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The plot to love men

The plot to love a man has been used in all ages and in all countries, because the desire to love, and to be loved, was always and everywhere. And sometimes without the help of white magic can not do.

After all, if you love and cannot fall out of love, and he does not pay attention to you, then it remains either to die from longing or to make your own and his path to happiness. Those who do not want to put up with a sad fate will very well have the means of white magic, including a conspiracy for love, which, if performed correctly and if you have at least small magical abilities, will make him think of you and put love in his heart .

The plot to love men

Conspiracies on the love of a man are very strong rituals, so they can have negative consequences not only for the victim of the ceremony, but also for the performer.

There are different types of love rites, and they need to be applied in accordance with the situation. So, if you want to like men, then you can read the plot, whose action will be aimed at enhancing attractiveness. With the help of a magical rite, you can fall in love with a man you like and build on the basis of this long and strong relationship.

In addition, this type of rituals can be used to return the deceased lover.

Most conspiracies on love are read during the growing moon, it is also allowed to conduct ceremonies in the full moon. It is very important to carefully read the terms of the ceremony and follow all the recommendations given in the description of the ritual.

For the success of the impact you need to fully focus on the purpose of the rite. It should be held in a secluded place to eliminate any external interference.

If something is prevented during a magical ritual, then it must be moved to another time.

The plot on the love of a man in the most common version is made using a thin church candle.

In the evening, when it gets dark, light such a candle and, looking at its flame, repeat:

Candle do not extinguish, until she burns out herself. After that, take a bath or shower and, trying to think about something clean and pleasant, go to bed.

The plot to love men

The plot to love a man can be applied in another case. A lot of girls for a long time can not find their love. A conspiracy for love will help them to attract their own, not yet driven, constricted.

In order to do this, take a bath early in the morning, comb your hair and, in general, do everything to look as beautiful as possible.

Looking in the mirror, repeat three times:

When you finish speaking, wag him with your hand while continuing to look in the mirror.

A conspiracy to attract fans is very useful, because among them you can find your betrothed. This plot is read every night for a month, you can not miss the days.

Having spoken these words, you can not talk to anyone, but you need to immediately go to bed. At the end of the month you will find that the number of fans you have will increase significantly.

The plot to love men

For this ceremony you will need to use two candles: black and white. It is recommended to buy such attributes in the exoteric shop, since it is there that you can buy taper candles, which you will need to conduct the ceremony.

On a white candle with a sharp object you need to scratch your own name, and on a black one — the name of your loved one. Candles should be held a little in their hands, warming them, thus, in order to soften the wax. After that, the candles must be twisted spiral.

But this must be done very carefully, so as not to break them. If they are broken, then the ritual must be postponed for another time.

Twisted candles should be set on fire from a match, and two wicks should be ignited.

After the candles burn out, the next magic plot is pronounced:

Such magic words are repeated three times. After that, you need to sit quietly, while the candles burn out naturally.

Candle wax must be collected and folded in a bag, which should be hidden away from other places.

A strong rite aimed at attracting the love of a particular person can be performed using a new needle. It is important to purchase an attribute, paying for it in trifle, without surrender.

If, however, the change had to be taken, then it must be immediately thrown away at the intersection.

The needle is intended solely for the magic rite, so it should not be used for sewing. Having previously disinfected the needle, it is necessary to pierce the left hand finger with it.

Then speak the needle with such magic words:

Plotted needle need to throw in the clothes of a loved one. Such a rite can be used to wake up the feelings of a spouse who is slightly estranged from you.

It is very important that the needle is not seen the first thirteen days after the ceremony.

Whatever rite you choose, you need to think carefully before using it. You can’t play with magic and experiment. If you decide to attract love with magic, then you need to be aware of the fact that you will always have to be with the bewitched person.

Otherwise, the payment will be very serious.

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