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The rite of raising money at home

The rite of raising money at home

Is there a rite of attracting money at home, you ask? Why do certain people, do you think, just float money? Is it just luck?

Or, maybe a certain ritual was just performed, in which money finds its new owner? I want to give you some simple rituals of attracting money at home, which you can do yourself.

The rite of raising money at home

General rules for attracting money

Never keep money in old, torn wallets. Crumpled and not carefully folded. Money is looking for a decent owner.

Always come to me, I advise you to learn to appreciate and handle money well, and then they will love you. Cut at the root of the thought that the poor and unhappy that constantly have no money or they leak through your fingers.
You can not only talk about it, but even think about it! Thoughts materialize, and poverty becomes your constant companion.

Sprouted barley

So. Put a small box on the window sill, fill it with ground from under three birches.

Then sow barley in it, mixing it with yellow coins. When you water, read this plot:

How this barley grows, so that my money would grow and grow, always in my pocket, wallet. And at home, and behind the house, and on even and odd days. As the spirit is eternally holy, so I am always rich.


As barley begins to germinate, your financial situation will improve. Do not think that you can now lie on the couch, and the money will fall on your head like a golden rain. I will cite as an example a case from my practice.

The man asked to conduct a ceremony to raise money. He himself literally did not want to do anything.

Money does not like laziness. Money is respected persistent and hardworking.

They love when they are carefully treated, and magic, of course, contributes to their addition to you.

Effective ritual to attract money to the moon

Wait for the rising moon. If you are a man, then on men’s days of the week starting on Monday, if a woman is on women’s days (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday), you will say such a conspiracy on a bill of any value:

How many fish in lakes and rivers, how much sand in the seas and oceans, how many stars in the sky, and a lot of money I have. The moon — Selena grow up, and give me a lot of money to my servant (name) in the house. My word is strong.

Neither talk nor interrupt. Amen.

Then go around the house with this bill in a clockwise direction, touching each corner. Put it in your wallet and store it thereafter, without exchanging or buying anything for it.

How to lure money to yourself with the help of candles

Buy a church candle. On any religious holiday, light it and walk around with it in your dwelling, alternately from one corner to the next in a circle saying:

As my house is filled with the candle with the light and aroma of the holy clerical wax, so that my house is filled with good luck and prosperity. Wealth and money.

Go around your dwelling so three times. The result is not long in coming.

But part of your first income, you have to spend on good deeds and distribute to those in need.

Rite of passage on the mirror

Try to buy a mirror in the market without bargaining. Not big, but not small.

Not the kind that is worn in handbags. Bring it home and whisper on the water seven times «Water — water, my sister, wash it, you know yourself that»Rinse the mirror with this water.

Water will remove all the negative that was reflected in it before you bought it and brought it.

The rite of raising money at home

Then be sure to put all the money in front of the mirror from the wallet on the growing Moon. Of course, it is desirable that before you receive a salary or some other income, but the money should be yours. Leave money for the night, in front of this mirror, so that they reflect there by saying these words:

As my earned ones multiply, they are bloody in reflection, a reflection of another world, so that they multiply in my purse, in my pocket, on the table, in the house, in the shop. In the morning, collect the money and hide it in your wallet without spending a single penny from it.

Cover the mirror with red cloth and place it in a secluded place so that no one will look at it. In the next two nights, repeat the same rite.

Further, the mirror and money can be used for its intended purpose.

Always donate money to people who need it. Remember that such donations come back a hundredfold.

One day a young man came to me at the reception and talked with pain about having a good job, and there were money, but they floated like water from him. And sometimes I do not know where I spent it. Further, a glimpse slipped the statement that never serves the poor and needy.

Since he believes that everyone deceives him. This is the error.

Do not be greedy to give to those who ask! And you will definitely come back. Here to you in the help

  • find a small stone in the river. One that you just like;
  • bring it home, clean it and wash it;
  • draw on it any character that you would associate with money and wealth. When you paint, light a pink or red candle.

In case of any financial difficulties, reach for this stone, light a candle and just visually imagine how it attracts money to your house. Saying with these your actions do not need anything.

All you need is your ability to visualize.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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