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Wedding Rules in the Orthodox Church

Wedding Rules in the Orthodox Church

Among the seven major church ordinances is the wedding. However, not all believers know the rules of the wedding in the Orthodox Church, so getting to know them better will help to properly observe the rites at the time of such an important step in life as the creation of a family.

Wedding Rules in the Orthodox Church

What is the meaning of the wedding

According to the worldview of Christianity, two people create a union sanctified by God, becoming one. In this regard, the frequent practice of divorce in modern families is considered unnatural for true Christians.

This is equivalent to the refusal of the mother from the infant born by her.

There is a kinship between the biblical Adam and Eve, as it were. This is a common spirit and physical.

For the first time casting a glance at a woman, Adam sensed her, as in this connection, in deciding to marry, you must clearly understand the seriousness of the act.

Sometimes young lovers do not know each other well, they do not notice the inclination of imperfections behind the veil. And they in the future necessarily manifest themselves and not rarely lead to a rupture.

Often, coming to the temple, the future spouses may receive from the priest an unexpected offer to wait with the marriage for some time, sometimes not a little, and only then think about starting a family if the desire persists.

In this case, the church does not approve of intimate relationships outside marriage. If there was already an affinity, then there is an offer to fast for 3 days, then you have to confess and take the sacrament.

It is necessary before the wedding itself, in order to feel the unity of destinies, body and soul.

Wedding preparations

First of all, is chosen, taking into account that the sacrament is not performed every day. It is discussed in advance with the father.

When you can not get married

The rite is not performed on the days preceding the posts.

  • Tuesday Thursday;
  • The beheading of John the Baptist;
  • on Christmas time;
  • before and during the celebration of the Exaltation;
  • in the Bright Week;
  • Saturday (the day before Easter).
  • during fasting (4 per year).

Most often, according to a long-standing tradition, young people choose Antipaskhu. Its beginning is the Red Hill.

On this day, for centuries, millions of families were married.

Wedding Rules in the Orthodox Church

Spiritual preparation

Of course, inviting guests, organizing an event is important. However, one must first think about the internal state of the newlyweds.

They should be wholeheartedly embraced by the upcoming sacraments of Confession and Communion.

The wedding hour is usually after the liturgy held every morning. It would be great if you can defend it and take communion before the main event. Do not be afraid to get tired in the temple, to save strength for evening dances.

It is better to leave the guests early and retire.

What is required for a wedding in the church?

First of all, the rules dictate that it is important to internally recognize the responsibility of the step. Understand that there is no way back.

Whatever is there in the future, the union sanctified by God, must be preserved.

Unfortunately, many people who are seduced by the beauty of the sacrament are solved on it, without checking the fortresses of their love. For them, it does not matter that with ease of relationship and readiness for a new marriage, the next union can also be short-lived.
Only having felt yourself internally ready, it is necessary to begin the process of preparing outfits, necessary items and attributes, documents, and so on.

The list of the need for a wedding in the Orthodox Church

Marriage certificate

By law, adopted by the Holy Synod, you must have a document from the registry office. If there is none, no one will marry the young.

This is due to the seriousness of the couple’s intentions, since the church in Russia cannot fulfill the function of a legal relationship.

Icons of the Savior and the Mother of God

Wedding Rules in the Orthodox Church

It does not matter if they are expensive, with or without salaries, the main thing is that they can be held in their hands without any effort. The tradition to give icons to their children, bugging them, is very old.

The girl was handed the icon of the Virgin to the girl, and the Savior to the young man.

After the ceremony, they were kept in a new family and later on were often inherited, and the next generation was blessed in turn.

Wedding rings

Interestingly, the woman was originally supposed to wear a silver ring. She was subordinate to her husband helped him in everything. Husband wore gold.

He is held accountable to the Lord for his half when the time comes.

Today, the couple, as a rule, both wear gold wedding rings.

Wedding candles

As a symbol of grace, the sanctifying path of the young, the Holy Spirit is symbolized by this attribute. Purchased directly in the temple.

White plat

Previously, the brides themselves were preparing the wedding sheet by embroidering it by hand. Today purchased a light towel, preferably white. It is better that it be large enough so that you can stand on it during the wedding, at the time indicated by the priest.

It is laid on the floor. It acts as a sign of the purity of the aspirations of the crowning people.

All those present in the church, guests and the young people themselves must necessarily have wearable crosses.


Size in many places is indicated. Usually, the payment is made in advance, so as not to forget to do it after a somewhat tiring sacrament.

In the absence of a fixed amount, voluntary donations are made at the discretion of the young.

How should the newlyweds look

Wedding Rules in the Orthodox Church

The church does not welcome laxity and too outspoken outfits. You should enter the temple in closed clothes.

The woman should be covered with a head veil or scarf. No neckline and bare shoulders and legs.

If a girl is chaste, then she puts on a white dress, a woman picks up her light outfit. In the hands should be a bouquet of flowers.

Shoes are better on a low heel so that without fatigue you can spend the whole ceremony.

For men, a strict suit and trousers is desirable. In shorts, breeches, etc., the wedding will not be allowed.

Today, choosing a wedding sponsor is a beautiful tradition rather than a necessity. Since the church does not solve any legal issues, then the witnesses are not necessary.

To invite them or not, the matter of getting married. If there is a desire, then it is better to choose experienced, family and serious people.

The rules of the sacrament of the wedding

There is a certain order. As it was said, the rite follows the Liturgy.

Young preachers receive communion.

Wedding Rules in the Orthodox Church

The wedding begins in the church with the betrothal. The boy and the girl are standing in front of the church doors.

The father introduces a couple to the temple, as Adam and Eve enter heaven, censes, blesses the young and gives them candles.

After blessing, they are baptized three times. Read special litany of the church.

All those present can pray. Then a secret prayer is said for those who get married by the divine servant.

The next stage is putting on rings. With prayer to the man, then to the woman. Three-time exchange of them, as a symbol of everything in common in life.

The embodiment of an infinite union — is such a ring. A prayer follows and the betrothal ends.

How is the wedding

To the sound of a special psalm, while holding candles, a young couple walks into the central part of the church. There they are already waiting for their spread towel, and crowns, symbolizing martyrdom and triumph, are ready on a special stand (lectern).

Next is the cross and the gospel.

Each of the young people is asked if their marriage is voluntary, the answer, of course, must be affirmative. There is another interesting question, whether the heart is promised to another.

The answer is accepted in Russian or Church Slavonic. Depending on the temple.

Prayers are read again:

  • To Jesus Christ (one)
  • To the Triune God (two).

Then crowns with entrusted to the newlyweds, accompanied by all the actions of supplications. At the end, it is proposed to drink wine from a common bowl, as a sign of common life together. Hands of the spouses are tied up, and they walk around three times after the father’s lectern.

The whole procedure takes about an hour.

What to do with wedding attributes after the ceremony

In some families, it is customary to keep relics associated with the beginning of a new life. Usually they are stored in a special beautiful box or casket.

There also put children’s baptism. All this can later be shown to family members, keeping the memory of significant events.

If there are candles left from the wedding, they can be lit on a significant day for someone from home to ask the gentlemen about something important.

If all these attributes are not needed and there is no desire to keep them, then you can not just throw them away, it is better to burn them yourself or give them to the temple with a request to remove them.

When is church marriage banned?

There are cases when the priest has the right to refuse the wedding.

  • Marriage in the registry office was registered more than 3 times.
  • One of the spouses is not Orthodox, not baptized.
  • Parents are forced to marry, not of their own accord.
  • There is no divorce certificate if there was a previous marriage.
  • Couple — relatives or godfathers.
  • The girl is younger than 16 years old, and the guy is 18.
  • A woman is over 60 and a man is 70 years old.

The decision to make a wedding in the Orthodox Church should be based on the purity of its intentions, the absence of self-interest, the determination to be with your loved one together until the very end.

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