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Tibetan Mandala: a master class on creation, tips and features

Tibetan Mandala — Monks Meditation

Tibetan mandala is a type of currently popular art therapy. Such images are made manually and energetically charged.

For several millennia, Tibetan monks painted mandalas with good purposes.

What are the mandalas of Tibetan monks?

Tibetan Mandala: a master class on creation, tips and features

Mysterious mandalas are not just a drawing. The image has a huge energy potential. The objectives of the use of Tibetan mandalas are as follows:

  • Used when you need to increase clarity of mind and learn maximum concentration. Also mandalas develop awareness
  • To calm the hyperactive consciousness, stop the endless inner dialogue and self-digging. Mandalas soothe your brain and nerves when you are overly worried or agitated, worry
  • This is a great job with your own subconscious. Drawing color circles helps to go beyond, learn to manage your unconscious. This is a kind of meditation, creative, yoga for the brain.
  • Used to prepare for meditation. To do spiritual practices, it is necessary to abstract from extraneous thoughts and to focus as much as possible on the process. It is the mandala helps to prepare the mind for meditation — relax, calm, open the unconscious
  • It is believed that the mandala fill a person with energy — fill the subtle body with high vibrations
  • Mandalas are a way to deeply work out your own psyche. By drawing them regularly, you can forget about complexes and negative attitudes and enormously transform your own personality through the harmonization of consciousness
  • During creativity, the answer comes easier, how to act in a difficult, at first glance, impasse. Consciousness becomes clear, and the necessary decision arises in thoughts by itself
  • Drawing helps to free the mind from the burden of fears, phobias, emotional clips and even children’s psychological trauma. But it takes several sessions to get an effect.
  • Mandalas set the energy barrier between you and the outside world. Negative and bad energy do not penetrate through this invisible wall.
  • And quite an esoteric goal — cleaning and structuring the surrounding space.

Regardless of whether you have a specific goal, the mandala will definitely be useful. This is a unique, creative way to relax and leave yourself in time, to abstract from all earthly things, to forget about pressing problems.

Why were mandalas in Tibet needed?

Tibetan mandalas have been used in their homeland since ancient times. They were an indispensable attribute of mystical rituals and were part of ancient traditions.

But centuries ago, drawing mandalas was in the strictest confidence. It was a secret rite, which took place only in monasteries.

The Dalai Lama wished to preserve the ancient traditions and ordered to build mandalas at various points on the globe. He believed that this would benefit all living on our planet, because it is enough just to look at the mandala to heal from all the negative, take the path of spiritual development and growth.

Tibetan Mandala: a master class on creation, tips and features

Also, Tibetan mandalas are an essential attribute of tantric spiritual practices. It is important to observe all the details: the sequence of images, colors, structure.

The features of creating mandalas are clearly described in special Tibetan texts.

The features of Tibetan mandalas are as follows:

  1. The structure is an image of a royal palace, the doors of which face four different sides of the world.
  2. Creating a picture starts from the center to the periphery. It is especially important to observe
  3. The process of creating a mandala is always accompanied by the singing of sacred texts. It is believed that in this way the picture is charged with positive and very powerful energy.
  4. It is important that the creator of the mandala is in a state close to the meditative, focused
  5. It is also important to choose the right place for creativity — it should be a room with positive energy, filled with harmony and happiness

Perhaps that is why in ancient times mandalas were painted only in temples — after all, this is a place where positive energy is concentrated to the limit.

In Tibet, it is believed that the more harmonious the person creating the mandala, the stronger its impact on others. If the image was created by an enlightened monk, then such a drawing is the blessing of the Buddha, which everyone who receives the mandala will receive.

Watch the video on how to create a Tibetan mandala yourself:

Ways to create Tibetan mandalas

Creating a Tibetan mandala yourself is not very easy — it is a long and painstaking process. In ancient times, for the manufacture of a sacred artifact used small semi-precious stones, now — use marble chips.

If sifted and painted in different shades, sorted by size and color. And then proceed to create the image.

You can use other materials — for example, colored sand. First, lay out the background of the future mandala of the largest particles.

Then you can apply patterns and symbols.

To facilitate the work, it is possible to “blow” sand into the pattern with the help of special cone-shaped tubes.

Tibetan Mandala: a master class on creation, tips and features

Important: after the mandala is fully prepared, it must be destroyed. What for:

  • In the process of creativity, a person throws out all his negativity into the mandala — and it must be finally destroyed
  • This action symbolizes the impermanence of all that exists.

To complete the spiritual practice, it is necessary to “sweep” the resulting drawing to the center, and move the used sand into a metal bowl and heat it on the fire. This will destroy the negative energy, but leave a positive one.

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