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Weight Loss Conspiracy

A weight loss plot is one of the most sought after means of applied white magic. For thousands and thousands of people, such conspiracies helped to correct not only their figure, but also their own destiny. After getting rid of those extra pounds that poison his whole existence, a person can again find a mate and gain love, which used to seem like an impossible dream, find a decent job and make a career, not be afraid of a photo or video camera.

But many overweight people cannot simply communicate freely and confidently with those around them because of their complexes. Excessive weight is especially harmful for women.

Therefore, to combat obesity, the real enemy of man, you need to use all means, including magic.

Weight Loss Conspiracy

Despite all the variety of magic rituals aimed at losing weight, there are special rules for conducting these rites, which must be followed to ensure the success of exposure.

Any weight loss plot must be read in the phase of the waning moon. The energy of the night star in this period contributes to the achievement of fast results with minimal effort.

The most effective are conspiracies to lose weight, pronounced in the evening after sunset, or in the morning before sunrise. To carry out rituals for weight loss can only be on yourself, to set a goal to help another person in this case is absolutely useless.

During the performance of the ceremony it is necessary to retire in a separate room in which to ensure the greatest possible silence. No one and nothing should distract you from performing the rite.

It is recommended to remove pets from the room and turn off all communication equipment during the ritual.

The weight loss plot must be read on an empty stomach, it is necessary to eat nothing for at least half a day before the start of the ritual. The text of the conspiracy, as a rule, is read quietly, but it is important to pronounce each word very clearly and be aware of each phrase that is spoken.

It is better to learn the plot by heart, but it is allowed to read it from the sheet. This will help not to be mistaken and not to stumble in case of need many times reading the plot.

Of course, in order for a weight loss plot to be effective, you need to believe in the power of magic and that you can balance your weight on your own. It is very important to obtain a positive result to keep plans for a magical rite aimed at losing weight, in secret from other people.

In addition, conspiracy for weight loss is well combined with all other traditional methods that are aimed at getting rid of extra pounds.

Weight Loss Conspiracy

There is a huge number of different conspiracies to lose weight. They differ in the way they are carried out; they can use various additional attributes that enhance their directional impact. Therefore, to choose a rite in accordance with the specific situation is absolutely not difficult.

Plots for weight loss are useful for all categories of people, no matter what goals are set.

Very popular is a simple but strong conspiracy to lose weight through the water. For its implementation, in the evening, dial in the bath warm water.

Get undressed and become or sit in this water.

Scooping water with your hand or washcloth, wipe it off yourself, repeating this spell:

Repeating this plot, gently wash your entire body, especially carefully walking along the «problem areas». Do not use soap, shower gel or other chemicals.

Only you and the water. After completing ablution immediately go to bed.

Of course, you will not be able to get rid of all the excess at once, but by regularly repeating the ritual, you will be able to lose a lot of kilograms.

Another simple and quite pleasant way to lose weight is conspiracy to lose weight in the bath. It is done this way: on Sunday morning, go to the bathhouse, and, preferably, no one has visited her before that day.

At the entrance to the steam room, say:

While in the steam room, repeat ten times:

Leaving the bath, turn around and say:

This conspiracy can be used as a one-time, and regularly — every Sunday. Each time the effect will be stronger.

Weight Loss Conspiracy

Often, overweight is due to the fact that a person is a slave to his stomach. Therefore, in this case, you should use conspiracies aimed at reducing appetite.

A very strong rite is the cuff of food. It reduces the person to a variety of tasty dishes, from which he could not refuse on their own. Such a rite involves the conspiracy of products, so you need to purchase dishes in advance, which, in your opinion, most harm your figure.

For example, it can be candy, confectionery or bakery products.

The rite begins in the evening. You should put your favorite products on a dish near your own bed, light a church candle next to it and read the well-known prayer “Our Father” three times.

It is very important to stay and not eat anything at this moment. Then you should wait until the candle burns out and go to bed, and you need to try to fall asleep as soon as possible.

In the morning, when you wake up, you should immediately put three church candles next to the dishes and light them. After this, it is necessary to recite the “Our Father” prayer three times.

Then these magic words are spoken three times:

After such a ceremony, you very quickly notice that the habit of overeating disappeared on its own, and you can already safely give up, for example, from an unnecessary bun or candy.

Weight Loss Conspiracy

Very effective is the rite, which is held at home in the bathroom. For it, you need to take a full bath of water at a comfortable temperature and throw your own cross into it.

In addition, you need to add a glass of cow’s milk, a glass of holy water and rose petals from three different kinds of flowers to the water. In addition, a thin braid or thread about 15 cm long should be dropped into the water.

Then you need to go down to the bathroom and take water treatments until they give pleasure.

Before leaving the bath, you need to say the following magic words:

After that, you can go out of the bath. During the descent of water should say the following words:

After these words, the string should be taken out of the bath and tied on the wrist of the right hand. It is important that the tape is already dried directly on your body.

It must be worn very carefully until it breaks itself. Rose petals also need to be collected, folded into a bag and buried away from your own home under a dry tree.

Such a rite should be held three times in a row at each subsequent full moon.

Finally, it should be noted that the magic for losing weight is truly effective if you combine it with other methods of treatment. Even a very strong conspiracy is ineffective if you continue to overeat and move a little.

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