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The symbolic meaning that a tattoo clock has

The clock tattoo is a symbol of eternity and inevitability, what else will it tell

Tattoo watches are equally used by both sexes. It does not really matter which particular type of tattoo is depicted in the photo — stylized or as close to reality as possible; the philosophical significance of the tattoo clock will not change.

For such tattoos are selected a variety of styles, and perform it in most cases on the arm, shoulder, back or chest.

The symbolic meaning that a tattoo clock has

Value tattoo watches

The basic meaning of a tattoo clock is memory. A tattoo associates with itself certain events that have happened to a person.

And the hands on the dial begin the inevitable countdown of the minutes and days that have passed after the happy moment, some important event or a terrible loss.

But a tattoo clock can indicate not only the past, but also tell about the future. In such a situation, the tattoo is designed to turn into a landmark that will not allow a person to get off the correct path.

An hourglass tattoo is associated with the expression “like sand through fingers”. This device was invented by the ancient Greeks.

At that time, the hourglass indicated inexorability and inevitability.

Time tends to slip through your fingers. At the same time, the inhabitants of antiquity blamed divine beings for everything.

A sand clock caused an association to the Greek gods Zeus, Themis and Helios (the patron saint of the Sun).

Among other things, the tattoo clock will tell about the inevitable death, but will tell about the time that still remains with the person. He still has enough minutes to do something important.

A tattoo is designed to motivate a person to get together and take everything from life to the maximum, without losing time.

It turns out that the watch images are excellent motivators. They often cause an association with tattoos that are dedicated to sakura.

After all, the flowers of this Japanese plant begin to crumble a couple of days after they have opened. The same short-term and time, you must have time to get pleasure from him.

Also, the characteristics of the tattoo clock will be strongly influenced by different moments:

  • for example, the dial, on which there are no hands — symbolizes an empty life, a worthless existence;
  • cuckoo on the clock — tells about the respect of their ancestors, the desire for antiquity and sustainability;
  • Big Ben watches symbolize England, which means stiffness and aristocracy;
  • sundials — have a connection with the sky and the universe;
  • hourglass — tell that time is short, but a person can beat him if he stops wasting precious minutes on trifles;
  • the image of the broken hours — will tell about the unfulfilled hopes, the days lost in vain;
  • watches in the style of Salvador Dali — also tell about the transience of time;
  • Watch from the famous fairy tale by Lewis Carroll «Alice in Wonderland» is also quite popular. The character of the fairy tale rabbit always kept a pocket watch with him and was constantly in a state of haste. If you depict a fabulous hero and a dial on yourself — it means that you are constantly in a hurry, you do not have enough minutes, hours and days.

Typically, clients of tattoo parlors want a tattoo clock to be made with Roman numerals. Also, drawings of watches behind are in demand with careful drawing of the internal mechanism of the accessory.

Such watches symbolize the fact that time is also a specific device in which you need to learn to understand.

Usually tattoo with a clock prefer to put on the arm. But still quite popular are the shoulder blades, the area near the heart or the collarbone.

Unusual options for tattoos with a clock

There are also quite interesting versions of a tattoo with a clock.

  • An hourglass tattoo in which quartz particles are replaced by blood. Thus, metaphorically, time is compared with life itself. Another version of the interpretation is bloody and terrifying life.
  • Tattoo 24 hours, supplemented by an open eye, located in the middle of the dial. It creates the illusion that time is not a physical substance, but a particular person. It is probably a symbol of God, observing how a person lives his life and what he spends precious time on.
  • Patch half an hour. Similar to the full image of the mechanism is depicted as a key. The key can open or close the door of life. And if the key is depicted as golden, then it becomes clear how valuable time is to people.
  • The watch-gun is designed to remind you that time should be valued according to merit, because once a second there is a risk of “pulling the trigger”. In this case, the weapon is usually depicted in section, because it is possible to get acquainted with the internal device in more detail.

The symbolic meaning that a tattoo clock has

Tattoo is always depicted on the body. However, there are options for sketches, which are designed to create the effect of cuts, peeping out from under the skin.

So the artists are engaged in drawing the contours of wounds, cuts of the flesh, as if showing the internal organs of a person.

  • If the clock will look out of a wound in the chest, they will indicate a dramatic perception of life;
  • The fulfillment of the mechanism in the form of a heart symbolizes that the basis of each person is the time forcing blood to move through the veins.

Regular watches may also be non-standard. For example, the ancient Chinese used harnesses on which they knotted knots instead of watches. They should have been located at the same distance from each other.

Subsequently, the rope was set on fire and the number of burnt knots was counted.

This was the way to measure time. Of course, many years have passed since then, but it is thanks to this tradition that the word “moment” can mean one or several seconds.

Tattoo clock style and composition

As you already understood, a tattoo with a clock can be depicted in many different versions. Adding new colors to the composition will add a new meaning to the tattoo.

For example, a raven with a clock — will tell about fatalism, the belief that everything is initially predetermined from above, inspires thoughts about the impermanence of life.

For the fair sex tattoo, made in the style of watercolor — the perfect solution. She tells about the romance and reverie.

At the same time watercolor works have a bright, but gentle and natural look. Due to the smooth transition of colors, the lack of clear contours, vague colors, splashes and drips, it becomes possible to create a truly original design.

Realistic versions of images of sand or pocket watches will look good regardless of the palette. Everything in this case depends on the emotions that the work is intended to convey.

For example, a bright tattoo with a clock, surrounded by scarlet roses and fluttering butterflies — is designed to demonstrate that time is not important for lovers and happy people. At the same time, a monochrome composition with a skull inspires thoughts about doom.

The symbolic meaning that a tattoo clock has

An interesting option for tattoos — the image of realistic dark black-and-white urban landscapes, in which there are tower clocks.

Also quite attractive is the style of the newschool. The presence of bright colors, clear broad contours, as well as the most incredible combination of colors will help to add to each drawing originality, to give him his own emotional and semantic load.

As an option, the image of an owl with a clock, made in this style, will characterize a person who appreciates his time, who is not inclined to waste it.

Selecting the same place for the tattoo, pay attention to the features of the picture. For example, it is more correct to apply an hourglass on the foot or on the arm, since they have an oblong shape in the central part of the composition.

A variant with a round pocket watch is most sensible to apply on the shoulder, thigh, scapula or chest.

After completing the tattoo clock you will always remember the great importance of time in your life and stop wasting it.

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