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The rite of exorcism: all the details of the ritual

The rite of exorcism: all the details of the ritual

What is the rite of exorcism — probably everyone knows. In horror films, it is often shown how the priest reads prayers over an obsessed person, while the patient writhes and shouts in a non-human voice.

Let’s talk about how this rite is actually held, and who has the right to conduct it.

What is the rite of exorcism?

It is believed that the rite of exorcism is needed in order to heal a person possessed by demons: to drive out all evil from his body. The history of the ritual dates back to the Middle Ages, when the witch hunt was common.

The rite of exorcism: all the details of the ritual

But not only Christians used such rituals — such practice exists in almost every religion, and was especially common in shamanism and other pagan cultures.

And the very name of the exorcism was given by the Catholic Church. It is believed that this ritual expels not only demons, but other evil spirits — relieves the obsessed from the influence of all the entities that moved into it.

Remarkable is the fact that there is an exorcism of inanimate objects: magicians expel evil from the products and personal belongings of a person if they suspect bad things.

Before the baptism of a person, the Catholic Church also necessarily conducted an exorcism rite to cleanse the soul of a person and allow God to enter it.

Important: It is worth distinguishing obsession with mental illness. A person who has been labeled a demoniac may simply be sick with hysteria, schizophrenia, suffer from psychosis, a split personality or demonopathy.

Therefore, the first thing to do is to take to a psychiatrist, and not to a priest.

Exorcism Spell

Do not try to make such a rite on your own. First you need to turn to the church — it is she who decides who will help the patient to get rid of the misfortune.

Most likely, the priest will turn out evil spirits and read the prayer, referring to the Most High. Text prayers often use the following:

The rite of exorcism: all the details of the ritual

It is strictly forbidden to interrupt the reading of the sacred text for at least a minute. You can not stop, even if they start to happen very strange, scary and frightening things.

The evil that man is possessed will do its best to prevent you. The patient may start shouting threats, trying to attack you and the one who reads the prayer.

Therefore, at the time of the ritual demoniac tied.

Orthodox prayer to cast out demons

If the previous prayer is universal and fits almost any person, regardless of his religion, then this is a Christian Orthodox.

It is believed that even simple “Our Father” or “Creed” help protect a person from the wiles of evil forces. That is why daily prayers are practiced in almost any religion.

Here is a typical Orthodox prayer, which was used in the rites for the expulsion of demons and other evil spirits from a person:

The rite of exorcism: all the details of the ritual

Of course, an obsessed person should be a baptized Christian, only in this case it is allowed to apply this prayer to him. The same applies to the exorcist, who will conduct the ceremony.

Features of the rite of exorcism

A little talk about how the rite of exorcism.

Important: in the old days during the rite, an exorcist’s assistant was present, who recorded all the behavioral patterns of the possessed and demons who spoke through the sick person. In the modern world, the whole process is recorded on video.

The rite has other features:

  1. The presence of witnesses. It is imperative that the relatives or friends of the possessed person be present during the ceremony — at least one person. This is necessary not only to ensure that close people are convinced of the successful outcome of treatment. But then, so that in case of death, the exorcist is not accused of murder
  2. All those present at the ceremony before it begins must confess. A forty-day fast is desirable, but it is not always possible to wait for so long, so you need to endure at least 3-9 days.
  3. The rite is always held only in the bedroom of the patient. Absolutely all the furniture is taken out of the room, except for the bed. All that may be in the room is a crucifix, a prayer book, a candle and holy water. Even small things like decorative objects and curtains should be removed.
  4. The windows in the room must be tightly closed, and the doorway is hung with a thick black cloth
  5. During the rite, the patient may begin to do incredible things. Therefore, it is often tied to the bed so that the evil spirit would not prevent the exorcist from carrying out the rite to the end and harming anyone

See a documentary about the rite of exorcism:

Signs of obsession

People who are overcome by evil spirits may exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Incredibly aggressive. He spews out curses and curses the church, the saints and all the possible light forces
  • Symptoms characteristic of epileptic seizures manifest: seizures, froth from the mouth, absent, wild look
  • Very strange, inappropriate behavior, hallucinations. The man is clearly out of his mind
  • Obsessed can speak on behalf of demons, they in the moments of demon possessed completely control his mind and speech
  • He is anxious near the church; he cannot be inside the temple, drink holy water, hear prayers.
  • In moments of obsession he begins to speak in an unknown language, the speech is strange and completely incomprehensible.
  • Immoral behavior without any framework
  • Obsession with suicidal tendencies

These symptoms can be a sign not of obsession, but of mental illness. Therefore, in the first place the patient must be examined by a doctor, and only then seek the help of a priest.

Moreover, not everyone has the right to conduct the rite of exorcism — a special permission from the bishop is required for reading.

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