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What an amazing value is green in psychology

Bright and cheerful green color: how it affects people

In psychology, colors are emphasized. It is believed that using different colors can affect the mood and emotional state of a person. Green is a bright and beautiful color that inevitably attracts attention.

If you want to know how important the green color is in psychology, be sure to read this material.

What an amazing value is green in psychology

A little interesting about the perception of flowers

The concept of colors was invented by the famous poet Goethe. According to her, all the dark shades are designed to soothe, and light — on the contrary, to excite.

The very first of the darkness is shown in blue, and from the light — yellow (they are the basic colors from which other shades are already formed).

Color can affect a person both physically (for a short time) and mentally (if you look at specific objects for a long time).

The perception of colors occurs through associations: for example, blue is cold. First, the color is perceived by the organs of vision, and then its action reaches tactile sensations.

It has been scientifically established that color can affect blood pressure — shades in the spectrum from blue to green increase it, and from yellow to red they act in the opposite way.

Green color

The green color is a combination of two shades — blue and yellow and therefore it has a somewhat twofold psychological characteristic. Color has unlimited energy on the one hand, and on the other, it is distinguished by all-consuming tranquility.

Each person at the subconscious level will associate a green tint with growth, development and harmony. It’s not for nothing that the young grass, which you are so glad after long winter days, has a green shade.

What is the more detailed meaning of the green shade? And how does he psychologically affect people?

About this you can learn more.

Characteristic green shade

Green is the color of life itself, nature and harmony. And this color is officially recognized as the safest in the world.

No wonder that going to the traffic lights is allowed on the green color.

If you are just crazy about green — then you are distinguished by generosity and reliability.

Special attention should be paid to the different shades of the color described. For example, a passion for dark green will tell about a person’s love for stability. A pale green hue speaks of relaxation and tranquility.

It is believed that such a shade helps to improve vision.

What symbolism has green color

Green symbolically corresponds to the first wheat germ. As mentioned earlier, in psychology, shade symbolizes softness and tranquility, and sometimes even hypochondria.

Psychologists have noticed that a particularly positive green tint affects anxious personalities — it helps them calm down and feel themselves in a harmonious and trustful state with reality.

What an amazing value is green in psychology

Practical psychology actively uses amazing properties of green color — people suffering from nerve pathologies are advised to spend a lot of time surrounded by green color. To do this, you can paint the walls of your room in this shade, and in spring, when nature begins to bloom, spend as much time as possible outside the house in the fresh air.

How green color affects people

In a positive way

What is the significance of green color with respect to a particular person? Speaking about the positive qualities of fans of this color, it is necessary to say about the commitment, sustainability, perseverance, nobility of character and truthfulness.

Those who like the green tint, according to psychologists, show objectivity, as they are able to see in everything, both positive and negative side. And with the help of this opportunity, they very soberly assess themselves and their capabilities.

Due to a concrete successful calculation, such individuals gain authority from their close associates, and besides, their opinion is usually always decisive.

Even green, according to psychologists, symbolizes growth. For this reason, those who like this shade are distinguished by a constant desire for something new, due to which they develop and improve as individuals.

In addition, the psychology of the green shade gives its fans a kind heart, compassion and stability.


In addition to positive, the green shade also has its negative properties.

So, for example, in some cases it affects a person so soothingly that during his stay “in the green world” he ceases to want something, as he receives a kind of energy support from this shade.

The green tint keeps its secrets, the secrets of the universe, so it can endow someone with an extra secretiveness that will only harm. Psychologists use this phenomenon for their own purposes, to cure people suffering from claustrophobia.

After all, when they get into a closed room, decorated in a green color scheme, then under the influence of the shade they begin to calm down.

However, you should not turn to green for help if you are nervously depleted, otherwise full loss of strength is very likely.

In general, the effect of a green tint depends on the balance between yellow and blue colors. So with the predominance of blue, the shade will turn into a colder and more intense.

A larger percentage of yellow — will contribute to the creation of a light and harmonious atmosphere.

Symbolism of a green shade in clothes

The predominance of a single shade in clothes also tells a lot about its owner. After all, they believe that the choice of a particular color allows a person to share his or her mood with the outside world, as well as inner experiences.

  • For example, if you prefer a delicate green tint, it will characterize you as a light and pleasant person who likes to communicate and collaborate with other people.
  • A more saturated, bright green, especially if it is complemented by yellow and orange colors, tells about cheerfulness and physical activity. And besides, the specified combination of shades is designed to automatically lift your spirits and fill with a charge of energy and vigor. That is why clothes of this color can be used to “awaken” your inner potential.
  • Dark green, on the contrary, is designed to soothe. If this is your favorite color, it means that you can be said with high probability that you are a somewhat withdrawn and detached person who likes to be alone and alone.

What an amazing value is green in psychology

Using a green shade in the wardrobe

The famous rulers of the Russian Empire, Ekaterina Medici and Elizaveta Petrovna, were crazy about this bright and cheerful color. This choice tells about the masculinity of their character.

In conclusion, let us summarize the choice for a green shade in clothing:

  1. Green is an absolutely universal color. It looks equally good on people of any type of appearance, with the exception being only too poisonous options (these should be abandoned by those who match the summer color type). In all other cases, he has a strict and discreet look. Although the clothes are green and suitable for holidays and weekends.
  2. Pure green visually makes objects broader. Therefore, if you want to visually appear thinner, ask for help in dark green tones.
  3. Persons whose wardrobe is replete with green things are very self-confident. But therein lies the whole secret: you can go from the opposite and, on the contrary, due to the green shade, you can increase confidence in your own strength.

Now you know a lot about the unusually attractive juicy green color. For a more complete mastery of all the magic of this shade, we recommend watching an interesting thematic video:

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