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Waxing damage removal

Removing wax damage is one of the most ancient ways to remove a negative impact. The method of casting, which is used when removing damage, is based on the transfer of negative energy to a material that is in a liquid state, and is able in a short time to go into a crystal-like state.

Wax for such purposes is the most suitable substance, although the ancient healers were widely used, for example, silver or tin.

Waxing damage removal

For the ceremony of removing the damage will need the following items:

  • A metal mug in which it is necessary to melt the wax;
  • Tack;
  • Water tank, in which the casting will be carried out;
  • Approximately 150 g of wax (for its preparation it is better to take church candles).

It is important that the room in which the ceremony is held, was lit by candles that are placed in front of the icons. You should also know that the casting is recommended when there is a photo. This may be your photo, in case you remove the damage from yourself, or the person you are trying to help.

Used water should be spring water.

You need to dial it before sunrise with the words:

"Well, let me draw water to protect against all evil spirits and witchcraft, as well as from all pains and all sorts of creatures, in order to heal the health of God’s servant (name). Amen».

First you need to melt the wax in a metal mug in a water bath, not bringing it to a boil. While there is a process of melting, from which it is possible to distract, you need to set yourself up for the ceremony. You should force yourself to mentally isolate yourself from the outside world.

After that, you need to slowly go around the room and, reading the prayers that you know, arrange icons in it and light the candles. Next, you should put the container for casting, filled with clean water (preferably spring) on ​​the photo.

Reading a special plot, slowly, in a thin stream pour melted wax into it.

“In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I cast out from the mind and body of God’s servant (name) an unclean spirit. Leave the body of the servant of God (name) from now and forever! In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.


After the wax has hardened, you can try to read the information contained in the casting, but this is quite difficult to do. One can even say that without experience and special knowledge, it is unlikely to be done.

In case of severe damage, the procedure can be repeated many times, using tighter water and wax, but only for one person. You should know that the number of castings can be performed 3, 9, 12, 27 times. Experienced wizards are allowed to conduct 40 castings, but this is done in rare cases.

At the end of the ceremony, water, into which the wax poured, you can wash yourself or wash the person from whom the negative impact was removed. The remains of water is poured preferably outside of your own home, in the place where the foot of a person will not step in the near future.

It is advisable to say the words of a special final conspiracy, which sound like this:

Used wax can be used for its intended purpose, for example, candles can be poured from it again, in which it will burn. You can also just burn it.

Upon completion of the ceremony it is necessary to wash all used items. After that, be sure to read the prayers of thanks.

You should know that the ceremony to remove the damage with the help of wax can not be held on religious holidays, as well as on Sunday and during fasting.

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