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The shroud of Christ: facts, research, evidence of authenticity

Shroud of Christ: facts, research, evidence of authenticity

In the Italian city of Turin, the main shrine of the Christian world is kept — the shroud, into which the body of Christ was turned after death. Christians around the world believe in the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, but there are also quite a few atheists.

Once I had to have a long conversation with an unbelieving friend about the fact of the resurrection of Christ.

I brought him convincing scientific arguments and told that the shroud of Christ testifies to his wonderful resurrection. Unfortunately, it was not possible to convince him. But I believe that my words have sown seeds in his heart.

They will surely ascend in due time. In the article I will tell you about the Shroud of Turin and the history of its finding by believers.

The shroud of Christ: facts, research, evidence of authenticity

The facts of the acquisition of the Shroud

The shroud is a piece of cloth measuring 4.3 x 1.1 meters. On the yellowed from the centuries of canvas clearly appear brownish spots that depict a male figure with long hair and a beard.

The history of this shrine is full of mystery and adventure. According to legend, the shroud was kept by the Apostle Peter, and then she passed from student to student.

The shroud was kept in deep secrecy so that they did not attract adventurers of various stripes.

It should be clarified that during the times of persecution of followers of Christ, all the shrines were carefully hidden from the pagans, so the coverings were never reported. Too expensive treasury was a shroud for Christians to put it on display.

But after the adoption of Christianity by the state religion, the emperor Constantine began to speak openly about the shroud.

It is known that for some time the shroud was saved in Constantinople, but after the defeat of the Byzantine Empire by the Turks and Crusaders nothing is known about the shrine. As she appeared in Europe, for sure no one knows.

But one fact remains true that happened to Italian photographer Secondo Pia.

Now the Shroud of Turin is located in the Church of John the Baptist in Turin.

Shelves was brought to an exhibition of religious art, where she was photographed by Pia. When the photographer showed the film, one of them completely lit up. But the other when the manifestation led the photographer in awe and horror.

The image of a man of incredible beauty and nobility was very clearly manifested on the shroud — it was the Face of Jesus Christ. The photographer until the morning could not fall asleep and take his eyes off the divine Lik.

This happened in 1898 in Paris.

Shroud of Turin, high resolution photo:

Shroud of Christ: facts, research, evidence of authenticity

Why did the Savior appear before humanity in his true form? Because in modern society they have lost faith and forgot about the true meaning of life.

The Savior reminded of himself in such a form that everyone would think about their soul. People began to rely on scientific evidence of the absence of God, fell into Gnosticism.

However, in the 21st century, science is no longer so categorically related to the denial of the divine principle, and even found evidence in quantum theory.

Wicked image

The shroud is not made by hands and bears in itself evidence of antiquity of origin. Scientists cannot doubt this, because a detailed study was conducted.

Even the forensic investigators thoroughly examined the shroud, but found no evidence of falsification or falsification.

Many scholars who studied the shroud believed in the possibility of the resurrection of Christ and turned from atheists to Christians.

Evidence of the authenticity of the shroud:

  • linen cloth, woven by the now lost ancient technique;
  • cotton, from which the canvas is made, grows only in Front Asia;
  • the imprint of coins of the Pilate era (they closed the eyes of the deceased);
  • nail track driven into wrist;
  • lack of dyes and artistic creativity;
  • age of origin dates from 30-100 years after the birth of Christ.

The botanist scientist Frey studied the composition of the dust from the shroud and confirmed that it corresponds to the composition of the dust of Palestine, Byzantium and Europe. Thus, the transfer of the shrine from place to place was confirmed.

The results of the scientific study of the Shroud exclude its artificial origin in Europe.

The history of the Shroud are the events when it was washed, boiled in oil and heated. But in spite of all efforts, Saint Lick was not destroyed.

Also, the shroud not once fell into fires, but retained its integrity and remained intact.

The Shroud of Turin fully proves the fact of the resurrection of Jesus.

The most surprising discovery was the detection of radioactive radiation. How could it get on the shroud in those days?

This was explained by the fact of the resurrection of Christ from the dead, when various nuclear processes took place in his body. Due to the qualitative changes in the body, the Savior could come out of the shroud without unleashing and pass through the walls.

The conclusion of the lawyer Edward Clark on the Shroud of Turin:

The shroud of Christ: facts, research, evidence of authenticity

The shroud of Christ: facts, research, evidence of authenticity

Traces of torture

Particularly noteworthy are the traces of the tortures of the body of Christ, which were sealed on the canvas. Scientists have scrupulously examined every spot on the fabric and told such details, which were not mentioned in the gospel.

First, it established the nationality of the body wrapped in boards — Jewish or Arab. Secondly, the stains on the canvas are formed by blood.

Thirdly, the fabric of the shroud was expensive for those times, and only a wealthy person could buy it (it was the pious Joseph).

  • Blood stains on tissue appeared before the image was imprinted — this indicates that a nuclear reaction occurred during the resurrection.
  • Analysis of blood stains shows that the cloth covered the body of the deceased no more than two / three days.
  • Thorns from the crown of thorns damaged the brain vessels, as evidenced by blood spots on the shroud in the head and beard.
  • There were bloody wounds on their knees, which testifies to the Savior’s fall under the weight of the cross carried to Calvary.
  • Nail wounds are located on both feet.
  • In the area of ​​the ribs imprinted vague spot, formed from ichor — when Jesus punched ribs with a spear.

The facts of brutal torture are terrible. Scientists have restored the picture of the Savior’s death throes, which were not mentioned in the gospel.

Jesus was cruelly whipped by the lash, which was carried out by two men. On the lashes were iron balls with hooks that pulled out pieces of leather upon impact. From each blow left a bloody mark on the canvas.

In the battered and tormented state, Christ carried a heavy wooden cross to the place of execution — Golgotha.

Shroud of Turin — Photo by Jesus Christ:

The shroud of Christ: facts, research, evidence of authenticity

Carrying the Shroud

In Russia, the term «shroud» appeared only in the XVI century. Since there was no original in the Russian Orthodox Church, they created an icon. It depicted Jesus Christ in the tomb.

But this icon is not painted on wood, but on canvas. It can be painted or embroidered with a cross.

On Good Friday, Easter services are held in churches and the Holy Shroud is taken out. This is the saddest and saddest day for believers, when the sufferings of Jesus are remembered.

Carrying out the shroud make on Good Friday afternoon at 14-00. The priest endures the shrine and places it in the center of the temple on a special dais, symbolizing the coffin.

The shroud is decorated with fresh flowers, and the gospel is laid in the center of the canvas.

On Good Friday in the evening, the funeral rite is performed, the shroud plays the main role in this service. The service is held in mourning tones, the clerics sing mourning tropari.

During the liturgy, a procession takes place around the church under the mourning bell.

After completing the burial rite, the shroud is brought to the royal gates, and then returned to the center of the temple. At this time, all believers can attach to it.

Shrines can be worshiped until late Saturday evening. Then the shroud is carried to the altar in front of the matins, symbolizing the onset of the good news of the resurrection.

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