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The strongest conspiracies, prayers, rituals on the Apple Savior, folk omens

The strongest prayers, ceremonies and conspiracies on Apple Savior

The forces of white magic are especially active on the church feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord, which is traditionally celebrated on August 19th. It is associated with many popular beliefs, will, and customs. And the rituals, prayers and plots on the Apple Savior have special power.

It is during this magical time, it is customary to take off damage and negative, to heal and rejuvenate the body, to bring good luck, wealth, happiness and love to life.

The feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord, called the Savior by the people, is held on August 19th. This time carries a powerful magic charge, and with the help of «apple» plots you can change your life for the better.

Beforehand, you should familiarize yourself with simple rules, the observance of which can significantly affect the result:

  1. 1. Conduct ceremonies should be all alone.
  2. 2. Of great importance is the attitude and sincere faith in the power of the actions performed.
  3. 3. Almost all conspiracies are read only on unlit fruit of the fresh harvest.
  4. 4. Apples from the store for magical rituals will not work. It is better to disrupt them on their own or in extreme cases buy on the market.
  5. 5. Candles used in rituals should be made from wax. They should be purchased in church shops.

The strongest conspiracies, prayers, rituals on the Apple Savior, folk omens

The feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord is the right time to regain your well-being and get rid of diseases. On this bright day, the harvest of apples was carried to the church for lighting, and then one of these fruits was added to the festive cake.

According to legend, the eaten piece of apple dessert gave health for a whole year.

In addition, in Russia on that day, women conducted rituals to rejuvenate the face and body. Conspiracies for the return of past beauty were also considered effective.

The Apple Savior has always been famous for its ability to remove damage and evil eye from a person. On this day they made powerful amulets and magic talismans that protect against the negative effects of black magic and heal the body.

The strongest conspiracies, prayers, rituals on the Apple Savior, folk omens

Sometimes a person feels bad, but doctors can not determine what kind of disease struck the body. In this case, we can say that health problems are caused by damage imposed by envious or enemies. In order to self-heal, you must wait for the great feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord and try to get rid of the action of black magic on your own.

All that is required for the ritual is natural bee honey. It is better to buy it on the market, the store product may not fully have healing properties.

To remove damage, you must perform the following steps:

  1. 1. Buy in advance for a small jar of lime and flower honey.
  2. 2. Get some birch bark.
  3. 3. In the Apple Savior (August 19) you need to wake up before dawn, when the darkness begins to be replaced by pre-dawn light.
  4. 4. To collect spring water in an earthenware jug.
  5. 5. Go back to sleep.
  6. 6. The second time you need to wake up at noon.
  7. 7. Spread the bark of the tree with prepared varieties of honey.
  8. 8. Attach it to your forehead.
  9. 9. Speak the magic words: “Good health, happiness and joy, come into my soul, heal the body. Terrible filth and past grief, walk away, seep into the ground. Delicious honey floral, lime bee. Let sweetness fill my life. Let it be so».
  10. 10. After the ritual, wash the face with spring water from a jug, and pour the rest under the birch.
  11. 11. Bark can not be thrown out. It should be thoroughly washed and dried in the sun. From now on, it will have healing properties and protect from the attacks of enemies no worse than any magic talisman. This attribute must be carried daily with you. In less than a week, the disease will begin to recede.

The strongest conspiracies, prayers, rituals on the Apple Savior, folk omens

If the disease is not cured in any way, the following ritual can be performed. In the Apple Savior or immediately after it you need:

  1. 1. Pick an apple from a new crop.
  2. 2. Cut it into three parts.
  3. 3. Attach each of the pieces to the sore spot.
  4. 4. Hold for a few seconds.
  5. 5. Wrap the slices in a clean, light-colored fabric.
  6. 6. Carry them to a deserted place where no one is (forest, wasteland, etc.).
  7. 7. Bury the apple particles in the ground. Together with them the sickness will come down to the soil.
  8. 8. Go home without turning around and not talking to anyone on the way.

You can also try such a simple ritual. In order to recover, you must pick an apple from the new crop and wash it thoroughly.

At the same time, it is necessary to whisper on the fruit, kissing it repeatedly (at least 5 times): “Ush-Burma-Shu”.

This rite will contribute to improving the well-being and appearance not only of the person who conducts it, but also of his relatives. It is necessary to do the following:

  1. 1. Pick a big red apple.
  2. 2. Cut it into 3, 5, 7 cloves (depending on the number of participants in the ritual).
  3. 3. Remove the core from each piece and fold them into a deep bowl.
  4. 4. Mix in another container half a glass of holy water and as much cold boiled water.
  5. 5. Fill the apple slices with liquid.
  6. 6. Take a pinch of sugar and sprinkle apples on them in a circle (always clockwise), saying the following slander: «Lord, give me back my youth.»
  7. 7. Again, scoop up a pinch of sugar and sprinkle the same way around the apples with the words: «Lord, give me back my happiness.»
  8. 8. The third pinch must be poured strictly in the middle of the bowl and say: “Lord, give me back what’s gone.”
  9. 9. After the ceremony, distribute lobules to all participants, and pour water into a small bottle and wipe her face during the week in the morning and evening. This will help to find beauty and rejuvenate the skin.

The most suitable holiday that will help to return youth is Apple Spas, because an apple has magical anti-aging properties. If a woman wants to preserve her beauty for many years and delay old age, then she is recommended to hold the next miracle rite.

Then neither wrinkles nor gray hair will be scary. Algorithm of actions:

  1. 1. Stock up on apples of the new crop.
  2. 2. Three times read a special conspiracy over one of them: “Nature is a cradle, I appeal to you on a gloomy and clear day. Bewitch my apple, give me youth and beauty. Let old age recede, wrinkles are smoothed. Amen».
  3. 3. Eat fruit.

All actions need to be done consistently daily for twelve days. After this, it can be noted that the state of health has improved, the skin has become smooth and tender, the hair and nails are more shiny.

Another similar ritual will help preserve the beauty and youth. To do this, starting from August 19 for 12 days, you must read a hex on an apple, and then eat it. Magic words: “On the power of nature, give health.

Bewitch my apples, make it rejuvenating. Let old age does not suit me, beyond the mountains, but into the marshes.

Wrinkles all smoothed out, and let all things get along. «

Legend has it that Jesus, accompanied by several satellites, went to Mount Tabor. There, the prophets Elijah and Moses appeared before them. After that, the disciples of Christ opened their spiritual vision, and they took a fresh look at the teacher.

In honor of this bright event the great feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord was established. It is at this time, according to folk lore, that the saints visit the earth in the form of beggars, checking how hospitable and generous people are.

Similar beliefs were still present among the pagans. They also believed that on August 19 the ancient gods came to the world of people in the guise of the poor.

In this regard, there is a sign that it is necessary to give alms to the Apple Savior, to help the poor and disadvantaged. For this, the Lord will generously reward and give material well-being.

And to improve the financial situation and solve monetary problems will help special plots.

To gain material independence, the ritual, held on August 19, will fit perfectly. The following actions will help to attract financial flows and gain a stable income:

  1. 1. It is necessary to find the old linden.
  2. 2. Break three branches from it.
  3. 3. Put them in a vase and keep them in your bedroom.
  4. 4. For 9 days, every morning immediately after waking up, but strictly before noon, a special monetary rite must be carried out: taking twigs in hand, go around your home, beat branches in the corners and read the plot: “Money is paid to money, and lost coins are returned. If something is spent, I’ll get back a lot. Money sticks to money, wallets are connected together. Strong my words. Amen».
  5. 5. Upon the expiration of the branch, dry and store this homemade amulet until the next Apple Savior.

If unforeseen financial difficulties arise, you should resort to such a magical ritual. It is necessary:

  1. 1. Buy 3 beautiful apples.
  2. 2. Go to church with them.
  3. 3. Give two apples to a beggar.
  4. 4. The third (the most beautiful and even) — to eat. Mentally utter a spell from need: “I need to reassure, to health the riches of slander. Poor people eat up my need, cash flows are redirected. Help me, higher powers, to get rid of problems and bring wealth back to the house. Amen».

If the accumulated loans are too heavy a burden for the family, it is advisable to use a conspiracy to help pay off debts more quickly. For this you need:

  1. 1. Lend a certain amount.
  2. 2. Remove the top and bottom banknotes from the cash bundle.
  3. 3. Say the magic words: “I will return the money at the appointed time, I will not collect new debts. Help me, conspired bills. Help, Lord and the apostles. As said, that’s what will happen. Amen».
  4. 4. Put the bills in the wallet.
  5. 5. Carry these cash amulets always with you.

As a rule, fruit magic is practiced during the sowing period, but the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord is suitable for everyday conspiracies. According to popular belief, if you pick apples at the Apple Savior in your own garden and make juice from them, and then sprinkle the garden with this juice, next year the harvest will be very rich.

There is another way to get a good harvest. It is necessary:

  1. 1. Take exactly three apples.
  2. 2. Finely chop them.
  3. 3. Sprinkle the garden beds with pieces.
  4. 4. Read the spell: “Earth-mother, accept this gift, soak it in yourself, intercede with your ancestors for me. Let the good harvest ripen, and my family live in prosperity and prosperity. As autumn comes, so will my bins be filled. Let it be so».

Best of all on the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord works love magic associated with various love spells and beads. It is believed that it is with the help of «forbidden fruits» that you can bind your heart friend to yourself forever.

But it should be remembered that the bewitching rituals are considered a great sin, because they deprive a person of the right to choose. Therefore, before you conduct a love ceremony, you need to think about its consequences, which may be the most unpredictable.

To bind to a person you like, you can hold a magical rite. It will require a ripe apple, which must be purchased on the market in advance, and even better traded for something. Next you need:

  1. 1. In the Apple Savior in the evening put the fruit on the window sill so that it is illuminated with the last sunlight.
  2. 2. Turn in a westerly direction.
  3. 3. Take an apple in the palm of your hand.
  4. 4. Mentally imagine the appearance of the man you like.
  5. 5. Cut the fruit across.
  6. 6. Place a photo of the beloved between the halves.
  7. 7. Speak the magic words three times: “Jesus helps me, the apostles reinforce success. I start talking red apple, fasten with thread, I wish it with my beloved (name). From now on you will be mine. Amen».
  8. 8. Connect the half of the red thread.
  9. 9. Put the fruit at the head of the bed and keep it there constantly.
  10. 10. For the next 9 days, you must wake up at dawn and put an apple on the window under the first sun’s rays.
  11. 11. And in the evening every day to pronounce the already familiar prayer.

The fruit must be inspected regularly. If he starts to rot, the relationship is unpromising, drying will indicate the success of the ritual.

This method is simple, but it is no less effective than the first option. For the ritual, you need a large apple and three leaves of nettle. It is necessary:

  1. 1. Divide the fruit in half.
  2. 2. Remove the core.
  3. 3. Put a nettle inside.
  4. 4. To connect segments to a red woolen thread.
  5. 5. Read the plot: “My love (the name of the guy), fly to me. Nettle is passionate and burning, dangerous for everyone except me. Help me, nettle, to achieve the desired. May this union be for the benefit of others. Amen».
  6. 6. Apple hide for the next 9 days.
  7. 7. Then bury near the house of the beloved.

If a girl has not yet met her contented person and is not in love with anyone, then she can perform the same ritual to attract love and happiness in her life. But the conspiracy words will be different: “That happiness, that is now far from me, let it fly to me because of distant lands. Will cover me with his wave warm, caring.

Now I have nowhere to put my heart, but as I say, there will be someone to whom I will give my heart. So that his heart would be smothered by the sweetheart like that nettle burning.

Goes to me, flies at me, let the young man love the menu alone. My word grows stronger, love to me from all parts of the world invites. «

After that, hide the apple in a secluded place and wait for it to dry. As soon as it loses all moisture, a loved one will appear in the girl’s life.

If a young lady is deprived of the attention of a strong half of humanity, she should conduct a ritual with a red apple and tirlich-grass (gentian). With these magical attributes, one has to go to a deserted crossroads of foot roads and read in one breath the magic plot:

«Apple and Tyrlich, priklich to me lad, from one to two, from two to three, from three to four, from four to five, from five to six, from six to seven, from seven to eight, from eight to nine, from nine to ten, from ten to eleven, from eleven to twelve. «

After the rite, both the apple and the grass should be buried there.

In Apple Savior, you can read a special conspiracy that will help to find happiness in your personal life: “In me there is both happiness, joy and good. From me — bad, grief and filth.

How very sweet are the three meads — bee, flower, and lime. So may my life be filled with all these three joys. ”

To attract happiness, harmony and love into your home, you can perform the following magical rite. It is necessary:

  1. 1. To barter a few new apples from neighbors. In return, give a coin or hotel.
  2. 2. Wait for the evening.
  3. 3. Light the candle.
  4. 4. Opposite her decompose apples.
  5. 5. To look at the flames and utter a conspiracy: “Like an apple with beauty and juice in the summer was poured, so my family with love and awe of each other is poured. More beauty in our home from the love itself, more peace, more happiness. That happiness is a lot so that we begin to share with all others. And as we share, so much the better for us and everything around us. Kindness, beauty, enter my home, mature in it. I leave myself and give others. As said, so be it, but it cannot be otherwise. Amen».
  6. 6. To give a candle to burn through.
  7. 7. And the fruit that participated in the ritual, the next morning, give away strangers. At the same time imagine that with each fruit a piece of goodness and love is given. After some time, this light energy will return with a vengeance.

In order for the pregnancy to proceed without complications, and the birth was easy, the expectant mother needs to perform the following ritual:

  1. 1. Stand under the apple tree.
  2. 2. Hug her.
  3. 3. Tie a rope around your belt and trunk (symbolically tied to a tree).
  4. 4. Say the magic words: “The apple-maiden, my sister, help me, God’s servant (name), it is easy to give birth. Help me to easily endure, to endure everything, to love the little child, to talk to him before the deadline, to talk, it is easy in the womb to lie to persuade. In order not to have a womb, it didn’t hurt, the fetus didn’t ache, it didn’t ache, it carried its load calmly. Amen. «
  5. 5. Remove the rope and leave it on the apple tree.

So that no one jinxed a child in the womb, the following ceremony can be performed:

  1. 1. Find an apple tree.
  2. 2. Dig a small hole under it.
  3. 3. Read the slander: “In the sea-okayane, on the island of Buyan, there is a curly apple tree, a deep pit under the apple tree. I, the servant of God (the name), will say in this pit, so that the child in my womb, the servant of God (the name), will be saved from the evil hour, from the evil eye, from the human slander, from the envy of the black, white, night, afternoon and midday. And you, the apple tree, the pit is the guards, it’s bad not to release! Will you chadu my barrier from all misfortune. And let my word be strong. ”
  4. 4. Spit into the recess three times.
  5. 5. Bury.
  6. 6. Cross over and go home without turning around.

In order for a baby to develop well in the womb, a ritual should be carried out before birth:

  1. 1. Find an old apple tree that no longer bears fruit, but is still strong.
  2. 2. Hug her, clinging to the trunk.
  3. 3. Speak a conspiracy: “I, a servant of God (the name), will come to the apple-grandmother, I will come, I will bow to the belt, I will adhere to the trunk. Remember, grandmother-apple tree, how were you a small seed, how stretched a thin tree, how it blossomed and fruited, we grew to joy. The rains did not wet you, the storms did not break, the winds did not rock. Let the child in my womb, the servants of God (the name), as well as you, resist, evolve ailments, gain strength, gather in the world. Let it grow stronger every day and become vigorous. Amen».
  4. 4. Break off a small twig.
  5. 5. Place a break to kiss three times.
  6. 6. Cross yourself.
  7. 7. Attach a broken branch to your bed.

You can hold an ancient Slavic ritual on the Apple Savior, which will help your cherished wishes come true. It is necessary:

  1. 1. Stay at home alone.
  2. 2. Get a ripe apple.
  3. 3. Bite off small pieces of fruit and chew them thoroughly.
  4. 4. Read the plot about myself: “Only one saved by us. Saints please, until the blizzard spins. Let everything come true, it turns out at God’s servant (your name), let the cherished wish come true. As this apple bite, so my dream come true. Amen».

A similar rite can be performed with a lit apple. It is necessary to bite off a small piece from it, swallow it and say the following words out loud: “What is made up is something contrived. What is thought up — it will come true.

What will come true — not passing«.

This ritual is held strictly on August 19 on the day of the Transfiguration. It is not so easy to execute, but with the help of such white magic you can change your destiny and get rid of the strong witchcraft made at the cemetery (the so-called graveyard damage), as well as all kinds of black slander.

Thanks to the rite of change of fate, a person will live the time that was given to him by fate, and life will be filled with joyful events and happiness.

It is done in several stages, but always before sunset. Can participate as one person, and five or nine. At the first stage it is necessary:

  1. 1. Bake red apples according to the number of participants in the ceremony.
  2. 2. To arrive at the most open and deserted space (a field, a huge glade, not surrounded by forest, steppe). The main thing is that there are no nearby trees and shrubs, residential settlements.
  3. 3. Find the center of the selected area.
  4. 4. Draw a circle with a stick about two meters in diameter.
  5. 5. Stand facing each other, do not touch your hands.
  6. 6. Slowly walking one after another, circling around its axis in a clockwise direction, singing for about a quarter of an hour a special conspiracy that must be memorized: “Let us glorify the Lord to return to you again. Righteous God, have mercy on us. We praise the Lord in the Apple Savior. «
  7. 7. After cooked fruits eat. At this time, you need to silently read the plot words.

The second part of the ritual includes the following actions:

  1. 1. In advance stock up on linden branches and dry yellowed leaves from trees.
  2. 2. With their help, make a fire in the center of the circle.
  3. 3. When the fire maximally flares up, it is necessary to walk around it, repeating familiar words of conspiracy for about three minutes.
  4. 4. Stop and look at the flame for a while. It should be noted that the fire cannot be extinguished; it must be completely burned out and extinguished on its own. And fire and smoke have a special healing power.

The third stage of the ceremony should be carried out in the temple. It is necessary:

  1. 1. Go to the nearest church.
  2. 2. Donate a feasible sum of money.
  3. 3. Purchase one large and two medium candles in the church shop.
  4. 4. Light a large candle in front of the image of Jesus Christ and utter the words of a prayer of thanks: “Your holy body, Lord Jesus Christ, our God, be eternal in the eternal belly and your honest blood for the remission of sins; But wake me this thanksgiving with joy, health, and gladness; in terrible life and the second coming of Thou commemorate the sinful (sinful) stature on the right hand of Your glory, the prayers of the Most-pure of Your Mother and all the saints. «
  5. 5. Bow down and cross yourself.
  6. 6. To put one of the middle candles for your own health near the icon of the saint, whose name was given at baptism. If there is no such image in the temple, then the icon of Nicholas the Pleasurer will do.
  7. 7. The last candle you need to put the Blessed Mother of God, and then say the miraculous prayer: “Blessed Lady of the Naitus, the Holy Mother of God, Your saints and omnipotent prayers from the reluctance of me, my humble and damned servant, despondency, oblivion, foolishness, ignorance, despair, forgetfulness, foolishness evil and slander thoughts from the damned heart of my heart and from the darkened mind of my mind; and extinguish the fervor of my passions, that I am a beggar, and damned, and delivered me from many and fierce memories and enterprises, and from all the actions of evil freedom; Thou art blessed be of all kinds, and your most honorable name is glorified for ever and ever. Amen».
  8. 8. When leaving, submit to applicants sweets and apples, or leave them in the temple. And go home without looking around and talking to anyone on the way.

Apple Savior is the right time to not only get rid of its own negative, but also to clean the energy of its home. It is necessary:

  1. 1. Break any apple.
  2. 2. Divide it into halves.
  3. 3. Remove the core from one.
  4. 4. Buy wax candle.
  5. 5. Light it and circle around your house, stopping near every corner, near doorways and windows. In this case, it is necessary to make circular movements three times with the help of a candle (it must be clockwise).
  6. 6. The dripping wax should be collected in a plate, cooled and placed in half of the fruit with carved seeds.
  7. 7. Connect the cut apple with a string and bury it far from its home.

Many people have problems at work that are directly related to bad relationships with their superiors. It happens that a manager finds fault with trifles, unfairly deprives of a bonus, or even threatens with dismissal.

If you do not want to leave the position and leave the workplace, you can try to remedy the situation with a simple ritual.

It will require the following attributes: a white church candle and a ripe apple of a new crop. Coming home from the temple, the candle should be immediately lit, an apple next to it and read aloud, looking at the flame, a magical conspiracy: “Almighty Lord, kindle me with your good grace, bestow mercy on me, enlighten your evil chief.

Have mercy on this person (name of the manager), show him the right way. Calm my soul, let me work quietly and feed my family.

Amen». After these simple actions, the relationship with the manager should return to normal.

Apple Spas is a sign that the hot summer is gradually replaced by a cooler autumn. At this time, it is customary to collect apples and peas, because most of the superstitions are associated with the harvest:

  • If you feed the hungry and the poor with apples at Apple Savior, then next year you can expect a bountiful harvest. For the same purpose, it is customary to leave apples on the graves of deceased relatives or abandoned graves, especially for children.
  • A bad sign if the poor don’t meet that day. This means that next year will be hungry.
  • It is believed that before the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord it is necessary to harvest cereal crops, otherwise the harvest can not be expected.
  • If you get up with the first rays of the sun and hear the laughter, the harvest will be rich. And the sonorous singing of birds upon awakening foreshadows a favorable year in all respects.

It is on this holiday that believers who observe a strict fast are allowed to eat apples. According to tradition, you need to get up at dawn, collect fruits still covered with dew, and take them to church for lighting.

After Easter and up to the Apple Savior, it was impossible to eat apples in order not to violate God’s commandment. This is especially true of parents who have lost children.

According to legend, for this the Mother of God awards the dead babies with paradise fruits.

Depending on who the first girl meets near the temple, you can judge the upcoming events:

  • if the old man — the parents will live for many years, in love, happiness and prosperity;
  • a woman with her head uncovered — a quick marriage.

There is a belief associated with luck. If on August 19, a fly landed twice, then the whole coming year will be very successful.

Insect can not be repelled, it should fly away on their own.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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