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The power of thought in the fulfillment of desires — how to achieve a dream

The power of thought in the fulfillment of desires — how to achieve a dream

How to realize your dream, fulfill the desire? Some people send prayer requests to the heavenly powers, others rely only on themselves and their minds.

What is the power of thought in the fulfillment of desires? Are desires realized by our own efforts? It turns out that this is quite realistic — many people have learned to manage their thoughts and achieve their goals through their own efforts.

Consider the issue in detail.

The power of thought in the fulfillment of desires - how to achieve a dream

What is a thought?

What is human thought? Physicists say it is a flow of energy.

This is such a flow of energy with which you can materialize any desire. Just do it right! How can thought materialize events or phenomena?

Because thought affects matter — this is what quantum physics asserts. Take for granted nothing is needed: physicists have conducted numerous experiments to make such a statement.

So, thought has an effect on matter. This means that it is within our power to create circumstances and even materialize objects. No, not like magicians and illusionists do!

You just need to be able to think correctly, and most importantly — throw doubts away. Because doubts are thoughts too.

It turns out that with our thoughts we cross out other thoughts — nothing will come out so! If you started materializing, continue to the end, and do not question your own efforts.

Three types of desires

In order for a desire to acquire a material form, it must first be invented, and then believed in what was invented. This is the main mechanism of action. But here surprises await us:

  • desire must be realistic;
  • desire should not be directed towards destruction;
  • desire should not harm other people.

What does realistic desire mean? Suppose you want to become the ruler of the world. This is an unrealistic desire, so spending efforts on it is not rational — it will not come true anyway.

What else are unrealistic desires? Become a Miss Universe, for example.

Either become the main banker of the world economy.

What does destroying desire mean? It is a desire that can destroy you. For example, the desire to buy an expensive foreign car and drive on the highway at a speed of under 300 km / h.

Believe me, such a desire will never come true, especially if you do not have huge amounts of cash. Those who have large sums of money never make such a wish — drive along the tracks at high speed.

How can your desire harm others? Very simple. For example, someone desperately wants to become a rich man, day and night dreaming of large sums of money.

He asks the universe for the realization of his desire — in response to silence. Then he tries by his own efforts to achieve the realization of a dream — and his relatives suddenly die. The wish is fulfilled — he is the heir of all the property.

Now you can sell apartments and live happily ever after. Do you want such a fulfillment of desire?

So desire right.

The power of thought in the fulfillment of desires - how to achieve a dream

True and false desires

So, you figured out the type of desire. Now you need to check its truth.

What it is? Esoteric claim that desires are true and false. True desires are those that we really need.

False desires are considered false. For example, a neighbor bought an expensive foreign car — and I also need it! This is a false desire.

Until a neighbor bought a foreign car, you didn’t have such a desire.

How to check desires for truth? This can be done in two ways:

  1. Imagine that you can realize the very last desire in your life — how it fits in with your current aspirations;
  2. Imagine what will happen after the realization of the desire — whether you feel happiness.

In this way, you can check all your desires for truth. Sometimes we want what we do not need. And some desires can turn our lives upside down.

So be prudent, because wishes come true! The sage Confucius warned about this — he warned people.

The power of thought in the fulfillment of desires - how to achieve a dream

Materialization of desires

Now we come to the point of implementation. What do we have to do?

First of all, you need to realize that your plans will come true. That is, believe in it and not doubt your heart. Secondly, it is necessary to present the realized desire in images.

Why do you need it? This is necessary so that what is seen by the inner eye is embodied.

The designer also sees the model of the building first with an internal eye, and then creates a drawing and a layout. And we are the designers of our lives.

Let’s say you need a car. Imagine it in its entirety — brand, color.

With machines easier — you can buy a model and look at it. Same thing with a house or apartment — imagine and draw what you need. The more details you take into account, the better: because desires come true literally!

If you do not take into account some points, then do not be annoyed by their absence.

The next step is to imagine that you already own it. How will you feel about it? Enter the role of the owner of the car, house or apartment.

Behave as if you really already got everything. It is very important.

Why is it important? Because what you invented has already appeared on thin plans as existing: a house, apartment, car appeared.

You have created an astral layout, but with your doubts you can easily destroy it!

What to do next? Further it is necessary to fill this model with the energy of embodiment.

To do this, you can do so.

1. On a sheet of drawing paper draw a circle.
2. In the center of the circle, draw (or paste a picture) what you want to materialize.
3. Every day, before going to bed and after waking up, look at the picture and turn on the feelings of the owner of the desired.

How can this be included? Just imagine that you already have this item.

How much time to spend in these sensations? Five minutes is enough, but it can be longer. If during the day you notice that suspicion and doubt have crept in, drive them away.

Doubts cross out all your efforts!

How much time to wait for the materialization of the plan? Sometimes desire can come true quickly, but sometimes you have to wait.

What is the reason? This is due to the characteristics of your desire.

For example, if you made a job abroad, then the implementation requires a rearrangement of events. That’s when this permutation comes true, your desire is realized.

In fact, there is nothing difficult in the realization of desires, you just need to understand the mechanism for receiving. There is one more thing — the silence factor. Do not discuss the realization of your desire with other people: all the energy of the incarnation will go into conversation.

Just shut up and that’s it.

And the last. If your dream is connected with the purchase of an expensive thing, do not waste the money received to the right and left.

This money should be put aside for the realization of your dream, and not for short-term desires.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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