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What are the Kryon numeric codes and why are they needed?

Kryon numeric codes: what it is and how to use it

The Kryon number codes are a system in which the basis is the energy component of the sound vibration of words. Each of the letters in the alphabet in the process of pronunciation corresponds to a specific sound. And all sounds have specific vibrations or energy potential.

Letters, when they create words with phrases, give the latter a certain energy potential. And it is quite possible to calculate the energy of each phrase using a certain system. Then each expression will be matched as a number.

You can learn more about this in this article.

What are the Kryon numeric codes and why are they needed?

How is the calculation of Kryon numeric codes

The method of calculating the numeric codes of phrases is very easy. Each letter in the Russian alphabet has a certain correspondence in the form of a number. As exceptions it is possible to name only soft with firm signs.

The latter in this system change their positions in such a way that b has a value of 28 a b — 30. With regards to all other letters, then the numbering occurs in order:

  • The letter a corresponds to the number 1;
  • The letter b — the number 2;
  • The letter c is the number 3;
  • The letter r is the number 4;
  • …………………………
  • The letter e is the number 31;
  • The letter y is the number 32;
  • The letter I number 33.

Kryon number codes for all letters in the alphabet

In order to perform the calculation of the Kryon numerical code for certain expressions, it is necessary to add the numerical values ​​of each letter forming this phrase. Let us explain with a specific example:

In the expression “good weather today” we will find the code 290. The following expressions have the same numeric codes:

  • People’s hearts are full of love;
  • The path home through the heart;
  • Slippers for Cinderella;
  • Create your life.

The above and many other expressions will also have the vibrational oscillations of the number 290. All this is reflected at the level of the first, revealed manifestation of these expressions.

It is here that you can find the obvious or manifest meaning of the phrase. Part of the numerological systems are only on this step, they do not aspire to further development, do not apply to what is hidden and not manifested in the vibration of a particular expression.

As for the second unmanifested level (also called the subconscious level), then it contains expressions corresponding to the code of the word form 290, manifested by the literal expression “two hundred ninety”. This number has a correspondence in the form of a numeric code 196.

He is the unmanifested, unconscious level of the phrase «today is good weather.» Below we give some expressions that also correspond to the numeric code 196:

  • Spiritual consciousness;
  • Energy of unity;
  • Divine plan;
  • The cycle of life.

Considering the game «Kryon Code», if you take the front side of the cards, then on it you can find the types of expressions related to the manifested level, and on the reverse side — to the unconscious level. This means that the reverse side of the cards contains phrases that refer to the Kryon number code number 290.

It shows the level of the human subconscious, which, as a rule, does not go on a conscious plan, but has great significance in the process of fulfilling desires and realizing goals.

Having knowledge of the open and latent vibrations of various phrases a person gets the opportunity not only to better understand her (phrases) in all senses, but also can control various situations occurring with him.

Managing life with Kryon codes

With each person often there are such situations that I would like to warn. But they happened and will happen, because in life everything cannot be perfect. However, having information about the vibrational basis of any phrase, it becomes possible to transform unfavorable energy into positive.

How do you do this in practice using the Kryon numeric codes? Tell about it further.

Here there is one important rule: if different phrases have the same energy (that is, they have the same Kryon numeric code), then they can replace one another.

And by changing negative phrases to positive ones, we perform the transformation of the negative and get the opportunity to achieve the most acceptable harmonious result, that is, to solve the situation that does not satisfy us in the easiest and most harmonious way.

For example, you are in the situation of the “Big queue”. The phrase for this phrase is a numeric code 223.

What is the right thing to do in order not to stand in a queue, but to achieve the desired as soon as possible?

In this case, the first step is to transform this phrase to the numeric code, which will be the number 223. And after that, from the other phrases that also correspond to this code, choose the one that is acceptable to you in the current situation.

To this end, we recommend that you use the dictionary or a special version of the program, which is freely available on the Internet. Suppose you stopped at the expression “ideally smooth road”, which also corresponds to the current situation and also has the numeric code 223, but at the same time it is absolutely positive.

Then you must first concentrate on the expression “a big line”, then reduce it to 223 in your thoughts, and then transfer it to the phrase “a perfectly smooth road”. At the same time, it is possible to visualize how the stream of negative energy “big line” first begins to flow to the neutral expression “two hundred twenty three”, and then comes to a positively charged “perfectly smooth road”, where it stops.

It turns out that we have completed the transformation of an unfavorable phrase into a favorable phrase with the help of a Kryon numeric code. And then, according to the result in life, the line in front of you should be eliminated very quickly and you will be able to achieve the result you asked for.

What are the Kryon numeric codes and why are they needed?

This is how the Kryon numeric codes work. By replacing a phrase that does not satisfy you due to any factors of another one that has an identical code, we are able to completely change the whole situation in a positive way.

A bit of theory

Each sound has a specific vibration. Different words with phrases differ in the whole vibration set.

The human brain has certain functional zones (they are named after the D’Urville zones), which in the process of pronouncing words begin to activate one by one. This principle is the basis of reading prayers, mantras, and so on.

The result is a wave pattern, in fact very reminiscent of the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Europeans perceive such sets of vibrations much more clearly if they are represented by numbers.

This means that when the sum of the vibrations of one phrase equals the sum of the vibrations of another, then the result is the same pattern of the brain’s wave activity.

Possessing such interesting information, it becomes possible to miscalculate and find the relationship between, at first glance, completely different names, names and types of events, which in fact have a very close connection on thin plans.

And the fact that this technique appeared right now points to two important points: the first is that people are very close to the fine plan, and this means that they have the opportunity to freely obtain from them different information necessary for their life. And the second — a person is obliged to learn consciously with the help of different words and phrases to fill his life with divine meaning.

What are the Kryon numeric codes and why are they needed?

The use of Kryon codes is now not something secret or forbidden. This can be done by anyone who wants to take control of his life and always achieve what the soul wants.

We hope that this article was useful for you and will help you, by turning unwanted phrases into desirable ones, to turn your life on the cardinal line and become truly happy!

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