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The strongest conspiracies and rites for good trading

The most effective rites and conspiracies to trade: for profit, to attract buyers

Not only sellers behind the counter can take advantage of the conspiracy to trade. The magic of attracting profit will suit businessmen, hairdressers and manicure masters, street musicians and those who sell their products on Internet sites. Conspiracies and rituals help to increase the flow of customers, to attract new income, to sell a certain thing.

The magical effect of the sacraments is aimed at cleansing the money channel, setting protection from envious.

For rituals and conspiracies for successful trading to be effective, you must adhere to the following rules for their conduct:

  1. 1. The optimal days for trade plots are Wednesday and Saturday. It is at this time that money energy is most active.
  2. 2. Conspiracies have the greatest power in those people who do not resort to lying in everyday life. If a person is used to joining for the sake of a word of word or for any other reasons, his words will have a very weak effect on reality.
  3. 3. As well as before other magical mysteries, it is useful to keep silence before the rite to trade for at least half an hour. If circumstances do not allow, a few minutes is enough.
  4. 4. The sacraments must be carried out independently — there should be no people or animals nearby.
  5. 5. For successful trading it is necessary to monitor the state of your energy. It is not recommended to resort to witchcraft in a state of fatigue, depression, illness.

The strongest conspiracies and rites for good trading

Practically all the money rituals are performed on the growing moon. It is at this time that money magic, aimed at increasing profit, is most effective.

But there are ceremonies that are carried out in the phase of a waning moon. They aim to drive out misfortune and poverty.

The strongest conspiracies and rites for good trading

During the growing moon should go out, holding a handful of small coins in his hand. Opening the palm so that they get the moonlight, utter the words of an old conspiracy:

"Like you, a clear month, you grow, so let my money grow. Go, yes coins, to my hands every day, every minute. I leave the thin, and take the expensive for myself.


The strongest conspiracies and rites for good trading

With the help of this ceremony, you can get rid of failures in trade, clear the money channel. For the sacrament will require:

  • deep cold water tank;
  • candle wax or beeswax;
  • bowl for wax.


  1. 1. Your photograph must be placed under a container with cold water. For the ritual is very well suited transparent bowl.
  2. 2. Then the wax is melted in a water bath.
  3. 3. Bowl with wax should be slowly held clockwise in a circle above the water. The wax should be poured into water.
  4. 4. At the same time, the words of the conspiracy are pronounced three times: "Wax spill, poverty from myself, the servant of the Lord (name) I drive away. What hinders my income, but takes profit, all hooks and bindings, failures and hardships, damage and love spells, and other concerns — I clean everything with wax. All that even a little money river closes, but the income from me drives away, from myself I pour it, in solid wax on the lock I lock. As I said, so it became. Key, lock, tongue".

The rite is held three days in a row. For each time you should take a new wax.

After the sacrament, the wax can not be kept at home. It should be attributed to the pedestrian (even better — cemetery) intersection and bury at exactly midnight.

Something should be left at the crossroads — a few coins.

Additional subjects in ritual magic serve as intermediaries between the phenomena of the subtle plane and the real world. Rituals with the use of various attributes can make the plot more effective, attract good luck in trading as soon as possible.

Take a piece of old matter and brush the dust from the windows. At the same time, the words of the conspiracy are pronounced:

"Famously one-eyed, unmarketable! Me yes my glorious goods you do not touch. Get away from here through the marshes and fields, through the meadows and the forests.

Don’t call me sinister with me. Take the dead cat, and under the river bark lie. In order not to know me poverty and misery, but my glorious and red product does not lie.

Off I famously send out the merchant, all misfortunes and poverty sweep away. Key, lock, tongue".

The rite is held for three days in a row. After that, they get rid of rags.

It must be thrown into a dirty pond or puddle.

This rite will bring success in trade. Only those who trade fairly can resort to the sacrament, do not deceive buyers.

It is held on any big church holiday — Christmas, Presentation, Easter.

To perform the sacrament, you should dress in yellow clothes.

They take a little millet in their hands, and, pouring it from palm to palm, utter the words of a conspiracy: "Clear gold, make friends with me, like a wild beast with pure water, like a nightingale with a red spring, like morning dew with grass. I am not a crook, and I am not a liar, but an honest merchant — well done. I sell the product according to my conscience, I hang it in abundance, I measure the buyers with a measure of powder.

So let the harmony and treasure rest in my barns, without poverty and destruction, in every day and hour of my bazaar. Amen".

Millet is carried on the street and fed to birds.

In the right hand take a little salt and stand with their backs to the product. When conducting a salt rite, one must be alone in order to pronounce the magic words loudly and clearly:

"Hiking and driving, hurry here. Here you have shelter, food and water.

I have voiced coins and crisp bills, and you — a nice product. Amen".

Then salt should be thrown right hand over the left shoulder.

On the first day of the growing moon the coin is put in the box. HThen the words are pronounced:

"Breed me from one coin a treasure. As my mother gave birth to me, but I swaddled in a clean diaper, so you give me a big income.


The coin must lie in the box until the full moon. Then the coin is put in the pocket and not pulled out during the trade.

If trade is lively on this day, leave a bit of trivia. "for divorce". She will attract good luck in the following days.

Facing storefronts, they wipe their face with a handkerchief before the start of the day. At the same time the words of the conspiracy are pronounced: "I pay tribute to the perfume shopping. Take my sweat, send good luck.

So that the sales went uphill, and the customers crowded with crowds, but did not stint on money. Amen".

The shawl should be worn all day with you.

Beautiful flowers are put in the trading room. Suitable and fresh, and in a pot with the ground. In the morning before the start of trading, you should cast a spell on them:

"You please the human eye and it is beautiful to bloom, but it is fine for me to conduct trade. All the honest people invite here — hurry from everywhere, here is beauty. Here, buyers will be kindly appreciated, good goods rewarded.

Honest people for joy, but for a good profit. Amen".

When the bouquet fades, it should be changed and speak new.

The rite is held at home. Honey spoon dissolved in water and read on him a conspiracy:

"All honey to taste, all he is pleasant and sweet. As hardworking bees are flying for honey, so buyers rush out my goods.

All my goods are needed so good. Whoever approaches my shop window will not go away without buying a good one.

Key, lock, tongue".

Half a glass is drunk, the rest should be spontaneously sprayed around the product.

In the morning, pour in a glass of holy water and say the words of a conspiracy three times:

"Holy water, you all carry health and good. Everyone drinks you, but they take you to church for various needs. So let me go buyers.

I have to trade, do not know poverty, do the works of God. Let him come to the threshold of my old and young, I am glad to every buyer.

You goods — I profit. Amen".

Water is drunk on an empty stomach.

If the goods are not selling well, a ceremony called the baptism of the goods will help It is held in the early morning, before the store opened. For the ceremony will require a small mirror.

Suitable cosmetic.

The mirror is taken in the right hand and each of the counters is crossed three times. At the same time, the words of the conspiracy are pronounced:

"I baptize my goods for sale. The product is reflected in the mirror, and customers like everything. The first one to buy will buy, the second one will buy, and the last buyer will not leave empty-handed.

No sooner said than done. Amen".

The plot is read on each of the windows. Then the mirror is placed on a prominent place.

You can hold a ceremony no more than once a week. Usually, the recovery in trade begins after the first time.

Love spell is performed with a pen that constantly has to work. Before you read the plot, you should bring order to the work area: get rid of all the garbage, and put the necessary things in place. Then the words are pronounced in solitude:

"My pen serves faithfully, my hand is firmly friends with it. Together we write important letters, yes matters decide.

And how much ink there is, so much for my work and strength. Let the clients bring money, and let the authorities cherish and cherish that their child. To be at work is not boring, but handy with money.

It is said — done, signature and seal. Amen".

Money plots and recommendations from the famous Bulgarian clairvoyant possess powerful power to attract profits and buyers. Besides reading the conspiracies, Wanga advised asking for help in the church of all the saints.

If sales have gone up, you need to thank the Higher Forces by sacrificing to the temple or by giving generous alms to a beggar.

To arrange the sale of goods, Wanga recommended not to let the first buyer without a purchase, to give him a good discount. Even if he pays a flat amount, you should definitely give him a change, calling it a special discount.

Such an action will help increase cash flow.

The rite helps to improve sales, increase profits. It is carried out with a silk red ribbon about 50 cm long.

It is carried out as follows:

  1. 1. On a moonlit night, a red ribbon is placed on the windowsill. In the morning, preferably at sunrise, you should take a ribbon and tie its ends.
  2. 2. The resulting circle is placed on the floor.
  3. 3 Then you should stand in the center of this circle, turning your face to the rising sun, and utter a conspiracy: "My trade is profitable, my business is strong. Stand behind me, yes and ahead on both sides, and I am in the middle. Wherever I appear, my profit will not leave me. Amen".
  4. 4. The tape is wrapped around a purse, leg of a chair or table in a commercial area. Any business related item will do.

Amulet attracts income from the first day of use.

Sometimes salt is found under the counter, which should not be there. This may indicate that competitors have made witchcraft. "spill" to spoil the trade. A magic sugar ritual will help to neutralize this negative:

  1. 1. Sex thoroughly sweep and wipe. Both garbage and floor cloth are thrown away.
  2. 2 Then take a small amount of granulated sugar and pronounce words on it.: "Sugar crumbs everywhere, and evil spells and slanders instantly break. Buyers come to me in droves, and they take the goods with them. Money flows like a river, and poverty and witchcraft are gone. No sooner said than done. Amen".
  3. 3. Sugar crumbles to where the salt was. There he must lie down until the next day.

If sales fell, Wanga recommended using the following rite:

  1. 1. Purchased poppy and a new scarf.
  2. 2. A handkerchief spreads on the table, and a handful of seeds is piled onto it.
  3. 3. Poppy baptize with his right hand, while simultaneously uttering the words of a conspiracy: "Whoever comes to a poppy seed, will buy all the goods from me. Amen".
  4. 4. After that, it is necessary to scatter the kernels throughout the room.

For the following conspiracies do not need additional attributes. They will be most effective if you pronounce them directly in the trade area.

It is possible to strengthen the effect of magic words with the help of a lighted candle by carefully placing it in the middle of the hall.

This ceremony helps protect against the envy of unfriendly competitors, their intentional or involuntary evil eye. To protect your business from evil, you should at the end of the day trading premises to utter a conspiracy:

"I will go to the yard wide and rich, I will look on all sides and paths. I see from heaven to earth a month young and the stars are clear. You, the roads are far and confused, and my competitors will be delayed.

The word of their evil, look, thought, damage, and the evil eye in the ground bury. You, the stars of heaven, darken your clear light. So that there would be no enemies of mine, neither trade nor go.

So that they become deaf and dumb, harm me is not strong. Amen".

In order for buyers not to go past shop windows without a purchase, the words should be pronounced before commencing trading:

"I go to the market to trade, well done, let the red girl meet. Well done and the girl will come, all my goods will be taken away.

Without loss, on one profit. Money comes to the threshold, God himself helps me.


In the morning you need to stand in the center of the room and utter the words of the conspiracy:

"Gold, pour into my pocket, that wheat is in the bins! Stick to my hands, that flies on honey.

Pip into the pockets of mine, generous handfuls and handfuls. Buyers crowd, money is borne by me. Goods quickly dismantled, money added.


The plot provides excellent trading throughout the day.

The following ritual will help protect against unexpected inspections of various instances, or to make the planned audit pass easily and without fines. Before the start of the working day the words are pronounced:

"In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Stars clear in the sky dress up, reflected in the waters of the Jordan. As a man of all the stars in heaven can not be counted, but with the firmament of heaven can not be removed, so that my good fortune is not taken away, neither verbally or written word is not cast.


Before you make a business deal, you must whisper the words of a conspiracy in your palm: "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit". Then hold your face with your palms three times and say: "Amen".

For particularly serious transactions, you can repeat the entire sequence seven times and then go about your business.

To sell a certain thing, you should start talking it before the start of the day:

"In the market, bargaining is lively, the merchant buys, the seller sells. And furs, and silks, and different precious stones, and belongings. Sell ​​me and this belongings.

Here (clearly called the thing). Feeder price — (amount).

Anyone who catches the eye, immediately wants to buy. Amen".

With the help of short slanders you can send a potential impulse to buy to a potential client. You can use the slander after the generous buyer has left the premises.

Looking at the buyer, you should politely say: "Buy cheap!". Mentally pronounced: "You will take mine, you will give yours.

So be it".

If the buyer picked up the thing, mentally (or very quietly, if the client is at a considerable distance) should be said: "Buy it right now. Take off your evil eye".

Words are uttered before the buyer puts the thing in place.

So that the buyer does not leave without buying, the words are said mentally or aloud: "As a person does not eat food without salt, so you will not live without (product name). Without (name) came, with (name) go away. You product goods to me.


In the back of the outgoing client say the words: "Go, go, and bring with you. Amen".

Then you should spit three times over the left shoulder.

Conspired money is the easiest way to attract good luck in trading. Rites with money can be repeated up to several times a week.

A trifle left by buyers to surrender will serve as a very strong talisman for attracting luck in trade. The sacrament is performed alone.

The most effective rite will be if you hold it at work.

At first, any candle of light wax is lit. On the coin three times the words of the conspiracy are pronounced:

"Let the small coin turn into a great profit. There was a penny, and a whole treasure was born.

For joy and happiness, but for the glory of God. Amen".

Then the conspired surrender is put in a wallet separately from other coins. Amulet will help attract customers, increase profits.

He acts almost instantly.

In order to be profitable all day, you should start talking the first paper money received from the buyer. After accepting money from the first client, the bills should be swept across the entire product, saying:

"The buyer came, took the goods. Brought money voiced. All day buyers go to me, they bear the benefit.


Banknotes are put in a wallet or a place where the total daily revenue is added. The first banknote plays the role of a magnet for attracting cash flow on that day.

In the morning before you start trading, you should spill any existing coins in the trading area. They should lie like that day.

Then all the coins are swept into the scoop. In this case, revenge follows the direction from the entrance door to the counter. Words are simultaneously pronounced:

"Profit to myself sweep away, I invite customers. One will come, the income will bring, the second will come, will bring even more.

The third will come — everything will be bought up. As I said, so be it.


Then the coins are swept into an inconspicuous angle and remain there to lie.

If the buyer did not take small coins, one can make an amulet — a money magnet.

To do this, put a trifle on his left hand and pronounce a conspiracy on them:

"The moon is full, the moon is average, the moon is young! Let the golden money come to me.

Narodite me from the little things rich treasure. I gird myself not with a belt, but with a diamond tuesque.

From circle to circle. Amen".

Coins are placed under the trading place. The plot can be repeated several times a week.

A magnet from trivia will very quickly increase the flow of customers and profits.

If there is a suspicion that competitors have jinxed good trade or envied, such a rite will help:

  1. 1. Having come to the trade room, you should cross yourself and the workplace.
  2. 2 Then a penny is taken into the hand and the words are pronounced: "The apostle Peter walked along the road, carrying a gilded wallet with him. On the way, the serpent lay across. The one who approaches the snake and recounts his scales, only that will hinder my trade. Amen".

Nickle is used as a talisman for good luck in business and from the unkind eye, the envy of competitors.

It is possible to attract profits and increase the flow of customers with the help of natural forces. Such ceremonies are held without special training.

After reading the plot, one should thank the natural power for future prosperity.

If a product is not sold for a very long time, you can use this rite:

  1. 1. Go to the forest, taking with you a bun or a loaf of fresh bread.
  2. 2. In the forest to find a large anthill.
  3. 3. In your own words, ask Leshego whether it is possible to recruit ants for a good trade.
  4. 4. If a sign is given — a tree will squeak, or a bird will chirp — a few ants will be drawn into the package.
  5. 5. The bun is left near the anthill as a payoff to Leshem.
  6. 6. Carefully bringing the ants to the trading place, they are poured on stale goods. At the same time, the words of the conspiracy are pronounced: "Like ants in an anthill full of, so many buyers would come to my yard. Amen".

The rite is held on the day when the first snow falls. At this point, you should go out onto the street or on the balcony of the office, and say the words of the conspiracy three times:

"Snow falls from the sky, the earth covers the Mother. So let customers come to our store (the name of the store or company), people are cash and shopping, reputable merchants, all as one — not misers. Money we generously bear, but the goods take nice.

Like snow ground, profit covered. Amen".

In the rain, the words are pronounced:

"As you richly syplesh drops, so the rich buyers will have a lot from me. Amen".

To resort to Orthodox prayer is possible only under the condition of honesty in the conduct of trade. The saint man will help only those who deeply believe in the power of the Lord, and also do business with full dedication. The prayer to the Wonderworker is read as follows:

"Great and sensitive our teacher, holy please God of God Nicholas! Be merciful to us, sinful inhabitants of the earthly kingdom.

We ask you to hear our humble prayer, and consider our efforts. Beseech the Lord to save us from all evil and wickedness of the evil one, to keep us from many temptations and wickedness.

May we be rewarded for our labors, diligence and humility. With all our heart, we trust in your intercession, God’s favor, we ask you for help.

Help not to drown in the abyss of sin, beg the Lord for the salvation of our souls. Amen".

Rites for good trade — this is one of the safest types of white magic. They carry practically no negative consequences.

In the case of an improperly performed rite, there may be no result or there may be a slight physical discomfort.

After uttering any conspiracy or prayer, the Higher Forces should be thanked for their assistance. It is not advisable to take a shower after the ceremony — so you can "wash off" all the result of a magical effect.

It is worth remembering that three days before and three days after the sacrament alcohol is not allowed.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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