.» Golden cherubs were depicted on the Ark of the Covenant as facing each other.

Who are the thrones? It is an incorporeal mind, an expression of the truth of God and a righteous judgment. The Creator administers his judgment, relying on the thrones.

These creatures follow earthly judges so that they do not shy away from the truth in their decisions. They do not intervene directly in human affairs, but they manifest themselves during insights, love for the creator and knowledge of the world.

To feel the angels of the highest caste, you need to have a pure heart and fear of God.

Middle triad

The ranks of angels of the middle triad protect settlements, monastic cloisters and churches, clergy and secular authorities. Domination empower the rulers of the earth with wisdom and ability to do earthly deeds.

Dominance also knows the feelings of people and can help in the fight against passions. With the help of these heavenly forces, a person can overcome in himself the soul-corrupting feelings and temptations.

Angels of the middle triad are run by lower angel ranks.

Forces are performers of God’s will. Through them, God exerts his will and power.

Power people give insight and can give the ability to heal disease. With the help of forces, a person can overcome any doubts, be filled with faith, strengthen his spirit and will, and subordinate the flesh to the spirit.

With the help of the forces, the righteous do wonders and can perform prayer feats. Forces help believers to survive any hardships and sorrows.

Authorities they resist the devilish forces that take possession of human thoughts, protect people from the devil’s delusions and temptations. Authorities help the righteous to resist in the difficult struggle with the devil, protect their right to the kingdom of God.

After death, the authorities accompany the souls of the righteous to the halls of God.

Lower triad

Beginnings, archangels and angels are in direct contact with man. Beginnings protect the religious beliefs of people, strengthen the faith, help to do godly deeds.

In addition, the beginnings protect all of God’s creation from extermination. She also started following the rulers of the land, so that they would think about their people, and not about enrichment.

What are the ranks of angelic from the point of view of Orthodoxy

Archangels are heralds of God. The Archangel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary to announce the birth of Jesus.

Also, the archangels help people understand the meaning of the will of God, open up insight. Among the most revered archangels are:

Archangel Gabriel translated from ancient Hebrew as «Lord of God.» He is the left hand of God, his messenger and messenger.

Gabriel appears when there should be significant changes in the history of mankind. Gabriel interpreted the meaning of visions to the prophet Daniel, taught by the prophet Moses, and announced the birth of John the Baptist to the elder Zechariah.

It was the archangel Gabriel, who reassured Joseph the Enchanter, explaining to him the fact of the immaculate conception of his bride Mary. In the Garden of Gethsemane, the Archangel Gabriel strengthened the will of the Savior before the torments of the cross.

Archangel Gabriel also informed the righteous woman of the resurrection of Christ.

archangel Michael — the spiritual warrior of the palaces of heaven. It was he who fought with the fallen angels, protecting the Glory of God from desecration. Michael is depicted in iconography with a fiery sword in his right hand conquering the serpent.

Sometimes you can find his image with weights, on which the archangel weighs the actions of a person. Michael accompanies the soul of the deceased to heaven, so in the cemeteries you can often see chapels in honor of Michael.

Archangel Raphael

This archangel is revered by the Christian church as a healer. From the ancient language the name Raphael is translated as “the healing of God.” In the Bible, the archangel Raphael is mentioned in connection with the help of a certain Tobii, whom he accompanied on a dangerous journey.

The archangel did not once save Tobias from harm, pacified the demon Asmodeus and healed Tobiah’s blind father.

Archangel Raphael is one of the three archangels allowed to be worshiped by the Orthodox Church. The remaining 4 archangels are not mentioned in holy writings, therefore the church fathers do not allow them to be addressed.

These are good spirits that fulfill the will of God. For people, they bring good news, so they are translated from Greek as carrying the message.

Angels, whose mission is to protect a person from evil, are called guardian angels. It is them who turns out to be a person under the sacrament of baptism. How many angels exist and what their names are is not known.

Their legions. Only the Lord knows the exact amount.

There is also a dark hierarchy of angels and archangels — they are called demons. These are the heavenly beings who have fallen away from God and become sinners.

Since in the spiritual world there is no concept of the irreversibility of choice, the status of unclean spirits can no longer be changed. Why God does not destroy the dark hierarchy of demons?

Because he can not give up his creations or repent of their deeds.

Demons do not have the ability to change their fallen nature and return to the bosom of God.

If the relationship of angels is based on mutual love, then in the demonic hierarchy reigns hatred and anger. Higher demons hold the lower in complete obedience and fear. How many dark angels exist is not known to anyone.

The number is very large, like the number of good angels.

Do not be afraid of demonic army, as people are given light spirits to help. Therefore, it is very important to undergo the sacrament of baptism as early as possible in order to receive a personal protector and guardian to help. It is enough to call the guardian angel in prayer, as he will immediately respond.

Fathers of the church teach that with each of our prayers the power of the guardian angel increases. Therefore, it is necessary to begin a new day with a prayer appeal to your intercessor.

What are the ranks of angelic from the point of view of Orthodoxy

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