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The rites of the crown of celibacy

The rites of the crown of celibacy with silver water and from solitude

The crown of celibacy is a type of damage that any person can do. For the imposition of the crown of celibacy is not necessarily to be a black witch, you can just envy the beauty and happiness of man. Even his own grandmother can impose a crown if she constantly looms over the need to get married sooner.

The rites of the crown of celibacy — how to remove this curse yourself? Consider several options.

The rites of the crown of celibacy

Rite of passage with a wreath

To take off trouble, you need to purchase threads of natural material — the usual twine. This must be done on any Thursday of the waning moon.

Remember that the rites to get rid of negativity on the growing do not! When buying twine, think about taking it to remove spoilage — for nothing else!

Buy under the calculation or just leave the change and quickly leave.

Wait until Saturday and at exactly 12 days cover the table with a clean white cloth (you can use a piece of gauze). Place the icons (the Savior and Our Lady) on the table and light 3 church candles in candlesticks.

Read 3 times «Our Father» and 3 times «Virgin Virgin». Cut a piece of string with scissors to make a wreath on his head.

Tie the ends of the twine with wool so that they do not diverge. Put out the candles with your fingers.

This wreath should be worn on the head until 16 o’clock, without removing. It is desirable that none of the household did not ask what is on your head!

Prepare them in advance for the fact that you will walk with a rope — in whatever words you like. Further, at exactly 4 pm, you must leave the house with a wreath on your head (wear a handkerchief, cap, kerchief from above) and walk up to the poplar with a small spatula in your hand.

Dig a small hole under the roots, remove the wreath and place it there. At the same time, holding the wreath in your hands, say:

The rites of the crown of celibacy

Cover the hole with earth, insert a large nail and place a symbolic cross on top. Return home without looking back, keep quiet until the very threshold. Going into the house, immediately light the unburned candles wash with holy water with the words:

The rites of the crown of celibacy

The next day, go to church and buy 2 candles — put the change in the donation box. Wrap the candle in a new cloth (can be in cheesecloth) and bring it home.

Candles should be burned at home every evening during the week. You can make tags with a needle on wax. When the candles are lit, say:

The rites of the crown of celibacy

You must get married within a year if you do it right! You can also order several times the prayer icon “Fadeless Color” and “The Cover of the Virgin”.

Pray zealously for the Virgin Mary and ask for help in finding family happiness.

The rites of the crown of celibacy

Silver Rite

If you know for sure that black magic is not the cause of loneliness, do the following. On the new moon, bring home 3 liters of spring water (available in the supermarket), buy a new silver ring without a stone and 0.5 liters of liquid honey.

Put the little ring in the jar with water and keep the bloodless fast for 3 days. On the fourth day, stand up before the sun rises and wash yourself with silver water.

Then go to church, pray to the image of the Virgin and leave some silver object at her icon (not a ring).

Go back home, prepare the rose petals for the bath. Brush honey from head to toe and dip into the water. Immediately do not go to the bath, walk in honey for 10-15 minutes.

Put a silver ring on your finger and wear it constantly. Soon you will have a choice of applicants for the hand and heart!

The rites of the crown of celibacy

Charm from loneliness

The cause of loneliness in women can be the envy of a friend or the evil wish of an abandoned lover. So that you are not affected by the curses and evil wishes of people, protect yourself with a talisman.

For this you need to take a non-coated sheet of paper and a new pen. Light a church candle, pray to the image of the Virgin (be sure to wear a scarf) and write on your page the following words:

The rites of the crown of celibacy

Always carry a sheet with you. You can drip it on top with wax from a church candle or dip it in melted wax and remove.

As long as the letters on the charm are distinguishable, it will be effective. You can also roll up the leaf and put it in a bottle — worn around the neck.

Be careful in dealing with strangers, do not open your soul to plowing. Never show emotions too violently, do not rejoice loudly — you can easily be jinxed at this moment.

After removing the crown of celibacy, it is necessary to restore energy — at this time (about two months), it is necessary to avoid entertainment and unpleasant meetings.

When the energy level up, you will feel it. Do not wait for a meeting with your betrothed immediately after the ceremony — some time should pass for the events to change in your favor.

Devote this time to prayers or meditations, do not allow doubts in your heart — your destiny has already changed, it remains only to wait for a real meeting with your soulmate.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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