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The rite of baptism of a child in Orthodoxy: the rules and nuances

The rite of baptism of a child in Orthodoxy: the rules and nuances

The rite of baptism is the most important church ritual in the life of any Orthodox person. It is believed that at the time of the sacrament, divine grace descends on a person, and he gets a chance to save his soul after death.

Without a baptismal ceremony, a person remains, as it were, between two worlds, his soul has no energy binding. This does not mean depriving the help of light forces in difficult situations, but after death it will be impossible to go to heaven.

The rite of baptism of a child in Orthodoxy: the rules and nuances

The performance of the rite in Orthodoxy

Statistics show that most baptisms take place at the age of 3-10 years. But adults also come to church and join the Orthodox religion.

The ROC recommends baptizing children at the age of 40 days. This is due to the fact that until this time passes, mothers cannot go to church even to perform the rite.

Like any other church ordinances, baptism involves certain rules and traditions that should be strictly observed.

  • You must purchase a cross. This can be done in any jewelry store, and in the church shop. The latter option is beneficial in that it contains models not only of precious metals, but also copper, as well as plastic. This is a good way out for those who have no money to buy an expensive incarnation of the symbol of Christianity.
  • Necessarily need a kryzhma — white towel or diaper. It is useful, however, only for a child. After the ceremony, the baby is wrapped in a kryzhma, this is also a kind of ritual.
  • All participants in the rite of baptism should confess and take communion the day before baptism. You can do this on the day of the sacrament itself.

Church canons are quite categorical, and therefore do not tolerate the subjunctive mood. If you violate them, the ceremony may not bring the desired effect, although in any case, belonging to orthodox Christianity will be predetermined to a person.

The spiritual meaning of the sacrament of baptism

All people are doomed to bear the filth of original sin. It was not invented by humanity, and therefore only bright forces can free it. Original sin is associated with the fall of Adam and Eve.

The theft of an apple from the Garden of Eden was caused by the persuasion of the serpent, that is, Satan. Since that day, all people who have ever been born on earth are initially closer to dark forces in terms of spiritual things than to God.

The rite of baptism of a child in Orthodoxy: the rules and nuances

One of the constituent parts of the sacrament of baptism is the renunciation of the devil. The priest reads a prayer, and people present at the ceremony, utter certain conspiracies that tie them to the light forces. After that, all those who take part in the sacrament, even in the role of spectators, repudiate dark forces and “swear” to God.

The process of renouncing Satan can be done arbitrarily once in a lifetime, but baptism takes place once.

Grace comes to a man immediately after the end of the ceremony. The benefit of this is felt throughout all earthly life, until the very last day of it. There are many memories of mothers whose children suffered from nightmares and hallucinations. They showed themselves the most disgusting creatures that only human imagination can imagine.

After baptism, it all ended, the child slept quietly all night.

What do you need to know before baptism? See the video:

Transition from another religion through baptism

It is one thing when a child is baptized, who does not yet associate himself with any of the religions, and it is quite another if the sacrament passes an innocent, not related to Orthodoxy. This is not forbidden, but before the baptism, you must fulfill some conditions that will explain the priest.

One of them is reading special prayers for 3 days before the sacrament. Along the way, should hold a weekly post.

He is quite strict, but not enough to start starving.

  • Should abandon the meat;
  • Reduce consumption of dairy products;
  • Abandon alcohol and, if possible, from tobacco;
  • Refrain from love joys;
  • Do not use foul language.

However, if for health reasons a person cannot hold such a post, then the priest will always allow to change it or cancel it altogether. Of course, all this is not necessary for babies.

Precautionary measures

Light forces wish people only good. Nevertheless, the commission of sins is always paid for. Even after many years, any sins come back to us in the form of illness, career problems, and sometimes death.

Appeal to the Christian sacraments with the trampling of canons, is always punished, the «boomerang law» works.

  • Under no circumstances should you come to the sacrament of drunken baptism. Some parents are on the baptism of their children «podshofe», thereby committing a terrible sin.
  • Women should not appear during menstruation;
  • The boys in the process of the sacrament are brought into the altar, thereby introducing him to the kingdom of God. Girls can not go there, because the altar is a territory that is closed to women.

Compliance with these simple, but extremely important rules, can protect the child and his relatives from possible problems in the future. You can’t joke with the highest forces, even though they wish us only good and prosperity!

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