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Wedding rites and traditions

Wedding rites and traditions

Such a welcome and joyful event, like a wedding, harbors many beliefs, rituals and traditions around itself. And although nowadays many of them have undergone changes or disappeared altogether, yet many have not lost their relevance.

Wedding rites and traditions

Fashion, financial situation and individual preferences of newlyweds dictate the conditions and, in fact, the script of the wedding day. At the same time, some ceremonies are meant “by default”, and around some heated debates about the feasibility of their conduct.

The most common wedding traditions

There are a large number of traditions related to the wedding day. To apply them all in one day is almost impossible, since there simply won’t be time left for dancing, fun, and competitions.

Yes, and just eat will be problematic.

Wedding rites and traditions

Therefore, it is advisable to respect the traditions in moderate amounts. The most common traditions are:

  • White color dress. The tradition appeared to emphasize the color of purity, innocence and purity of the bride.
  • Sprinkling newlyweds. As objects for an unusual «rain» use: rice, wheat, candy, rose petals, coins. Sprinkled newlyweds at the time of leaving the father’s house or on arrival to the place of celebration. This tradition is held with the aim of wishing young people wealth, sweet life, luxury, children, well-being.
  • Crumbling loaf. The bride and groom break the wedding cake and compare the resulting pieces. It is believed who has more — he will lead in the family.
  • Shout «bitterly.» Comic tradition that does not have any special connotations. Just the «requirement» of guests about the kiss of the newlyweds.
  • The first wedding dance. A beautiful moment that everyone is looking forward to. The first dance personifies all the love, which became the occasion of the ongoing celebration.
  • Dance of the bride with dad. This is a beautiful and touching tradition. It symbolizes the blessing of the father of the family life of the daughter. Both of them involuntarily recall a happy childhood — on the one hand, and fatherhood — on the other.
  • Throw bouquet and garters. Both traditions are aimed at ensuring that the newlyweds “share” their happiness with unmarried friends and unmarried friends along with these wedding accessories. These traditions are carried out in turn.

First are invited girls who line up behind the bride. The bride, without looking, throws the bouquet in the direction of her friends.

The girl who caught the «parcel» from the bride is considered a lucky woman who will soon get married.

The same thing happens with the male half of bachelor guests, only as a “happy package” is used the garter, taken by the groom from the beloved’s leg.

Popular Wedding Rites

Wedding ceremonies are designed to bring diversity to the wedding day. In addition, each ceremony is fraught with a symbol of something beautiful.

With the number of ceremonies should also be careful and you should choose those that will embellish and at the same time do not overplay the triumph. The most popular rites include:

  • Bride price. The choice of script rite engaged bridesmaids. The bridegroom comes up with different tasks, only after completing which, he will be able to go into the room with his beloved and then go to register the marriage. The guy proves the seriousness of their intentions and consistency.
  • Sand ceremony. A wonderful and extraordinary rite, which symbolizes the reunion of the newlyweds into a single whole. For the ceremony, the youngsters take turns pouring sand of two colors into a beautiful vessel. In this case, the leader draws attention that now this sand can not be divided by color, like the hearts of a new married couple.
  • The abduction of a shoe or bride. A fun ritual, which is carried out with the purpose of proving the bridegroom’s love for the bride, the ability to perform any feats for her. Any guest can steal a shoe from the bride’s feet or the girl herself and demand that the groom fulfill any requirements.
  • Removal of the veil. In the classic version removes the veil to the bride her newly-in-law in-law. They conduct the ceremony almost at the very end of the wedding feast, and it consists in removing the veil and covering the bride’s head with a handkerchief. It means the transition from a girl’s life to a family.
  • Dance of the bride with her friends. This rite smoothly follows from the previous one. When the veil is removed — all the unmarried girls take turns dancing for a few seconds with the bride who holds the veil over their heads. This should bring female happiness.
  • The transfer of home. Parents of the newlyweds lit their candles with young candles. This rite symbolizes the transfer of harmony, tradition and experience to a young family. It occurs closer to the end of the celebration, after which the young are escorted.

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