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The rite of love: how to perform the result

The rite of love: the rules and types of love rituals

The rite of love — a very popular request of the fair sex today. All girls (and women) dream to meet their soul mate, but often suffer from setbacks and disappointments in their personal lives.

If you also can not create a long happy relationship — ask for help magic. How to conduct the rite of love correctly, we will tell you in this material.

The rite of love: how to perform the result

How to prepare for a love ritual

The most important rule that should be followed when a person wants to attract a new feeling into his life is to let go of all the problems of the past, to cleanse himself from negative images and memories.

The Chinese invented a very good saying about this, which says: «If someone wants to drink hot tea, he should first pour out the remnants of the cooled drink from the cup.» This rule also applies to relationships — you cannot create something new until you heal your soul from old wounds, forget your past love.

Do not forget that everything in our world is natural, and if a person has left your life, it means that this was predetermined by fate and you must accept this, and not try to restore the connection that has exhausted itself.

Ritual to bring love to your life

The most successful days for performing the rite are Monday and Friday. It is important that the moon is in the growth phase.

You will need to stock up on such an attribute:

  • multicolored candles (red, pink, white and green);
  • aromatic oils (pink, ylang-ylang, clove, orange, patchouli);
  • crystals (rose quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli);
  • herbs (rose petals or basil);
  • oils (amber clove or oil gardenia).

The altar candle is lit, incense is placed next to it and also lit. Herbs are laid out on a small saucer or scattered around the candle.

The selected crystal should be placed in front of the altar candle.

Candle red smear oil from top to bottom. Place it on the altar, and then put oil on the other candles and line them up in front of the red one.

Then light them in this order: first red, then green, then white and pink.

Express your desire in this form:

“I am ready to let love into my heart. Love comes to meet me.

My heart beats in unison with the heart of my beloved. Very soon my love comes into my life. ”

A couple of minutes peer into the flame of candles, while thinking about the person you would like to meet in your life. Candles should be left to burn out, they can not be extinguished.

Ritual, draw your soul mate (from the book L. Renard)

You need to close your eyes, breathe in with a full chest, and then exhale and imagine the full Moon, located in the place where you have the third Eye. Imagine how the image of the ideal man appears to you on the lunar disk for you in the smallest details: features of appearance, clothes, manner of moving, talking and behaving.

Visualize how he tells you about himself, about his past life, and also shares with you his sexual fantasies and his vision of your relationship with him.

It is important to present all the details of your future life — spending time together, raising children, hobbies and so on. Over the years, your love and passion do not subside, the feelings remain as bright as in youth.

In general, imagine everything that comes to your mind, all your desires about future relationships.

The rite of love: how to perform the result

Continue to look at an imaginary lunar disk and ask for the help of the power of the four elements — Water, Air, Fire and Earth, so that they attract the person you dream about to you. This is done with the help of this saying:

The rite of love: how to perform the result

The rite of love: how to perform the result

The rite of love: how to perform the result

To enhance the effect, you can use the Tibetan mantra, which attracts the love «THAT TO SIRO AN BAT MONO RAM». It is read when the moon is in full phase.

Slavic love rite

From our ancestors of the Slavs, we got an effective rite that helps us meet our narrowed (or narrowed) one.

To perform it, you need to stock up on three cherry chips (you can take the usual matches instead) and a large pear. Pear cut in half and say:

«As a whole, shared, as a single one was disconnected, and I also sit, sad, alone.»

Then with the help of chips (or matches) connect two parts of the pear (one chip stick in the upper part, the second — in the lower, and the third — in the middle).

Make one of the halves again and say these words:

“As different parts joined, they turned into one, so I’ll find my soul mate, I will drive out my sadness and melancholy! Let it be so!».

Wrap the fruit in a beautiful shawl (best of all, if it is linen) and place it under any fruit tree.

The time of this ritual is evening. While the sun is not bent over the horizon, the moon should be in the growth phase.

The rite of love: how to perform the result

Ritual find love

Finding the right man is very problematic, especially when it comes to an adult woman who has a specific list of requirements for the opposite sex. But you can turn to an uncomplicated magical rite to attract love.

He managed to prove his effectiveness on many people.

You will need to take a blank sheet of paper, as well as red and black pens, an envelope and a red wool thread. The leaf is divided into two parts.

In the right column you write down in red a list of qualities that are important to you in your man.

And in the left black color, bring those qualities that cause you negative emotions, but which you are ready to accept. The important point is that in both columns the total number of both qualities should be equal, so that you ensure the correct balance of energies.

Having completed your wish list, you need to fold it into three layers, put it in an envelope and tie it up with woolen thread. At the same time, such slander is pronounced aloud:

“What I want, I will get. Let it be so!»

The envelope is hidden in a secluded place that is located in the southwestern sector of your home. When the person you asked for a Higher Power comes into your life, you will need to burn the envelope with gratitude on the fire (it should be a fire or a stove).

So, you understand how to attract love in your life — you need, first, to let go of the old relationships and all the negatives of the past, secondly, to create an image of an ideal man for yourself, and, third, to resort to the magical ritual you liked.

See also an interesting video on this topic.

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