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The plot to cool off love

It often happens that people split up, but in the soul of one of them love continues to live, and this prevents a person from starting a new life. In such situations, you should apply a plot to cool.

This ceremony will help get rid of love feelings and see the world around us in a new way.

The plot to cool off love

There are a great many rituals for coolness.

Such rituals are used in situations:

  • When there is a need to get rid of a person who has a negative impact on you, but you cannot do it yourself for any reason;
  • When the need arises to let go of a person who does not feel love for you, but is nearby because of his own duty

A very strong ritual that cools the feelings between two people very quickly involves the use of two large red candles. They symbolize two people who need to be separated in life.

It is possible to strengthen such an impact if you write the names of people whose feelings you plan to cool on candles. Tying candles with people’s hair will be even more effective if they can be obtained.

To begin the ritual is necessary in the first night of the phase of the waning moon. Candles are installed nearby in a separate room on the table and lit. After the candles burn for some time, you need to put them out and go to sleep.

During the week, this action should be repeated, but at the same time each time pushing the candles away from each other.

During this phrase says:

On the seventh day, it is necessary that the candles burn out. It is allowed to repeat such a rite in a month, but, usually, one time is enough.

The plot to cool off love

As a rule, such a rite is used to get rid of a rival. That is, with the help of such an impact, the beloved’s love for a particular person is removed.

This ritual should be used only if you are sure that your chosen one does not like the woman with whom he lives next door. In most cases, this occurs when people live together for a long time, do not feel feelings for each other, but no one dares to take the first step in order to break up.

Using a snapshot, you can enhance the energy link, and therefore make the impact successful. It is important that the picture shows only your chosen one with his woman.

It is necessary to retire in a separate room late at night and, focusing on the desire to separate people from tearing apart a photo, so that the images of different people are on different scraps. Further, the part of the picture with the opponent should be torn up with fury into the smallest pieces.

In the process, these phrases are pronounced:

All scraps should be collected and burned in a fireproof dish. While the remnants of the picture will burn, you need to say such phrases:

Ash is thrown out the window. Soon the people on whom the magical effect was aimed will disperse in different directions in a natural way.

The plot to cool off love

Quite often in life there are situations when you want to cool your own feelings towards another person. Most often this is necessary when a man whom you love is married or he loves another woman.

The most popular in such cases is a conspiracy in which the appeal to the wind is used. For the ritual should choose the windiest day. You can read the plot at any time of the day, but always in the open air and without witnesses.

Optimally, if you can for such a ceremony go out of town.

You need to choose an open place, turn to face the wind and say the following words:

Words need to be pronounced once. After such a ceremony, very quickly the feelings in the soul towards the chosen one will begin to subside.

And after a while you will notice that you can already safely communicate with him, without reverent excitement in the soul.

You should know that conspiracy to ostudu will not have negative consequences only if people with his help gain peace of mind. Apply ceremonies to forcibly break ties between two people categorically impossible.

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