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Useful properties and main features of yoga for the face

Facial Yoga: a second chance for a new youth

Today, there are a huge number of different types of yoga — yoga for pregnant women, yoga for children, yoga for weight loss, yoga for men, and the list goes on and on. Have you heard about facial yoga?

To be honest, I had not thought about that there is such a direction before, but when I learned about it, I became interested and today I want to share with you my knowledge.

Useful properties and main features of yoga for the face

What is yoga for the face?

With age, the skin of a person loses its natural elasticity. Upon reaching the age of twenty-five years, we begin to face the gradual onset of the inevitable aging process, which over time becomes more pronounced and obvious.

Therefore, we, girls, are ready to spend so much effort and energy in order to maintain our freshness and attractiveness at the proper level as long as possible.

Now everything is no longer limited to cosmetics and various anti-aging procedures like Botox, the purpose of which is to return the skin to its former tone and get rid of wrinkles. Such manipulations managed to get good reviews and a very high percentage of women will regularly turn to them for help.

But they have a lot of contraindications, plus the risks of not getting exactly the effect you expect.

Desperate women decided to look for a way out of a difficult situation and a means that would allow them not only to struggle with age, but also would have a minimum of contraindications. And found!

So there were two very similar directions — yoga for the face, which differ only in their names: Annlayz Hagen (yoga instructor from New York) developed the direction of Face yoga, and Marie-Veronka Nadier — the direction of Facelift. Both directions almost do not have differences and both are based on facial gymnastics and classical yoga.

The very first step that needs to be done if you want to improve the condition of your skin is to change your lifestyle, especially the diet. It is this factor that is often fundamental in the process of aging and can significantly aggravate it.

For this reason, in yoga for the face there are such components:

  • correct lifestyle;
  • deep harmony;
  • state of integrity.

Scientists have long established that those younger women who are in a state of happiness, as well as inner satisfaction with themselves and their lives, look younger and more fresh. External transformation truly begins when a woman begins to rejoice at every moment of her life, truly loves herself, and not when she buys a jar of a new fashionable cream.

Therefore, it is important that yoga influenced not only your face, but also the soul — contributed to replacing negative attitudes with positive ones (due to which a state of special inner radiance is achieved), as well as changing appearance, adding to your unique charm.

For yoga for the soul is already the usual yoga for the person, the mastery of which does not present any particular difficulties. It is used as a skin care solution, as well as to increase the overall body tone.

The method itself implies a close relationship between the care of the physical body and the sphere of consciousness and vice versa. It turns out that when you take care of your appearance, there is a change in consciousness and the body begins the process of healing.

The purpose of yoga exercises for the face, especially the performance

The main purpose of the practitioner in yoga for the face is to energize certain skin areas in order to rejuvenate them.

Yoga for the face has almost no contraindications. The only thing that it should be abandoned in those cases if you have serious skin pathologies or increased fragility of blood vessels.

And in order not to reduce the described practice to an ordinary facial gymnastics, it is important to show enough concentration and pacification.

If everything is done correctly, the exercises will also affect your mental state, namely:

  • there will be a relaxation of the muscles of the face;
  • you will begin to get rid of your inner fears;
  • You can get rid of feelings of guilt and other negative emotions.

Useful properties and main features of yoga for the face

Since there is a connection between the head and the face, as well as certain parts of the body, the facial yoga technique allows you to gradually improve the entire body.

The process of yoga facial is divided into stages:

  • muscles in the lower part of the face and neck are corrected and strengthened;
  • performing exercises for the skin of the face and head — this combines the actions of facial expressions of the face and fingers in order to avoid stretch marks;
  • exercises aimed at the top of the head;
  • performing breathing exercises;
  • maximum relaxation and meditative practice.

It is very important that the entire process of performing yoga for the face is conscious, and also so that you can concentrate on the phenomena that appear in different parts of the face.

The main condition is the regularity of the implementation of the complex. Evening is the most suitable time of day for yoga for the face.

Initially start with ten to fifteen minutes and gradually increase the execution time.

The benefits of yoga for the face

Systematic implementation of the described practice will help:

  • adjust the shape of the face;
  • tighten the skin;
  • lift eyelid sagging skin;
  • improve the shade of the face;
  • get rid of an unaesthetic second chin;
  • improve vision;
  • and since the upper part of the head is involved in the process, there is an improvement in blood circulation in the brain, as well as strengthening the hair follicles.

It turns out that facial yoga is a wonderful and completely safe alternative method of rejuvenating the skin of the face. Although in principle it can be combined with other anti-aging techniques to further increase their effectiveness.

Anyway, thanks to regular yoga classes for the face, you will not only improve your skin condition, but also be able to fill yourself with a lot of positive experiences and good mood, thereby adding to yourself even more irresistible and attractive.

Next we look at the basic complex with the exercises of yoga for the face, compiled by one of its founders — Annlais Hagen.

A good set of exercises from yoga instructor Annlaiz Hagen

This complex, which includes super-effective anti-aging exercises for the face, has gained a huge army of admirers, including celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow, who amaze with their unfading youth.

The basic principle of yoga for the face of Annlaiz Hagen — the muscles of the face can (and should) be trained similar to the muscles of your body. If you do not go to the gym and show insufficient physical activity, then over time the muscles of the body weaken, a similar situation occurs with the muscles of the face.

The complex of exercises from Annlai Hagen is designed to use all 57 muscles on the face and neck, strengthens the blood supply to the muscles, improves and makes muscle tone stronger.

Useful properties and main features of yoga for the face

At the same time, all the efforts that will be required from you are to give fifteen minutes daily for a small exercise for the face.

Most of all, this complex will be useful to busy as well as creative individuals, since both categories are prone to excessive mimic tension, concentration, which provoke the appearance of wrinkles.

Now let’s go directly to the complex itself.

The first exercise «The Face of the Buddha»

It helps to smooth and relax the muscular muscles. To perform it, you should cover your eyelids and mentally concentrate on the point located in the area between the interdistricts.

Visualize that the volume rainbow disk is spinning there, try to concentrate on it as much as possible.

Lead time: initially one and then two or three minutes.

Second exercise «Free language»

Exercise is universal, it has a very positive effect on the blood circulation process and muscle tone.

You need to open your mouth and stick your tongue as far as possible. Position held for a minute.

If you have a little tears during the execution, this is very good, so you get rid of the toxins that have accumulated in your eyes.

The third exercise «Surprise me»

Helps to eliminate wrinkles in the forehead and between the bones.

You should open your eyes very wide, as if something surprised you, but your forehead should remain calm. Concentrate on a point in front of you for ten to fifteen seconds.

The exercise is repeated in four approaches.

The fourth exercise, «The Eyes of the Temple Dancer»

When it is performed, the ring muscles of the eyes are trained, plus sagging of the skin around the eyes and the appearance of crow’s feet are prevented.

It is necessary to transfer very slowly with the eyes from the left side to the right and back, while the head is kept in a straight position, it should not move with the eyes.

Useful properties and main features of yoga for the face

Fifth Chicken Feet Exercise

You can understand the benefits of this exercise directly from its name: it is designed to save you from unaesthetic «chicken legs» in the eye area.

It should smile, while index fingers are located in the outer corners of the eyes. With the help of your fingers, the skin is gently pulled in different directions, and you squeeze your eyes tight at this time. The muscles located near the eyes alternately tense and relax.

The number of repetitions of the exercise should be between fifteen and twenty.

The sixth exercise «Laughing fish»

Promotes the formation and toning of the cheeks and lips.

It is necessary to smile, squeeze lips and pull them into a bow. Then the lips are pulled forward, and the cheeks are pulled inward. In this position, you should stand with a strong voltage of the corners of the mouth.

Count to ten. The number of repetitions should be up to five times.

Seventh exercise «Lion’s face»

It will stretch the muscles of the face and get rid of tension.

It is necessary to inhale deeply with the help of the nose, to clench your fists, to close your eyes and to maximally strain the entire muscles of the face. Then exhale with your mouth, push your tongue as far as possible, roll your eyes to the sky and open your arms.

The practice is repeated in three approaches.

Eighth exercise «Marilyn»

It contributes to the preservation of the lips in tone, as well as smoothing wrinkles around the mouth.

The neck is pulled forward, and you are depicting a kiss. The musculature of the face is strained, and the air is blown out.

The forehead should not be strained — it should remain calm. Repeat four times.

After that, the forefinger with the middle fingers are applied to the lips and slightly press them on the lips.

The total number of air kisses should be from three to four.

Useful properties and main features of yoga for the face

Ninth exercise «Monkey»

This practice helps to strengthen the muscles of the jaw and neck, is of particular use for the lips.

The head is slightly tilted back. Lips are folded into a tube.

You need to reach up with your lips and fix the position for fifteen seconds. Then return to the starting position and relax.

The number of repetitions reaches four times.

The tenth exercise «Smile of the Sphinx»

With its help it becomes possible to get rid of wrinkles that appear from laughter.

Smile, while raising the corners of the lips up, trying to stick to the neutral expression of the eyes. It is important to smile solely with your eyes, so that the lips and other facial muscles are not involved in this process.

Repeat three to four times.

Eleventh exercise «Puppet»

Helps smooth nasolabial folds, visually strongly aging face.

Smile, fixing the nasolabial folds with fingertips. It is necessary to smile widely enough with a raising of muscles of a century upward.

Auxiliary resistance is provided with fingers.

Repeats twenty to thirty times.

The twelfth exercise «Satchmo»

Called to strengthen the muscles of the eyelids. The name comes from the famous Louis Armstrong.

It is necessary to inflate both cheeks and begin to roll the air from one to another (until it ends), and then — under the upper and lower lip. Repeats three times in each direction.

Thirteenth exercise «Chick»

Contributes to the tightening of the oval face, as well as getting rid of the «flea», strengthen the neck muscles.

The head is thrown backwards, swallowing movements begin to be performed, during which the tip of the tongue slightly presses the palate. Then the head leans to the right, perform the same actions, then — leans to the left.

It should be repeated four times in each direction.

The fourteenth exercise «Bumblebee»

Promotes training of the muscles of the cheeks and lips, as well as the lower jaw.

The air is inhaled through the nose and you begin to make the same sounds as when chewing. Then the air is slowly exhaled with a vibrating sound “mm”. It should be continued as long as there is enough breath.

Exercise is repeated four times.

At the end of the complex, the Relaxing Face Buddha exercise is again performed.

Recommendation: when you do the exercises, try to keep in your mind the question: “Why do I do this?”. The answer should be positive, tuning in a good way.

Reviews of girls who have tried this complex say that the visible effect begins to appear after two weeks of regular training. The most important thing is that you do not miss workouts.

It turns out that facial yoga is a simple, affordable and effective method that helps to slightly slow down time and helps to preserve a young and fresh skin. Plus, the process of performing fun exercises will surely charge you with positive emotions and help improve your emotional state.

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