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The spiritual development of man: how it is carried out, its features

Spiritual development: what it is and how it happens

Spiritual development is something that everyone should definitely engage in. Many people forget about its necessity, focusing only on primitive needs and requirements, which, undoubtedly, greatly damages the Soul, hinders the correct fulfillment of its life mission.

The spiritual development of man: how it is carried out, its features

The meaning of spiritual perfection

Why did God create our souls? To get an answer to the question posed, as well as to comprehend the true harmony of your Body and Soul, you need to learn to penetrate into the spiritual world and learn the Cosmic Laws.

Truth hides even deeper — at the level of the Immaculate Spirit (level above the Soul). However, he rarely visits us, because for the most part people have a clumsy psyche, a wrong, distorted consciousness, they are unable to perceive everything that happens to them, correctly.

The same is fundamentally wrong — too oversimplified attitude is often observed to spirituality. People tend to deceive themselves by believing that they have a special power, but in reality they have lost touch with their Spirit. The latter with all justice finds human Souls unreasonable and only in very rare cases is he ready to let them in to shed light on many things.

He is frightened by the dangerous and crazy actions of his “younger sister”.

The soul instead of «organs» uses aspirations, feelings and understanding. Aspiration is similar to desire, but is at a higher level. For example, with the help of desires, a person realizes what to do, and thanks to his desire, he is determined with the direction of movement.

It is the aspiration that acts as a conscious spiritual impulse.

Which of the aspirations can be considered as the most important? Of course, the desire to improve themselves and develop spiritually.

But the spiritual development of a person (more precisely, the need for it) arises only among those people who have developed upper energy centers (chakras). Otherwise, the most basic needs of the body (food, water, shelter, sexual pleasure, money) come to the fore.

How Soul works to gain new experience

In the case of opening only the lower chakras, there is no need for spiritual growth. But it is with its help that the individual, through his own aspirations, is “pushed” in the right direction in order to create the necessary living conditions for him, in which he will survive those or other obstacles, but will receive valuable experience.

The soul is in dire need of such experience in order to learn how to improve itself.

The spiritual development of man: how it is carried out, its features

At the same time, the human brain and the Ego can perceive the situation, living conditions, as good or bad. But that which is unfavorable for a person may be that which his Soul needs.

The most important moment in the process of spiritual development is the ability to realize one’s life lessons, to analyze the experience of the past. Here, the introduction of a more dense and strong energy of the personality into the Soul is observed, which provokes its change.

That is why people often commit, at first glance, completely insane actions, often harm themselves, make themselves suffer. In fact, the goal of all this is to develop spiritually through a new experience, to develop new personality qualities.

Feelings are similar to emotional experiences. An excited energy center at subtle levels is perceived by us as feelings. Psychology knows the difference between emotions and feelings: the former are short-lived, they are mainly provoked by external causes, feelings remain for a long time, their sources should be sought inside.

And although feelings, as a rule, are not as saturated and bright as emotions, but then they have much greater significance.

The higher chakras (upper) are open in a person — the less egoism will be in him and the more he manifests altruism. Plus, it has deep feelings and a true understanding of life.

If the upper energy centers are open, the person realizes his Soul and the Subtle World. Not all people today are interested in something beyond their nose.

The reason for this is the closing of the higher chakras, which has a bad effect on spiritual development.

The soul in its knowledge of the world uses the power of the «third eye.» That is, the ability to see clearly, hear and understand what is happening.

Scientifically, clairvoyance is tantamount to “insights” — that is, flashes of intuitive insight.

Thanks to clairvoyance, a person receives knowledge, not enclosed in a specific form, acting in the form of words, images or concepts. Such information design is more important for the human mind, as it allows you to capture it in memory and share it with others.

Moreover, knowledge can affect any area of ​​life — from household issues and ending with universal questions.

Spiritual development is hard work.

The soul concerning the human person is the governing body. However, as a rule, its signal is not as intense as all the “noise” that our desires, thoughts and personal reasonings create.

In this connection, the Soul cannot directly influence a person, and the latter even creates an illusion of its own “autonomy” independence. However, when an individual begins to behave improperly: he performs unworthy actions, he is in a state of disharmony regarding the inaudible demands of his Soul.

This is manifested as shame and remorse — signals from above about a clear problem and the need to change their behavior.

The spiritual development of man: how it is carried out, its features

If a person does not realize the aspiration of his Soul for a long time and persistently, then deep inner dissatisfaction and depression develop. Such conditions are often suppressed with the help of alcohol, tobacco and other entertainment.

You can really cope with them not with antidepressants or something else, but only by starting your spiritual development.

In everyday life, the process of self-improvement is the result of personal experiences. And the latter are due to the difficulties of life that arise when the desires and aspirations of the Soul are realized.

Thus, there is a deliverance from the known human vices. People who have reached a high level of development have experienced many states that transform their consciousness.

A person actually acts as a certain “system”, self-development, the change of consciousness and physical body of which is important to carry out in a complex: developing your Soul and Spirit, and also transforming your personality, making it unique.

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