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Warts plot — quick result

Warts are very ugly skin lesions. They bring a lot of inconvenience from an aesthetic point of view, since growths are often formed in the most prominent places.

Such formations are very difficult to traditional drug treatment, so the question of how to get rid of them with the help of magic is very relevant.

Warts plot - quick result

A very popular tool is a plot from warts. But for it to be effective, it is important to follow some recommendations, which, unfortunately, are not always emphasized directly in the description of the ceremony.

It is very important that men conduct this type of rituals on men’s days, and women women’s.

Unless the other is indicated in the recommendations for a particular ritual, the rite is always held on one of the days of the period of the waning moon. If the chosen rite has not led to the desired result, then it is allowed to try to achieve the desired result with the help of another conspiracy.

For most of the rites, folk remedies known to everyone are used, simply their effect is enhanced by the magic word and internal directed action.

As is well known one of the most effective folk remedies used to remove warts is raw potatoes. It is this attribute that is used in a very effective ritual against warts.

This way you can remove all the warts on the body.

For the ritual you need to take:

  • Medium sized potato;
  • Matches in an amount equal to the number of warts.

It should be noted that the conditions for conducting this rite are different from other similar magical influences. The plot from the warts in this ritual is read in the period of the growing moon.

Late at night, you need to go to a deserted intersection, stand at the crossroads and follow these steps:

  • Take the match;
  • Touch the warts;
  • Stick a match in a potato;
  • Say these words:

Such an action is done with every wart present on the body. After this, the potato, spiked with matches, should be thrown at the crossroads.

Then turn away from her and say:

Having spoken a magical conspiracy, you need to very quickly leave the cross over and on the way home you can not talk to anyone.

For the ritual, you need to use a fresh apple, preferably a sour variety. It is very important to listen to the inner voice when choosing an apple. When you come to the market, you need to take the first fruit you like.

It is very important to buy one apple. Early in the morning on the day selected for the ritual, you should cut the apple in half.

One half should rub the wart, pronouncing these words:

After the pronunciation of the plot, half of the apple should be put in a bright place. The other half should be eaten. When the half of the apple that was used in the ritual dries out, the wart will disappear and soon will completely disappear.

After the fruit starts to deteriorate, it should be taken out and buried away from the house.

Warts plot - quick result

It is known that often warts are displayed with the juice of celandine. This plant can be used when conducting one of the effective rites against warts.

To do this, squeeze the juice out of a fresh plant and leave it to infuse for 24 hours during the period of the waning moon. The ceremony is held at night in the open, in a secluded place, without witnesses.

It is necessary to rub all warts with the juice of celandine, raise hands to the sky and speak such a conspiracy three times:

Then you need to quickly go home and wash your hands. This ritual can be performed for several days in a row.

On the new moon, you can also hold a ritual with celandine. To do this, drop the juice of celandine on the surface of the wart.

Then utter these words:

All the rituals aimed at removing warts are very effective, if you believe in magic and your own strength. We can not allow even the slightest doubt in the soul that a magical act may not be effective.

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