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The strongest conspiracies and prayers from enemies

The strongest conspiracies and prayers from enemies: rituals, rituals, charms

Freeing oneself or a loved one from the yoke of someone’s evil will belongs to the category of defensive magic and does not carry a negative message. However, using such conspiracies, a person often crosses the fine line of what is permitted in the desire to punish the offender and thereby secure himself for the future.

In this case, he can turn on a powerful flow of dark energy.

The safest conspiracies and prayers from enemies are those that do not carry personal feelings or offense to a person. Protective rituals are always neutral and act on detractors by the loss of interest in the object under discussion, and even the name of the enemy is not necessary to know.

Identifying the identity of a foe is required only to keep him at a distance and prevent him from entering his social circle.

All magic manipulations from evil people and envious persons are divided into three types:

  • charms from any evil influence — do not allow the «pollution» of the human aura and repel negative attacks;
  • universal rituals to eliminate existing problems without counter-response (read on their own strength) — help identify the enemy and make him lose interest in the object and lag behind him forever;
  • spells to protect against the enemy return action (with the involvement of dark forces) — direct protection against witchcraft with the direction of a strong reciprocal effect.

In some particularly serious cases, when the enemy does not leave him alone and needs to be forever removed from his path, black conspiracies are the only way out. But they can only be used by experienced practicing magicians who have powerful personal protection and are able to set aside the inevitable “return”.

The rituals of white magic — the spelling of amulets, the establishment of an energy shield between themselves and the offender — can be used by everyone and as often as possible. Pure energy, nourishing a person in the process of such rites, tends to accumulate, and over time, the magician becomes invulnerable to the attacks of the enemy.

The strongest conspiracies and prayers from enemies

In order for conspiracies and prayers from enemies to work and bring the expected effect, they must be read on a waning moon on certain days. So, men’s days for establishing magical protection are Tuesday and Thursday, and women’s days are Wednesday and Friday.

Even if the ritual is considered to be safe, before it is held it is necessary to observe a weekly fasting or exclude meat and butter from the diet for at least 3-4 days.

On the eve of the day appointed for the ritual, you need to go to church and pray for the success of the enterprise. The intercessors of God who ask for help in such cases are Nikolai Ugodnik and Saints Cyprian and George the Victorious.

The strongest conspiracies and prayers from enemies

The easiest protective hex is read on a new safety pin. She is placed on the palm of her hand and, bringing her close to her mouth, three times quickly whisper a plot:

The strongest conspiracies and prayers from enemies

Pin pinned to the lining of clothing and worn with them constantly. Once every 7-10 days, the amulet is washed under running water to wash away the accumulated negative.

The strongest conspiracies and prayers from enemies

To leave the enemy alone, the magician needs to collect all the hats (including scarves) that he uses in the current season, and over each one of them once to speak the following text:

The strongest conspiracies and prayers from enemies

Wearing a hat is necessary as often as possible.

From the enemies visible and invisible will help get rid of the slander on the handkerchief, which you want to update before each exit «in people». Fabric attracts negative, directed against the owner, like a powerful magnet.

Therefore, each time coming from the street, the handkerchief should be immediately washed, dried and re-charged for protection.

The words read on the amulet are:

The strongest conspiracies and prayers from enemies

From a person who interferes with living with his intrusive attention or constant envy, he is disposed of with the help of poppy, which is better to buy “by weight” from the bag. At home, part of the poppy of the fortune-teller pours himself into a handful and whispers such words over it:

The strongest conspiracies and prayers from enemies

Then poppy thin stream is released from the fist along the threshold from the inside. The detractor, entering the house, will feel uncomfortable and hurry to say goodbye or not be able to cross the threshold at all (it depends on the power of the magician).

On the people who came with good thoughts, the fortunetext does not work.

Buy a new shirt or blouse made of natural fabric. It is better if there are no decorations, patterns and metal elements on it. At home, the shirt is laid out on the table, all the buttons on it are unbuttoned and they read this spell:

The strongest conspiracies and prayers from enemies

Put on the conspiratorial clothes need a clean body, and only when to meet with the enemy. Wash it as rarely as possible, by hand, in a plastic basin or wooden trough, with simple soap.

It is not recommended to renew the plot for the same clothes, so you should change your old shirt with a new one once a year.

A prayer from evil influence and the intrigue of ill-wishers is read when protection is constantly required, and the wearing of a conspiracy amulet is not possible or an insufficient measure.

Early in the morning you need to go to the window and, looking at the rising sun, say:

The strongest conspiracies and prayers from enemies

The strength of one reading lasts for 5-7 days, but if necessary, the ceremony can be repeated more often. It will not bring harm.

Often, a person does not see a direct enemy in front of him, but gradually he senses the presence in his life of a negative sent from outside. He is haunted by financial and personal failures, his own reflection in the mirror is unpleasant to him, and the attitude of others around him becomes dismissive or aggressive.

With such signs, you should urgently diagnose the problem and isolate the person who caused the disaster from your surroundings, and only then get rid of the influence of the offender with selected methods.

A detractor will never admit to his envy or direct sabotage; therefore, expressing his fears to him is useless and even dangerous — fearing exposure, the enemy can increase his influence and aggravate the situation. Identify the villain can be a safe way, but for this you should wait for the nearest holy holiday. Shortly before midnight, on the eve of the church date, they read the following conspiracy:

The strongest conspiracies and prayers from enemies

At night, the person who brought the trouble will surely dream, but in no case should anyone speak about this.

Salt has a high translating power, therefore it is capable of transmitting information of both positive and negative nature well. Working with her, you should clear your thoughts of hatred and the desire to annoy the offender, otherwise the white ritual will turn into an act of revenge and entail unpleasant consequences for the magician.

For the ceremony, 13 yellow candles are brought from the church and a pack of salt is bought at the market. On the appointed day, between midnight and three o’clock in the morning, candles are placed on the table in the right circle and lit up. In the center of the circle is put nepochataya pack of salt.

Within 2-3 minutes, the magician calms his thoughts, abstracts himself from the enemy’s personality and tries to focus on the result — cleansing his aura and protecting all family members from the negative. Then a packet of salt is opened, and the plot text is pronounced:

The strongest conspiracies and prayers from enemies

Having uttered the last words, the magician extinguishes the candles, collects them and, together with all the salt, puts them into a linen sack. Until dawn, it is buried in the ground away from the footpaths.

If after two weeks the improvement does not occur, on the next diminishing moon the ritual is repeated.

To reset the negative settings sent by the enemy, any black edible berries (blueberries, currants, nightshade, honeysuckle) are taken, and kissel is cooked. This is done in the usual way, but sugar is better to replace with honey. In the middle of the process, when the berries are already boiled, the following text is read over the pan:

The strongest conspiracies and prayers from enemies

The drink is prepared in such a way as to drink it during the day. The empty pan is first filled with water, which is thrown out over the threshold, into the street, and only then washed as it should be.

If the conspiracy, so that all enemies shut their mouths and do not do it, is read by a man, then the ritual is performed on Thursday, if by a woman, then on Saturday. At midnight, before starting the action, they look at the moon.

The rite will not work, if the luminary is covered with clouds or under a haze — you have to wait for a clear sky.

For the plot will need: the image of the enemy in any capacity, 3 church candles, a new gypsy needle and duct tape.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • a needle on each candle scratches the full name of the enemy;
  • the photo is mounted on the window with adhesive tape so that the picture completely covers the moon in the sky;
  • candles are placed on the windowsill in a row and lit;
  • looking at the photo, the words of the conspiracy are pronounced three times;
  • after the ritual, you need to leave everything as it is: do not put out the candles and go to sleep (subject to safety precautions);
  • the next day, the stumps are collected, and the picture is cut into three identical pieces;
  • Separately, each cinder is wrapped in one part of the photograph and buried in the ground so that there will be at least 100 steps between the places of the caches.

Here is the text of the spell:

"Be my words, strong bully and sculpting, stronger than stone, stronger than bulat, stronger than a sharp knife. The lock in the company, the key in the ocean-sea.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Lord, have mercy, Lord, have mercy. Blessed is my guardian angel on the eighth of March. Mother Mary prayed on the throne.

Jesus Christ appeared to her. Mother Mary said that she saw in a dream that Jesus Christ was crucified, holy blood was shed, nails were nailed on her hands, and a crown of thorns was put on her head. The first thing, the second.

I, the third one, answered Jesus Christ to the mother of Mary.

Whoever reads the Sunday prayer, the Lord saves from fire, from flame, from water, from a stream, from a fierce beast, from every evil person. From the prison lock. Amen.

Like you, Father David, meek and humble, and merciful, and pitiful, you do not think evil and sorrow for anybody, so you would be a slave (name), the authorities and all the judges would be meek and meek, would create Always thought and would guess. As to the king’s king, the royal lackey did not think about dying, he did not do evil, he always rejoices and has fun.

So it would be about me, the slave (name), all the bosses and all the judges were happy, the enemies would not notice.

Lock locked lock. Omit the key in the blue sea. At the bottom of the barai-stone, we will not give it to anyone.

It is a stone, it will not float, it will not move to a place. So no one could alter my words. Amen.

Amen. Amen".

When fighting off the attacks of numerous enemies no strength left, you can try the method of a weak but effective rassorki. As a result, the envious and gossipers will switch to clarifying the relationship between themselves and stop pestering their victim.

You need to go to the forest or park area, densely planted with trees, find a glade, where you can see the sunset, and say these words out loud:

The strongest conspiracies and prayers from enemies

Intentional return of bad energy to the sender in magic is interpreted as damage and should be carried out only in extreme cases. Such an action is justified only when there are numerous episodes of sabotage on the part of the enemy and the need to defeat it once and for all.

Conspiracies and prayers from enemies, read on a wax volt, symbolizing the identity of a foe, are the strongest and most dangerous of all. Magic becomes especially strong if, in the process of shaping a figure, hair, nails, jewelry, or particles of an enemy’s clothing are melted into it.

It is not recommended to conduct such a ritual in order not to harm, first of all, oneself.

The “return” from the creation of plots punishing the offender will follow. Therefore, some time after the ritual, the magician needs to check and clean his aura from the effects of witchcraft.

It is required to get a photograph of the ill-wisher, where he is alone and in full growth. You can use the image from the social network, but the plot is the highest force when using the original photo.

In the light of three church candles, at midnight you need to roll the picture into a tube and wrap it seven times with black wool thread, reading the full text of the plot with each turn:

The strongest conspiracies and prayers from enemies

After the seventh reading, the ends of the thread are fastened with three strong knots with the words: “It will happen by my will! «. On the same night, the photograph is burned on a bonfire or home crucible. The fire must be «alive» — ​​on wood chips, without the use of flammable liquids.

Before turning off the light in the room, you need to rewrite the words of the plot on a paper sheet, without blots and without using abbreviations. It is very important that the text of the spell does not contain direct indications of the identity of the enemy, which means that the punishment will not affect innocent people.

This removes some of the responsibility of the magician, despite the fact that the impact on the guilty party will be no less than from a direct send.

Black candles bought in the esoteric shop (7 pieces) are placed on the floor in the right circle and lit. The magician himself sits on the floor beside him and, gazing at the center of the circle, introduces himself into a trance by reading any mantra he knows that purifies the mind. Having reached the desired state, the sorcerer mentally creates a semblance of an impenetrable stone cocoon around him, and then seven times, without pausing, says the sacred text «to the candles»:

The strongest conspiracies and prayers from enemies

You can not get up from a place until all the candles burn out and go out. When this happens, the stubs are collected in a bag, rolled up from a sheet with a written spell, and buried away from places where people walk.

You need to pre-pull a few hairs from the enemy’s comb or unnoticeably cut a strand from his head. By force, this plot is not inferior to a curse on blood, but the power of «recoil» he has the appropriate — can strike an inexperienced magician with the strongest damage.

For the ceremony, in addition to the hair, you will need new scissors and two thick church candles. After midnight, the candles are lit and give them a few minutes to burn, «gain strength.» At this time, a pair of scissors is fingered on an old, unnecessary saucer, which is extracted from a strand of hair and at the same time they say:

The strongest conspiracies and prayers from enemies

Then, picking up the crushed hair in a pinch and sprinkling the candle flame on them, say these words: “The hair of my enemy, God’s servants (name), burn, all my troubles, God’s servants (your name) return to her. My word is true and strong, you can’t speak it, you don’t interrupt, you can’t redraw it.


In this way, all hair is burned without residue, and candles are allowed to burn out. By the morning of stubs and shrapnel from the saucer in which the hair was going, burrow away from human habitation.

So that offenders not only lagged behind their victim, but were also afraid to harm her henceforth, they use a red rose with long thorns bought early in the morning. At home, they take a flower with their left hand on a bud, and they start tearing off the thorns one at a time with the right hand, saying: “Every thorn on every evil language, on every curve, on every raging word”.

They are put in a clean glass jar.

Then the flower is cut off all the leaves and cleaned in the same vessel, but with different words: “Lay down gently, sleep hard, follow you, ignore others. Do not look at someone else’s, look at your feet. ”

Now, salted water is poured into the jar so that the liquid covers the contents, cover all with a lid, on top of it — with oiled paper, which is wrapped three times with red thread. Secure with nine knots.

At night, the bank is brought to the house of the most malicious of the offenders and buried in the ground. A few days later this man will stop pestering, and after him other enemies will be silent.

This medium-level conspiracy can be used for protection at work, when one member of the collective oppresses the other too much and the need to reduce the level of negativity and at the same time punish an arrogant colleague.

On a strong day of a waning moon (9th, 26th or 29th), the magician takes a glass liter jar, fills it with tap water and sets it in front of a round or oval mirror in a simple frame. It is put on the classic Bible in a paper or leather cover.

A cheap church candle is placed between the can and the mirror, which is lit.

Looking at the fire, reflected in the mirror and in the water, the magician says these words:

The strongest conspiracies and prayers from enemies

In the next three days, water should be poured near the threshold of the house where the enemy lives, or on the way to work (if he walks).

Often, the source of the problem is not the person who could be thought of first, therefore any ritual with visualization or naming the name of the enemy must be preceded by diagnostics at the source of all ills. But even after identifying the enemy, you should not immediately use radical methods.

Perhaps the person simply envied a more successful comrade or turned out to be an unwitting distributor of gossip.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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