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Trade Conspiracy and Sales Success

In the philistine view, the use of magic is associated mainly with love, hate and other passions. However, in fact, magic is often used not only to bewitch someone or take revenge on someone, but also to solve quite practical material issues.

A conspiracy to trade — one of these rites of white magic. It helps to improve the turnover in the store or on the market in general, or successfully turn some specific particularly important transaction that promises to bring you more profit.

Trade Conspiracy and Sales Success

Like any other rites, trade conspiracies have their own characteristics. For the successful implementation of ceremonies they must be taken into account. Trade rituals are best performed in the morning or afternoon, and you should remember that you definitely need to do this before sunset.

At the same time, conspiracy to trade is effective only in the period of the growing moon.

The optimal days for the rites for successful trading are Wednesday and Saturday. There are also many conspiracies that must be read immediately prior to the transaction. This will provide her the most favorable conditions in terms of receiving money.

Whatever love spell to trade was not carried out, the main factor in its success is the belief in magic.

Simple rites of commerce are in great demand. They allow you to quickly improve your financial affairs with simplicity in execution. Surely you have acquaintances whose business did not bring profit and, in the end, went bankrupt, although they invested in him all their strength and soul.

At the same time, there are those whose trade is booming, although they made no more effort than the first. Usually they themselves explain their success with their business talent, the right choice of direction, good time, etc. In fact, the success of many of them is due to the use of magic.

Trade Conspiracy and Sales Success

The easiest conspiracy to trade is carried out with the money raised from the first thing sold for the day. After the buyer withdraws, you need to use the money received from him to swipe the entire product.

At the same time touching them to each thing and saying:

And here, for example, another conspiracy to trade. It can be done if, on a new moon, place a glass of water by the window, in which the sickle of a young moon is visible.

Over this water say:

In the morning, take and bring the conspired water to your store or outlet and sprinkle it with goods.

While repeating the words:

With proper execution and if you have at least minimal magic abilities, this ritual will help you increase turnover and increase profits. The above trade conspiracy is aimed at improving trade in general.

If a certain big deal is very important to you and you want to increase the chances for its successful fulfillment with magic, then you will need another conspiracy. It can be used if negotiations take place in your premises or where you have access.

Grasp the back of one of the chairs or chairs and say:

Later, during the negotiations, offer your partner exactly this chair. When discussing the terms of the transaction, you will notice that it has become much more compliant.

It is important not to confuse the chairs. If you yourself take a seat on a conspired chair by mistake, you can quietly and unexpectedly agree to many conditions that are comfortable for him and not for you.

Trade Conspiracy and Sales Success

If you are engaged in trade on a professional level, then you simply can not do without magic. It is necessary to periodically conduct special ceremonies to maintain the attractiveness of the goods in the eyes of buyers.

Using a special ceremony, you can establish a successful workflow, attract buyers and increase profits from the sale of goods. For the ritual will need a new rag.

She needs to brush the dust off the workers stalls and say the magic words.

Rags need to hide and occasionally, when you feel that things in the trading business have deteriorated, it is necessary to wipe the counters. In the process, there is no need to say anything.

As you know, salt is used in many magical rites and conspiracies to trade are no exception. This natural attribute will help to successfully establish a trading process, if you hold a ceremony in the first months after the start of trading activity.

Conspired salt will help create the necessary energy around the goods sold.

The rite with salt is recommended to perform seven days in a row on the way to work. Every time, leaving the house, you need to take along the zhmenyu salt.

Without reaching several tens of meters to the workplace, salt should be thrown over the left shoulder.

Further to pronounce such words:

After the salt is thrown out and the words spoken, then you have to go to work without looking back. The results of such a ceremony become noticeable almost immediately, and the sales of goods in the store will increase significantly.

Trade Conspiracy and Sales Success

As is well known in the trading business is always very high competition. Moreover, honest methods are not always used to fight.

The envy of competitors is also dangerous, since such an impact can upset the energy balance and scare off customers at a subconscious level.

In this regard, if you suspect that failures in the trading business are associated with the envy of competitors, special rituals should be held in order to put reliable protection against external negatives. The plots used in such rituals are very effective, so trade is getting better in a very short time.

To conduct a strong ceremony, you must first prepare:

  • Handkerchief;
  • Safety pin;
  • Crest.

These attributes should be new and in the future you should not use them for their intended purpose. Having retired in a separate room, cooked things should be put in front of you.

Then speak them with such magic words:

Conspired things should always carry with them and do not give them to anyone and do not use for their intended purpose. And the pin does not need to pin to the clothes, it is better to just carry it in your purse.

It often happens that when a business is successful, competitors may jinx the profits. This will lead to the fact that the goods will not be sold at competitive prices, which will lead to a decrease in income.

In the period of the waning moon, you need to turn your face to the east side and say the following words:

Trade Conspiracy and Sales Success

You should know that with the help of magic you can sell the most out-of-the-way goods that were left in the warehouse or on the counter. To improve trade, use an effective ritual for the sale of stale goods, which are carried out in the forest. There should find a large anthill.

From it you need to scoop up some needles, from which it is built, but you need to try not to damage the dwelling of insects. This natural material must be put into a bag and brought to the place where the stale goods are stored.

Spill the goods from the anthill with the following magic words:

The product, covered with pine needles, must lie down all night. In the morning the next day you need to shake it up and put up for sale.

Most likely, much can be realized on the same day.

If trade is for you the main activity and provides you with incomes that allow you to lead a decent life, then you need to talk about a conspiracy every day when leaving for work.

The magic words are:

It is very important to remember that good fortune will turn to you when you conduct honest business and treat your competitors benevolently. Otherwise there may be unpleasant consequences.

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