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Wax casting: rules and methods, designations of wax figures

Wax casting: designations of figures and their decoding

Waxing is a magical manipulation, the main purpose of which is healing. It is believed that with the help of wax casting, it is possible to clean the soul and body of a person from negativity, diseases and all kinds of evil eyes, damages, curses and so on.

What problems solves casting

Casting wax removes from the soul of a person all the negative programs that are incorporated in it. It can be as usual repressed emotions, and inveterate psychological trauma.

Negative, enshrined in the subconscious, as a result can result in serious illness and life problems.

Wax casting: rules and methods, designations of wax figures

What problems solves and what the casting treats:

  1. Scare Very common in young children. It may be caused by a magical effect, or some very unexpected, terrible event for a child.
  2. Pristrit — damage that induces people inside filled with a huge amount of negativity. For example, such a person sat in a tram, got up, and you took his place and took part of the program, got into the “spoiled” zone.
  3. The evil eye — may be involuntary. Superimposed through the look. If the envious or someone else, who has negative emotions towards you, has closely looked at you, the probability of being infected with the evil eye is very high.
  4. Purposeful magical effect. When a detractor is consciously and with a specific purpose — to harm you, resorts to the help of magic, performing rituals, rituals, or turning to fortune-tellers.
  5. Love spell. The life of the bewitched is always under threat. Magic in return for its bewitching effect will begin to take vitality, energy, will deprive of will. It is simply necessary to cast a spell with wax, otherwise, sooner or later the work will end very badly.
  6. Lining. The option of damage, after which you regularly find near the house foreign and very suspicious objects: for example, needles, hair, colored threads and so on.

It is more difficult to remove castings with strong forms of damage: cemetery, church, intrauterine. It is almost impossible to take a vow of celibacy with wax.

In these cases, it is better to choose other methods for solving the problem.

Rules and methods

To cast wax gave the result, you must clearly follow all the necessary rules of the magic ritual. First, explain how the method works.

Wax casting: rules and methods, designations of wax figures

The physical body of a person is only its outer shell. There are many more subtle, energetic bodies that are invisible to the human eye.

They are nested and interact with each other.

The health of the physical body depends on the proper interaction and operation of all energy shells. They also enclosed seven centers — the chakras, dense clots of energy.

When casting on wax, the chakras are worked out.

How each of the components of the rite works:

  • Wax is a substance with a very lively energy, similar in energy to the human structure.
  • Water is a neutral substance, but which perfectly stores and conducts all the information contained in it.

During the rite, the water is first “charged” with the energy of the person who needs to be healed, and then transfers this energy to the melted wax. In the ritual process, mantras, prayers or plots are read over a container with water and wax to destroy negative information.

Wax casting: rules and methods, designations of wax figures

What you need to do for casting:

  1. Pour water into a container, melt the wax in a water bath. Prepare a photo of the person you want to heal, memorize a prayer, or print out its text. Instead of prayer, you can use mantras or plots — choose what is closer to you.
  2. The melted wax will form shapes with various outlines on the surface of the water. It is important to pour it out very slowly, in a smooth stream.

Pay attention to the value of the figures — they will tell you about what negative programs are contained in your subtle bodies.

Wax symbols

Decoding wax figures is very important. It gives an idea of ​​what negative programs at a given time affect your life, for what reason you cannot afford to be a healthy and full-fledged person.

Watch the video on how to cast wax on the photo to better understand the process:

Important points of interpretation of wax casting:

  1. If the wax folds into fancy circles with gaps and creases, this indicates a lack of harmony in a person’s life. There are a lot of negative emotions in it that interfere with living fully and happily, affect the energy state of the aura. Also, gaps speak of chronic dissatisfaction and self-loathing.
  2. An obvious hole or a gaping hole is a sign that the energy envelope is not complete, which is why life energy goes nowhere, and is not directed towards the realization of goals and the fulfillment of desires.
  3. The outlines of people’s faces — they must be seen. This is a reflection of the essence of a real person, who contributed to the induction of damage, became the initiator of a negative program.
  4. Balls are a kind of energy warts that affect the health of the physical body. They can eventually transform into malignant tumors. Appear most often due to deep insults that a person has not lived in real life. The same thing is said and growths.
  5. If wax figures resemble the outlines of internal organs, it means that they can get sick in the very near future. To eliminate the cause of the disease, you need to turn to psychosomatics.
  6. Interlacing lines suggest that negative programs primarily affect a person’s relationship with a partner and other people. In the social sphere a lot of problems.
  7. The figures of animals speak of a strong fright, which must be removed.
  8. Lizard — a symbol of dishonesty, deception, meanness and envy. And all these negative feelings come from the person himself. To remove a negative program, you need to work out your own essence.

It is very important to carry out the rite of casting wax on the waning moon. On other days, magic does not work.

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