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The strongest conspiracies and rituals for the New Year to attract money, wealth, prosperity

Attracting wealth and prosperity: the strongest conspiracies and rituals for the New Year

New Year’s Eve has magical powers, so at this time you can carry out various rituals to attract good luck, wealth and money, as well as read plots on the New Year.

To ensure wealth and protect your home, you need to properly prepare for the rites. After completing the ritual and reading the plot, you can be sure that wealth, prosperity and luck will not leave the house next year.

On the eve of the New Year holidays, it is necessary not only to clean the house of debris, but also to get rid of the bad energy that has accumulated over the past year. It is worth starting with yourself, washing away all the negative.

This is well helped by water and salt.

You need to buy a pack of salt (the one that is in the house for everyday use will not work). Pour half into the bathroom, stand on it, wet the body and rub the rest completely. At the same time the plot is read:

"Salt salt, ottyani, take away all the lessons, prizors, someone’s slander. You are pure, and I will be pure, you will melt, and my misfortune will melt.

Salt creak, but I didn’t hurt what I took, went back, found my enemy, put a fur coat on him, so that his defense would disappear, who wished me evil, so that he would scream from pain, from impotence, groan. Turn away from me the damage, roll back to my enemy, do not eat me, do not break, and roll him to death.

As said, so be it, the lock in the company of the snake, do not exceed anyone, do not pick up the key, do not break the protection. As said, so be it!"

After washing off the salt in the shower until it remains under your feet.

After cleaning the home you need to do the cleaning. The easiest way to suit everyone is with a church candle and a prayer.

Facing the door, it is necessary to light a candle, read the prayer «Our Father». With a burning candle, move clockwise throughout the house, cleaning walls and furniture with fire. Pay special attention to mirrors.

You need to go around all the rooms and utility rooms and return to the door on the left side. No need to hurry, the candle for the circle must completely burn out.

Prayer is worth reading throughout the cleaning.

When the housing is cleared, you can prepare to read the plots and conduct rituals to attract well-being and prosperity in the house, do divination. In the dirty house, it will not work, the fortune-telling will not tell the truth.

The strongest conspiracies and rituals for the New Year to attract money, wealth, prosperity

Rituals and read the conspiracies can be December 31. Then — on New Year’s Eve, the first day of the year and before Christmas.

Rituals should be carried out alone, in a separate room. At the same time it is worth opening a window leaf, optionally wide open.

The strongest conspiracies and rituals for the New Year to attract money, wealth, prosperity

On the eve of the New Year, you need to prepare a coin, which you can later use for monetary rituals. Coin must be cleared.

You can use for this salt and running water. It should be a few minutes to wash money with salt under running water. Then hold a few times over the flame of a candle.

You can also put it in the freezer for a day if the house has a refrigerator with a low-temperature chamber. The coin should be worth 5 rubles and modern.

If to use coins of times of the USSR, then the ritual will attract slow money.

On the one who will prepare the coin to attract wealth, should be light, monochrome clothes without a belt. Cosmetics do not need to use, jewelry and hairpins should be removed.

The plot is better to read barefoot.

In the room where the ceremony will take place, there should be no rubbish, clothes on the chairs, stacks of magazines, etc. It is better to take everything unnecessary out of the room or cover it with a light cloth.

The plot must be rewritten with your own hand or memorized, but you cannot stumble when reading. Light a candle, put a dime on the right palm, fully concentrate on the ritual, visualize how wealth enters life, and, touching the breath of a coin, read:

“Like a hen, he rakes up the land for himself, as he sweeps a dearly beloved one, the dove chokes the dove, so I, (name), would attract money to myself, hold them tight, and invite myself to myself. Do not turn them away from me neither on foot, nor on horseback, nor on the rich to the bottomless.

Amen, Amen, Amen. «

You can make a coin for yourself or for someone (daughter, husband, mother, etc.), while changing the name of the conspiracy to the appropriate one. Coin is subsequently always carried in a wallet or purse in a separate compartment, so as not to accidentally spend. Give it to anyone can not be exchanged, too.

A month later, the rite must be repeated. The rest of the unburned candle should be placed under the fruit tree.

The strongest conspiracies and rituals for the New Year to attract money, wealth, prosperity

This ritual is used to attract wealth and cash flow into the house. For it will need:

  • one-sided round mirror;
  • white new tablecloth;
  • transparent glass bowl;
  • spring water (can be used thawed);
  • a coin that had been spelled earlier;
  • wax candle.

On the first day of the year, when there is no one, you need to take items prepared for the ceremony. If the household has not left, then it is necessary to close in a separate room. Then:

  1. 1. Place the tablecloth on the table and place the mirror on it with the reflective side up. On the mirror put a glass bowl.
  2. 2. Pour into the bowl spring water, if it is not there, then melt water, put the conspired coins on the bottom.
  3. 3. Set a wax candle in front of the bowl and light it.
  4. 4. Put the left hand on the bowl and read the plot three times. You need to write it by hand:

«The lakes are mirror-like, full-flowing and endless,

Javas and Nav separates, carries water along the border,

Tributaries strong rivers fast

In clear streams, keys clean,

Filled to the brim, multiplied by force

Yes, those flows do not stop …

Day and night, year after year, day by day,

Hour from an hour, every moment the power of the lake mirroring grows …

Tributaries strong rivers fast

In clear streams, keys clean,

Lake waters abundant flow

What I have said — will bring …

From the roads of reality and from the mirror paths,

From trading roads and from lucky roads,

On four sides by beaten paths and a detour,

From all roads yes to my threshold.

On the conspiracy this water and on the coin

Good luck in business, luck, in money — wealth,

In matters of success and complete order,

So that my income multiplied, my purse filled with money,

That they will come together to me in my purse, they will go away,

They will grow and multiply, they will attach to my life.

How do I get up now, and the flow of money to call out …

So my money to grow, ripe and chernozem fruit fields,

Yes rivers flow fast, full of fish,

The tributaries are strong, money is abundant,

Brooks ringing golden yes silver abundant

The keys are clean, the blessing givers …

Lake water continuous flow

Money wealth and wealth will bring me

Yes, everything in the mirror smooth reflected

Yes, all in two coins multiply,

Yes, cash flow does not stop …

So multiply my money and reflect on my life,

Me to flow without my will not to leave me.

So to me yes prosperity in the house, gold and silver (list what, for example, rings, earrings, cars — apartments — strong houses …

Fur-sables, dear spirits, etc.) and all the necessary good.

So that from now on, I don’t know the lack of money

Profit and luck to attract.

Drink water from the bowl by pronouncing the words: «My home, my life is a full cup.» If you can not drink all the water, you need to take a few sips, and the rest of the water to wash your face from forehead to chin and not to wipe.

Wait until the candle burns out, and then put the coins in the wallet or where they will be stored.

This plot works on the inner energy of the one who reads it. To get a positive effect, you need to properly configure.

There should be no doubt about the result. A prerequisite is a good mood and festive atmosphere.

You can read it on New Year’s Eve or Christmas.

The plot itself must be carried out alone. For the time being, it is necessary to leave the festive room, for example, to the bedroom, open the window and light wax candles.

Pick up a spruce branch, close your eyes and imagine a dark mist around you from previous failures. Start reading the plot, scattering it with a branch of spruce and directing it out the window.

If there is a feeling that the dark substance in the whole room, then you need to walk on it. The spell is read 7 times:

“Dark nights, clear eyes. Arrows pierce, attract good luck.

Kohl needles, born of Christmas trees. I open the roads, I drive out the darkness.

What I do — it goes well, I think — it will halt. Where I look, I lay my roads there.

Needles sharp, donated pines. Amen! «

In the process, you need to follow the candles. If they fade, then the rite must be stopped and re-cleaning itself and the premises.

And after — ritual. When reading the plot is finished, a couple of needles need to be broken off from a branch and put into a wallet.

They will attract good luck outside the home. The branch must be removed in the farthest place, you can put on the mezzanine.

She will work in the house.

With apples, rituals are usually carried out on the love of a man, but it is possible with the help of fruits to attract money to a house. The rite of attraction of money is laborious, it will be possible to fulfill it only if holidays coincide with the growing moon.

Most fit apples picked by themselves in the garden. But not all fruits can lie down until next year, so you need to buy 20 beautiful fruits on the market.

I don’t take the change.

On the first day of the growing moon, you need to distribute 14 fruits to the poor or just to poor people on the street. 3 more apples — in the second day of the phase. Go to church on the third day and put the rest on the memorial table, while saying:

“Remember my poverty, servants of God (name), for the rest. May from now on, wealth flows like a river to me.

Let the wealth remain forever with me. May it come true that is said.

Amen. Amen.


If everything is done correctly, with faith and good mood, the result will be noticeable after 10 days.

With a leap year is associated with many bad signs. Speaking the calendar, you can avoid misfortune and even attract well-being.

You need to make the text yourself, putting all your strength into words. It is necessary to clearly define your desires: to avoid misfortunes, to stream money, etc. If there is a talent for putting words into rhymes, then this is good.

The plot should not sound like a set of words.

Pre-purchased tear-off calendar. December 31, you need to bring it close to the face and in a whisper to read the plot.

This will look like a request for a leap year calendar. Then hang it on a prepared place, it is better that it was a hallway, all year it will protect the house and attract good luck.

January 6, you need to buy two identical wallet. It is necessary to give money so that they would give change with five rubles.

Ask the seller to put the change in the wallet, which will remain for their own use. Five rubles from the change to shift to a separate pocket and carry around the whole year.

Under no circumstances change it.

Give a second wallet to a friend or a friend for Christmas.

Conscious needlework differs from ordinary sewing by the fact that the soul, thoughts, desires, and own strength are invested in the manufactured item. Charm doll — one of the types of such needlework.

They can be performed in different techniques.

New Year’s holidays — the most suitable time for this. On New Year’s Eve, you can make a baby doll, which will symbolize the coming year.

When making it, you should think about how you want to see the year, what wishes will be fulfilled, make plans.

Also, before the holiday, you can make an angel doll, which will protect the house from envious people and enemies for a long time, help you realize goals, fill your home with clean and bright energy.

To attract prosperity and well-being, it is customary to make the Zernovushka doll during the holidays. It is a symbol of fertility, wealth, wealth.

Such a doll, unlike an angel, needs to be kept in a prominent place for a year, and then a new one should be made.

When working on a doll, in whatever technique it is made, you need to be in a good mood, healthy, fix your psychological state before the end of the process. A craft in which thoughts are sewn up or rolled up, clear desires and requests will surely help.

You can make it for yourself or as a gift for friends and close people.

Conspiracies and rituals are magical effects that, if properly performed, can relieve problems, attract luck and good fortune, help in running a business, attract happiness and love, and save from illnesses.

In order for the divination to work and not harm the performer, you need to know a set of rules that cannot be violated. For people who are not professionally engaged in magic, these are simple guidelines:

  • The person reading the plot must be healthy. During illness or even mild ailment, it is absolutely impossible to do this. Any ritual works on the personal strength and energy of the operator, so you can get a complete depletion or to put in the word illness.
  • Any plots and rituals are carried out in a clean room. It is necessary to clean up not only physical dirt, but also energy.
  • All plots are read in light monophonic clothes, without belts and laces. If laces are sewn to the dress, they are not tied. Shoes do not wear. Jewelry, hairpins, pins, cosmetics — are prohibited.
  • Items that are used in rituals or speak of, should be new and purchased specifically for this purpose. After life they are not used. You can not bargain, you need to pay by calculation or not pick up the change.
  • Before reading the conspiracy appeal to the higher forces for help.
  • The conspiracy is read while standing facing east early in the morning or under the moon, unless the other is described in the rite.
  • Rituals are performed by following the instructions. What color and how many candles to take, what dishes to use, where to dispose of the remnants, what time to perform the ceremony, open or close the window, etc. — usually indicated in the description. Failure to comply with the rules may lead to the opposite result.
  • Maximum concentration on their thoughts and emotions. A clear presentation of the result and the correct state — a pledge of the work of the conspiracy or ritual.
  • The text is always rewritten with your own hand or taught by heart.
  • Before the ritual adhere to a three-day fast.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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