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What are human energy channels, their overview

Human energy channels — what is it and what function they perform

Representatives of Eastern medicine believe that the human body has a special system that connects the upper and lower parts of the body, as well as internal solid and hollow organs using energy channels. The energy channels of a person are not blood vessels or nerves, but something more, invisible to the ordinary eye, but which is of no less significance.

What are human energy channels, their overview

What is the cause of our diseases?

Oriental sages from antiquity knew that the appearance of any pathologies leads to a lack of energy of life or its poor circulation in the body.

Therefore, for the healing of diseases, according to eastern medical experts, it is necessary not to use medicines, but to look for the root cause of the pathology and eliminate it.

Also, the main goals of Tibetan medicine are to strive for a life without diseases, the extension of one’s age and continuous spiritual improvement. Each of these goals is quite difficult, for each you can find a philosophical concept that has been proven over the centuries.

The implementation of these goals in life in Tibet is a lama with his group of students. Lama, first of all, is a spiritual teacher and only then — a doctor.

It should be noted that Tibetan medicine completely rejects the concept of «disease», instead it uses another term — «impaired balance of the body.» And to ensure normal balance, it is important to engage in a constant increase in the total amount of life energy (or Qi), as well as restore its circulation.

Qi is the energy that we receive as a result of the processes of food, respiration and cosmic influence. The famous Tibetan proverb says that: «He who has Qi lives in prosperity, and while losing it, a person dies.»

In Tibetan medical treatises, there are more than four hundred cases in which normal balance is lost in the body — that is, a description of various diseases in the modern view.

What are human energy channels?

Energy channels (the so-called «jing» in eastern medicine) in translation mean «routes». They are also known as energy conductors.

From the energy channels are formed trunk lines. And collaterals are branches of energy channels.

The entire human body is humiliated with collaterals and energy channels, which allow to achieve organic unity by combining its different parts.

When the activity of one or another of the energy channels is disturbed, a certain pathology develops. At the same time, the body has a bad effect on the body and excess energy, and its lack.

What are human energy channels, their overview

Next we look at the main energy channels of a person simply and clearly.

Main energy channels

Human energy channels are also known as “Nadi”. The Vedic tradition mentions three main information and energy channels:

  • Central (also called Sushumna);
  • Right Channel (Pingala);
  • Left channel (Ida).

Nadi (translated from Sanskrit, means «tube» or «channel») — that is, a system of channels through which, according to Eastern traditions, Prana (Qi) is circulated — vital energy.

At the physical level, a person has more “coarse” channels — arteries, veins, blood vessels, nerves, capillaries, and lymphatic ducts. As a way of cleansing, it is advised to resort to special yoga exercises.

More “thin” channels correspond to our energy envelope. It is on them that coarse prana passes.

Such channels can be cleared by reading special mudras, performing special asanas, and practicing pranayama.

Ultra-thin channels correlate with the human astral body. They are cleaned through meditation, visualization and special rituals. Only people at a high level of development can work with these channels.

A person who wants to master such an ability will have to learn to penetrate with his consciousness into an area in which the control and management of such complex energy flows takes place.

Now we give a description of each of the three main energy channels with an overview of its characteristic properties.

Right Channel (Pingala)

It acts as a source of nutrition for the right sympathetic nervous system. The right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for logic, and also allows you to create projections of our future.

So, everything that we think about future events is recorded by this stream, and then displayed on the level of «collective superconsciousness.» For this reason, it is worth very carefully controlling your thoughts with desires.

The right energy channel produces the energy of action, it is he who is responsible for the development of mental and physical activity.

If a person has a lot of energy of the Right Channel — he is prone to aggressiveness and coldness. And with his harmonious work, a person becomes calm, peaceful, judicious, has a clear mindset.

According to the conditions that are created today in our world, people are forced mainly to use the Right Channel. For this reason, we so often suffer from stress, negative emotions, disharmony.

What are human energy channels, their overview

Left Channel (Ida-Nadi)

It is a source of energy for the left sympathetic nervous system. In the area of ​​its action are the events of the past and the emotional life of the individual.

This is the so-called “past storage”.

All the events of the present go into the past, this process is very similar to the slide show on a computer monitor. Our unconscious draws information from the Left Channel, this energy information store.

In addition, the subconscious of each of us is closely connected with the collective unconscious. It is here that all events occurring since the creation of the World to the present day are “preserved”.

Also in the left channel is the energy of human desires. It is desires that allow emotions to arise. Emotion is a desire not manifested in physical reality.

Then emotions (and also the feelings that accompany them) begin to move along this stream to those parts of the body where they can be embodied in material form.

The main feature of the Left Energy Channel is to bring joy. In the case when there is an overload or inhibition of this flow, disharmonious work — a person becomes passive or suffers from emotional extremism.

He can be overcome by extremes, characterized by unrestrained behavior, as well as abrupt mood changes from depressive to euphoric, and headaches are typical.

Central channel (Sushumna nadi)

He is responsible for what happens to us in the present moment. In the case when a person awakens the energy of Kundalini, which passes through the Central Channel, he gains the ability to see reality as it is, objectively, staying solely in the present moment.

Sushumna nadi controls the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system and the activity that is beyond our conscious control.

Our body is a surprisingly complex system, everything in it is clearly ordered and works according to certain principles. Thus, the air constantly fills the lungs, the heart beats, oxygen is carried along the circulatory system and enters different organs, and the brain constantly generates various ideas.

No machine in the world is able to do the same.

And the most unique fact is that none of these processes requires our direct participation, we do not manage them, and they occur on their own.

It is important for people practicing yoga to clean the Central Channel so that the Kundalini energy circulates freely through the body. Then a person will increase intuition and he will significantly grow spiritually.

Finally, complement your knowledge of energy channels with an informative video.

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