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Top recommendations: how to attract money

Tricks — how to attract money

«How to attract money to yourself?» — it is difficult, perhaps, in the modern world to find a person who would not ask such a question. Finance is an important part of our life, because without them we lose many opportunities.

If you want to learn how to attract money, read my next article.

Top recommendations: how to attract money

What thoughts prevent money from attracting

Very often, a person himself puts blocks on getting what he wants with the help of his own thoughts. Try to analyze what you think about finances. You may be using some of these negative attitudes:

  • «I am not able to afford this»;
  • “I can’t manage to collect finances”;
  • «People become bad because of money»;
  • «I do not have enough money».

Each of these statements is characterized by a sharply negative energy, which acts as a monetary anti-magnet. Also with these words you yourself are laying down for yourself a negative program of that life in which you suffer from financial difficulties.

If you want to learn how to attract money, you must first learn to identify and work out such negative subconscious money programs.

But it is also important how you handle finances:

  • Do you know how to spend money, getting pleasure from the services received or, on the contrary, feel a sense of inner annoyance?
  • And, perhaps, you have any debts?
  • Do you often worry not to be left without money?
  • Have you ever been greedy for finances, since you were afraid of bankruptcy?

In the case when you recognize yourself in these matters, you should immediately engage in changing and strengthening your cash programs. The following installations will help you.

Tips for attracting money

Tip 1 — Develop your imagination

Wanting to attract anything into your life, including money, you need to learn how to properly visualize.

Then I quote the words of Napoleon Hill — the famous author of our time, who wrote about how to attract money with the help of his thoughts (“Think and Grow Rich” edition):

“Desire is a significant component, but it is only an impulse, too momentary in nature. Desire has no specific forms and specific prices — exactly as long as it is not converted into a physical equivalent. «

That is, to realize your desire in physical reality, you need to use the power of imagination.

What to do? Every day, imagine what needs you spend your finances.

Visualize in colors and details your new life in a higher social position. Try to mentally «see» a large wad of bills, or a treasured figure in a personal bank account.

Top recommendations: how to attract money

Tip 2 — Features of the proper visualization of money

This is a very delicate process, in which you should stick to some nuances:

  • Set a specific amount of money and terms for its receipt (it is important that finances do not relate to your salary, but act as an additional source of income).
  • In your imagination, add the required amount of bills, you usually use in everyday life.
  • Visualize that you recount this wad of money. «Watch» for the bills in their hands.
  • Pay attention to the surroundings. Where are you located? Is this your house or something else? Are there other people there or are you alone? It is important that you represent only what is actually available to you — that is, a place where you can be at any time.
  • Remember your «movie». It consists of the fact that you are in a familiar place and consider the desired amount of money. Concentrate even on minor details: new or old bills in your scenario, where do you get them from and where do you hide them? The more concrete there is — the better, the chances for a quick realization of a dream grow.
  • Include emotions. Diversify your picture with emotional experiences. Of course, extremely positive! Feel that these finances belong only to you, you should not give them to anyone.
  • Think of goals for which you would spend money right now. All that is necessary and important: payment of utility bills, the purchase of food, clothing, cosmetics, a trip abroad — list any of your needs.

In addition, remember that for the successful implementation of all items should be taken for visualization, being in a calm, relaxed state. Daily repetition of practice will be required — best of all in the morning and evening hours.

Follow the rules exactly as long as the desired becomes real. And do not miss sessions!

Tip 3 — Finance Affirmations

The benefits of affirmations — positive attitudes, truly enormous. They are used to improve any area of ​​their lives, money will not be an exception to the rule.

True, there is one important nuance — for a good effect, positive statements will have to be repeated many times, no less than a hundred per day. This can be done at any convenient time — even at home, at least during the lunch break at work, in public transport, and so on.

We can offer the following examples of financial affirmations:

  • I am rich.
  • Finance easily comes into my life in large quantities.
  • The more my spending, the higher the income.
  • I enjoy the process of earning finance, it gives me a buzz.
  • Finance gives me pleasure.
  • I have a lot of money.
  • I always have finances, thanks to them my life is comfortable and happy.
  • Money comes into my life from a variety of sources.
  • I deserve to have a lot of money.
  • Money loves me, and I love them.

Tip 4 — Rational Savings

You might think that I would advise you to save as much as possible in order to have more money. Not at all. And even quite the opposite — when you save, you demonstrate to the Universe that you suffer from a lack of finances.

Saving — you yourself put yourself in a position where there is little money (or not at all).

In general, this is very bad. Just remember what feelings and emotions you experience when you know that there is no money and you have to “tighten the belt more tightly”. Do you feel the inner happiness, freedom?

On the contrary, you think about your financial difficulties, feel yourself worthless, poor.

From such a state of «minus» it is very unlikely that it will be possible to attract large sums into your life. After all, your task is not to learn how to save, but to be able to receive finances just enough to satisfy all your needs.

That is what should work.

Top recommendations: how to attract money

Tip 5 — Get rid of word-parasites

Dreaming to achieve a state of financial independence, first of all, negative attitudes that prevent money from coming to you should be eliminated from your speech.

For example, the catchphrase:

Do not say it under any circumstances! Even if your baby asks to buy him a hundred and fifth toy! Better replace with another expression:

«We have a lot of money, but I think you already have enough toys.»

Another phrase-parasite:

«My salary is too low» or «I miss my salary.»

Right now stop doing whining and complaining about your lack of income! Understand that if you really have problems with finances this is just your fault and your responsibility!

And draw more. This is not the fault of your employer, customers, government or other people.

So you yourself do not know how to attract money to yourself.

Do not try to blame everything on the crisis. Understand that in any country of the world, at any time, and in any profession, there have always been and will be people who are not experiencing a shortage of money.

Although there are always those who barely make ends meet. Although the conditions of the first and second are actually the same.

Do you know why this happens? All because of our wrong thoughts!

How often do we say the phrase:

But after all, it is unreal toxic and spoils the arrival of money in our lives. It is better to replace it with a statement:

Tip 6 — Set a monetary goal

It is important that you always have a clear, formulated amount of money, which you have enough for all needs, for example, for a month. If you have not yet come up with it — write it down as soon as possible.

I have repeatedly written earlier that the Universe loves clarity and specifics. The clearer you imagine something — the faster and easier it becomes real.

Believe me, it works at all 1000 percent!

Therefore, in the matter of the attraction of money there should not be vagueness, it is important to observe the utmost clarity.

In conclusion, I propose to view a video on how to increase your well-being:

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