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What are the prayers and conspiracies to return their money, debt

Effective conspiracies and prayers to return their money

Almost all conspiracies aimed at stimulating monetary energy and affecting the debtor’s personal energy are in the category of black magic. The exception is the Christian rites in the form of a prayer appeal to the patron saints and «white» rituals that awaken reproaches of conscience from a person who has taken a loan.

The lender should turn to them first of all and if there is confidence that the debtor is not in a difficult financial situation and the return of the borrowed money to them will not entail irreversible consequences.

Money magic always works, but its effectiveness depends on a properly chosen rite, adherence to the subtleties of ritual practice, and the intentions with which the magician takes action. The latter circumstance depends on the expected result, and this can be:

  • a refund;
  • refund and punishment of the debtor for trying to avoid debt.

If the magician works in the direction of obtaining debt, then in the process of conducting the ceremony he should not concentrate on the image of the borrower. After all manipulations have been completed, the situation should be completely released and the problem should be removed, as if it has already been solved.

The money will be returned exactly in the amount that was occupied, but they can come both from the debtor and from any other source.

The adjustment of the channel through which cash is returned, that is, the specifically expressed intention to receive money from the borrower, relates conspiracies to black magic. The magician, sending such a claim to the Universe, knowingly deprives the Higher Forces to solve this question in a way convenient for them, and the stream of the strongest negative falls on the debtor.

If the money is not given back, the borrower will start having health problems on the mental and physical levels.

Regardless of whether the magician turns to white magic or dark, prayers for the return of their money are read in the days of the growing moon (less often on a full moon) by a person who does not have any damage or a strong evil eye.

Family ties are of great importance. If the borrower is a close friend, it is better to appeal to his conscience with Orthodox prayers for a refund and never give in to the desire for revenge.

When magic works, you need to mentally visualize the image of the borrower and thank him from the bottom of his heart for paying off the debt.

What are the prayers and conspiracies to return their money, debt

To influence the sense of responsibility of a person who borrowed money and ignores debts, it is better to use first “light” means that do not have the power of reciprocal return on the lender. Such a measure as a prayer appeal to the holy intercessors is applicable to relatives or god-fearing debtors who find themselves in constrained circumstances.

For employers who do not pay salaries, or scammers who have taken money without a receipt and used it for appropriating funds, the measures should be more stringent. But in this case, after the return of debts, the magician needs to reduce the likelihood of a “black recoil” and thank the borrower for his conscientiousness.

Nicholas the Wonderworker and Spiridon Trimifuntsky are singled out among the saints most revered in resolving financial issues.

What are the prayers and conspiracies to return their money, debt

The prayer for the return of his money, addressed to Nicholas the Wonderworker, is read early in the morning or closer to sunset as many days as necessary until the money is returned. Reading will help, if the amount of debt is not very large and the person praying does not have evil feelings towards the borrower, but there is a desire to persuade him to part with the funds he has taken.

Before you begin to read the prayer, you need to go to church and put a candle to St. Nicholas for the safe resolution of the money issue.

What are the prayers and conspiracies to return their money, debt

What are the prayers and conspiracies to return their money, debt

Spiridon Trimifuntsky helps in the return of debts that are considered hopeless, or if the borrower regularly delays payments and this creates inconvenience to the lender. Saint Spyridon also patronizes trade relations and will facilitate the return of borrowed goods or the receipt of monetary compensation for the depreciation of equipment if the tenant refuses to pay it.

Spiridon of Trimifunti should pray for the return of his money as follows:

What are the prayers and conspiracies to return their money, debt

You can not take the money back in silence or hate the one who brought them. It is necessary to thank the person, and after he leaves, speak, looking at the money in his hands, such words: “And today I will let you go tomorrow, and you can see the Lord (the debtor’s name), and he can judge.

I (my name), with piety to everything and humility, well, be according to this. ”

When a significant debt is paid back, if the lender has previously asked for help from St. Nicholas or Spyridon, it is required to serve a prayer service to the patron, listing all the benefits sent by the holy old man in response to the request. Many people, in the process of thanksgiving prayer, give vows and vows to the saint in order to continue to count on his help.

A promise not to overspend and live more modestly may be a profit in response to financial help, and the best promise is to provide regular charitable assistance to those who need it. How to give vows and how to order a prayer service should be discussed with the priest in advance.

Money plots in the home are read on the power of the magician, so their action in different people will be unequal. An experienced mage will need to conduct one rite to give him a debt, and a newcomer may have to work several periods of the rising moon.

It does not follow during one lunar cycle to try to perform more than two types of rituals — the action of most of them is manifested gradually, and the layering of several diverse rituals will lead to the redemption of the effect of those performed earlier.

The plot is used in relation to the borrower, to whose house the lender has free access. To perform the ritual, the magician comes to the debtor’s threshold late at night and brings with him two brooms — one new, bought the day before, and the other — old, frayed and dirty.

First you need to sweep the mat near the debtor’s door (or the threshold itself) with a new broom — and the movements should be sweeping, wide, away from the door. You need to carry a broom at least 9 times and repeat all the time: “Kind, new broom, I mark you, sweep, gold-silver (the name of the debtor) raking up my house”.

Then the same actions are repeated with the old broom, but they already say the following words: “Old, tattered broom, I sweep you with you, sweep out, I stick the threshold with you, so that the borrower (his name) could not sleep or eat peacefully, threshold. So that each of his business passed without any sense, until he returns to me fully my debt. ”

After reading the plot, you need to break off 2-3 long rods from the old broom and hide them under the threshold so that the owners will not find it by chance.

After completing all the necessary actions, you should leave without looking around, and at home both brooms should be put together and put into the pantry until the money is returned.

The ritual begins to operate at the level of the first stage. But in order to arrest the consequences of a negative rollback, one must be patient and perform the rite to the end, even when the debt is fully repaid. The work will require the cheapest yellow wax church candle and a new box of matches.

As a rule, to the day when the candle is completely burned, the lender already receives his money back.

How is the ritual performed?

  • every night, starting from the 3 days of the growing moon, the magician lights a candle, ignites one match from her from a new box and, holding it in his hand or laying it on a plate, watches the match completely burn out;
  • until the match burns out, you need to have time to pronounce the spell “To Brother-Fire” (see below), it is better if you manage to speak it 3-4 times;
  • the burnt matches from each day of the ceremonial course should be kept in one box or in the same place, on a platter, until the debtor brings money;
  • on that day, when the debt is repaid, the magician waits for the night, goes to the intersection of pedestrian roads closest to the house and sweeps the ashes from the matches on all four sides with a pinch, solemnly reading the appeal “To Brother-Wind”.

What are the prayers and conspiracies to return their money, debt
What are the prayers and conspiracies to return their money, debt

Returning home after the final stage of the ritual, the lender should try to go unnoticed, do not talk to anyone and do not give anyone hands.

An effective conspiracy “on a coin” is read when a negligent debtor turns out to be a close person who does not want to do much harm, but also needs to return money quickly. For the ceremony, they stock up on an old coin of light metal, and also look after the old conifer tree growing far away from the house.

With the first rays of the sun, you need to come to the selected tree, dig a hole at the very roots with your hands, bury a coin there and say a prayer to return your money three times over this place:

What are the prayers and conspiracies to return their money, debt

It is better not to disturb the debtor for the first three days, and on the fourth one you should remind him of yourself by calling or in another way. It is not necessary to talk to him about the money, the necessary process will still be launched.

After receiving the borrowed amount back, you need to return to the ritual place and find your coin. It is necessary to dig it up and take it with words of gratitude: “I thank you, Mother Earth, with your help, God’s servant (the name of the debtor) brought me everything in full. God’s judgment on him is zorok, and I am calm and meek.


A dug out coin is a powerful monetary talisman that protects you from unnecessary spending, monetary losses and unpaid debts. Keep it in a special wallet pocket and do not show it to anyone.

Making the person part with the money he does not need, but still not in a hurry to give, a green candle will help. Buy it will have in the shop magical accessories.

Another candle will not work.

Starting from the 3-5th day of the growing moon, you should light a candle every midnight at exactly the time that the plot is being read. After the word «Amen,» the candle is extinguished and hidden until the next night, and so on until the day when the debt is returned or the moon declines.

The plot is considered strong, but takes time to execute. Most often, the debtor brings debt amounts in the first days of the next rising moon.

What are the prayers and conspiracies to return their money, debt

Cemetery rituals do not pass without a trace for either the mage or the person against whom they are used. In monetary matters, they are rarely used and only in relation to people whose behavior borders on mockery and manipulation of the dependent position of the lender.

For the ritual, you will need any item that the borrower touched (a pen would suit, which was written with a receipt or other thing) and a memorial gift, assembled from 9 different delicacies. On the very first Thursday on the growing moon, the lender goes to the old part of the cemetery and chooses the most overgrown, forgotten grave.

A memorial is put on an earthen mound or tombstone, and next to it is a subject connected with the person of the debtor.

First you need to stand on the grave in silence, visualizing the image of a fraudster in your head, and then clearly and loudly utter a conspiracy.

What are the prayers and conspiracies to return their money, debt

Having uttered the last words, you should turn around and quickly leave the place. On the way home you can not look anyone in the eyes and talk. When the debtor brings the money, you need to thank him discreetly, and again in the evening of the same day or the next to visit the grave again.

The dead man, who helped to return the money, brought a generous present. It is possible to tidy up his grave as a gratitude, but then the way there should be forgotten forever.

In the old days, this conspiracy was read on a rotten swamp or at the intersection of forest trails, but in the modern world a simple pedestrian intersection of unpaved paths in a parkland will do. A swamp can replace an old pond with standing water.

The ceremony requires a photo of the borrower, but if a person has the ability to visualize objects well, then this condition is not necessary.

Magic involving the demonic powers of the night belongs to a very powerful one. A magician who dares to do this should have a strong personal defense.

At three o’clock in the morning, the lender goes to the crossroads or to the pond, lights a church candle, and without hesitation recites the plot, looking at the photo of the enemy or mentally presenting his face:

“If I, the servant of God (name), do not cross myself, I will go without blessing, from the door to the door, from the gate to the gate. I will go along the road, turn from the road to the path, follow that path to the dense forest, find a quivering swamp in the forest, there is a bone plate on that swamp.

I’ll go up to the bone slab, I’ll call the three devilish sisters: Kruchinu, melancholy, fierce misfortune. Three devilish sisters will come out from under the bone slab: Kruchin, longing, fierce misfortune, they will begin to ask: “Who called us, who raised us?”

I will come closer to them, I will bow to them lower, tearfully all three will ask: “You, three devilish sisters: kruch, melancholy, severe trouble, do not be angry with me. I called you, I raised you, I listened to my hell.

Hearken also to my grief! ”You, three sisters, three devils: Kruchin, longing, fierce misfortune, to my debtor, to God’s servant (name). Find him, lash out, throw yourself, flood him, my debtor.

Twist it, bend it, beat it, trample it with your teeth, horns, claws, tear it, tear it, guide it, make it, I must return it, give it to me or leave it to rest.

You, my debtor, that you owe me, then I know, and what I know, I take away from you. Three sisters-devilish: cruel, melancholy, fierce misfortune, break, twist my debtor, so that he roared, his teeth creaked, whined, squealed, screamed and squealed, did not know the rest until my debt he will pay until he repays his debts before me. Three sisters-devils: Kruchin, melancholy, fierce misfortune, push my debtor.

The word is the key, the deed is a lock, three shameless sisters to my debtor on the threshold, yes to him in each flank.

Not to finish, not to alter, not to fix, not to debug, not to cope with my cause forever, until the debtor gives me what he owes, but I know that debt, and I take that debt, three devilish sisters help I put the lock under the bone plate, throwing my keys into a shaky swamp, my business is strong, strong and irrevocable. Amen.

Amen. Amen».

The plot is read thrice. After the third reading on the side of the intersection, they leave something and immediately leave.

A candle is taken home and stored until the debtor returns the money, then it must be buried under any tree.

This rite is well suited to impact on a sloppy employer who has large debts on staff salaries. The deceived worker will need: a green magic candle, a new matchbox, paper, a pencil, a white saucer, and some fresh honey.

A few minutes before midnight, the magician closes in a dark room with curtains drawn, gropingly finds a candle on the table, pours it with honey, fixes it in a stand and ignites from one match. It is necessary that the honey fell on his hands. Looking at the flame of a candle, the reader concludes fire in the similarity of a ball lamp from his palms with his fingers apart and says a spell:

What are the prayers and conspiracies to return their money, debt

It is necessary to say a prayer for the return of your money three times, then take a pencil and write out the amount of debt on paper in large numbers. Now it is set on fire from the corner of the candle, put on a saucer and watch the sheet burn to ashes.

At the same time, it is necessary to say: “Let mine come to me, fear no one, fear nothing, stumble about nothing, not turn back.”

On the same night or on the next ash, it should be attributed to the house where the careless debtor lives and sprayed near its threshold. When the money earned will be paid, you need to go to church, find the personal icon of your former borrower and put a candle for his health.

Practicing magicians advise: for borrowed money to always find their way back home, their return must be accompanied by a special conspiracy that was used by Indian merchants. Giving money to the debt, they always sentenced: “The fact that mine will remain with me, my gold will not leave me, silver will not part with me.”

This simple rite did not allow borrowed money to “stick” to the borrower’s hands, and the whole amount returned to its owner in full and quickly.

It is necessary to follow other rules of money management, so that it does not become depleted in the hands of the giver. So, money is loaned only on a waning moon, in the morning hours and on all days, except Mondays and Tuesdays.

The banknotes should be counted and given away with the right hand, and the terms of return should be indicated such that they fall on the second or third quarter of the growing moon.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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