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What actually is tantra — the main goal

What is tantra: all the nuances and details, historical background

Tantra is the most ancient system of self-improvement, remaining to this day. According to her, one should not suppress the energy of desire, but consciously use it in order to improve one’s health, increase the duration of one’s life and improve spiritually.

From this material you will learn a lot of interesting information about tantra.

What actually is tantra - the main goal

Historical background of tantra

According to the most popular theory, which is confirmed by archaeological information, tantra appeared on the Indian subcontinent (now India). The first people to try tantra were the indigenous people of the island.

Then the full matriarch reigned.

It should be noted that tantra arose long before the Aryan tribes that conquered the local Dravidian population came to this territory. If we talk about the most ancient written sources of tantra, preserved to our time, they are dated to the middle of the 1st millennium BC.

It is known that tantra is at least 3000 years old.

From historical information it becomes clear that the population of the Indian subcontinent was in close contact with the ancient Egyptian civilization. This is manifested by the finding of Egyptian esoteric symbolism in conjunction with the oldest sculptures on this peninsula.

And the Egyptian works of art are imbued with the symbolism of Kundalini and the energy of the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna channels.

The civilization in which tantra appeared was distinguished by an unusually high level of development. Such concepts as the atomic nucleus, giant megalopolises were known to its population, they also had running water and sewage systems. In addition, these peoples have irrigated agriculture.

The written information tells us that the white Aryan tribes, which appeared from the north, were engaged in the destruction of the irrigation facilities of the local population.

After the arrival of the Aryan tribes on the island, patriarchy prevailed and a caste system arose. The local population was determined to be a caste of sudras (minions). But according to one legend, the daughter of an Aryan king named Sita fell in love with the black Dravidian God Shiva and so had to take him to her, joining her deities to the boarding house.

At the same time, Shiva did not just join the pantheon, but significantly increased in his status and became on a par with the main deities Brahma and Vishnaya.

Most likely, in this case we can talk about mixing two different cultures: the first is the northern Aryan and the second is the local southern Dravidian. Partly the Dravidian culture penetrated the life of the Aryans, was partially modified, and partly encrypted or spread to other states.

It is believed that the wisdom of modern India lies in the famous book of the Vedas. But this is actually not quite true — tedra and yoga are much more ancient than the Vedas.

The Vedas were already created at the time when the patriarchal Aryan civilization prevailed. At that time, as mentioned earlier, many tantric devotees were forced into hiding, so a whole system of sophisticated chemical terminology arose, a little lost to the later adherents of this teaching.

As for the present, most of the Hindu population believes that tantra is represented by all non-Vedic doctrines and cults. This is a direct indicator of the antagonism of the Aryan and Brahman-Vedic culture, together with tantra.

Many interesting things about tantra

Modern doctors know that sexual energy is closely related to the pituitary and hypothalamus. It is thanks to the sexual energy that their work is activated, they also affect the mental and physical development of the personality, plus they affect behavior and how a person perceives the surrounding reality.

It turns out that sexuality and spirituality are very strongly connected with each other.

The main postulate of tantra — you are here and now in this moment and you are as perfect as God or goddess.

Translated from Sanskrit, the word «tantra» means a loom. Symbolically, tantra is a doctrine that binds the material and ideal sphere, physical and spiritual, rational and irrational, male and female, the energy of Yin and Yang.
The root «tan» means explanation, presentation, interpretation, expansion, dissolving, flourishing and distribution. The word «tra» is translated as a tool. It turns out that tantra is in reality a tool for expanding the field of consciousness, which allows you to reach the superconscious and comprehend the fundamental foundations of being. In addition, tantra also serves as an experimental practical method that contributes to the expansion of human abilities and going beyond the possible.
Tantra is an extraordinarily powerful method that allows a person to know his or her true essence, as well as engage in the realization of all the best that is in you. When you see yourself in a pure and beautiful form, it is as if you are opening up to that inner grace-filled power, contained within each of us.
Accordingly, the tradition of tantra, a person who is not aware of himself as a divine entity is not capable of truly worshiping God.
The main key of tantra is to completely eliminate the feeling of ego and dissolve in the Almighty.

What actually is tantra - the main goal

Classical tantra dedicated to sexual art only those who could in their spiritual perfection achieve a state when the desire to receive physical pleasure disappeared. After all, during the manifestation of physical pleasure, such people did not have the desire to hold it and prolong it. Their mind became calm enough for the free trial of the joy of their lives. By experiencing such a state, they could use the powerful forces of base desires (sexuality) to develop their spirituality.
Sexual desire acts as primitive energy along with anger, fear, hunger. All these forces exist in human bodies at the subconscious level. By practicing tantra, we can benefit from any kind of energy and this provides inner freedom.
Being in a state of meditation a person can use primitive energies in order to advance in his cultivation. But, like other instincts, it is unusually difficult to maintain awareness during the activity of this energy, because the unconscious scheme that applies to it is so strong that, as a rule, people just get lost in it.
The practice of such a plan is intended for those people who could take control of their unconscious schemes.
In classical sexual tantra, special attention is paid to subtle inner movements bearing the names: “vajroli mudra”, “sahajroli mudra” and “lat latra”. The latter are internal processes of the movement of energy, requiring the ability to control their inner strength on the subtle planes. If you do not use these mudras and a part of other inner meditations, a person will not be able to realize the authentic sexual practice of tantra. Sexual tantra and other practices that interact with strong instincts are called “vama marga” or “left sided paths”.

What actually is tantra - the main goal

Before initiating tantra art, a person should also become familiar with another direction of tantra, known under the name of “Dakshina Marga” or “right-hand path” (which is a more meditative stream of tantric practice). The method is represented by various rituals, as well as special meditative practices of subtle energy, and even involves interaction with the energy of the Almighty.

The process of awakening of cosmic energy is called Kundalini and is a whole system (Kundalini Yoga) or Laya Yoga. It is Kundalini Yoga that is the main method of Tantra, from which all other methods come.

Now you have understood what tantra is, how it originated and what the main idea is in this teaching. At the end of the topic, we also advise you to watch an interesting thematic video:

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