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Wards against the evil eye and damage

Charm is an Old Slavic word, which means that the history of the creation of these magical attributes is inextricably linked with Slavic beliefs and culture. Charm at all times was used as an effective means to protect against evil spells, popularly referred to as the evil eye. In the modern world, charms against the evil eye and damage are used by many.

They not only protect a particular person, but also are an obstacle to the negative impact on the dwelling. It should be remembered that charms, unlike amulets, last for a certain time, and therefore they need to be changed periodically.

Wards against the evil eye and damage

The simplest talisman is the usual pin, which makes fun of clothes and takes over all the negative. In addition to the above-mentioned magical protective attribute, the ancient Slavs often used teeth, animal claws or bird feathers as a talisman against evil eyes and defacement. Today, these items can be purchased in stores.

And so that they become charms, you need to wear them on your body without removing them for 7 days.

Also protect against the evil eye and damage can be done by hand. One of the most effective Slavic protective equipment against the evil eye is the guardian “God’s eye”. This magic attribute can be simultaneously considered both a talisman and an amulet, that is, its action is maintained until it falls into the wrong hands.

It is made with the help of woolen threads of different colors, which are twisted around a cross folded from two branches.

Wards against the evil eye and damage

When creating a protective amulet, it should be remembered that its strength entirely depends on your faith and positive attitude.

In this regard, making a guardian should:

  • Is alone;
  • Think only of light and good;
  • Do not keep in mind evil on friends;
  • Do not be nervous;
  • Do not rush;
  • Do not be afraid.

In the Slavic world, various plants were often used as amulets. For example, the strongest talisman that can reliably protect a house from a negative impact is considered to have been a torn rowan tree torn at the end of May and brought into the house.

Very well preserve the house from the negative impact of small bunches of field herbs and flowers. You can also decompose the dried mixture of herbs in fabric bags that hang in the corners of the house.

Strengthen the effect of the charm can be a special ceremony. To do this, put the amulet on the open palm of the left hand, and hold the right hand over it, saying:

After that you should cross, bow and cross the guardian three times.

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