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The plot on the ring — a symbol of eternal love

A conspiracy to ring will strengthen feelings and fulfill desires.

The ring is one of the most sought after magical attributes. This accessory is used when reading plots of various directions.

With their help, you can bring true love and luck to life, improve well-being and restore family relationships.

The plot on the ring - a symbol of eternal love

The magic of the ring goes back to antiquity. It was believed that any nodule has a protective force and is able to protect against any ills.

A little later, the rings were used in the form of amulets and amulets.

Any conspiracy on the ring is very effective if carried out in accordance with the recommendations and rules. It is very important to choose the right rite, and in fact it is not even easy to do this due to the large variety of influences of different directions.

There is a very strong conspiracy on the wedding rings of the spouses. This rite allows you to strengthen the feelings and build a strong family, which will not be afraid of any external influence. The ritual provides for complete privacy in a separate room.

It is necessary to pre-lay the table with a new tablecloth and sit down at it. A wide container filled with holy water is set in front of it, some salt is put on a white saucer, and a handful of earth, a knife and a pair of wedding rings are placed right next to the tablecloth.

After this, incense is ignited, and the words of such a magical conspiracy are uttered:

“I, the Slave of God (my own name), speak not the magic words, but heart power and, in the name of God Wizardas, speak our wedding rings with our beloved for mutual long love, tenderness and respect. We will live together all our life, and we will not get tired to be merciful and admire each other, we will never get tired of joint life, we will experience happy moments, and in sorrows we will support each other until death will part us.

May all failures and troubles in our lives pass us by, and our joys go with us. May we have healthy children who grow strong and not get sick. May our family be strong and friendly, at all times we will be one support alone.

Let us not have secrets from each other, and we will not be afraid we will entrust the most sacred. May we have one household for two and none of us would think to separate from each other and divide our property.

We will wear our wedding rings not as a mark of lack of freedom, but as a symbol of eternal and strong love. They will become our mascot and bring us happiness, prosperity and joy.

Fire, water, air and earth are witnesses of my actions. They are my words forever fastened and sanctified. May you live happily ever after.


With the help of the ceremony with your own wedding ring, you can return your husband to the family. But before that, it is important to consider the need for this. After all, magic helps only when the performer conducts the rite with pure thoughts.

You can not return a departed person from a sense of revenge or a simple whim.

In order for such an impact to be successful, you need to have confidence that the spouse who departed from you continues to wear a wedding ring.

Having retired in a separate room, you need to listen to the silence for some time and focus on the desire to return your spouse. It should be remembered the most pleasant moments of your life together and discard all the negative emotions associated with the departure from your loved one.

Then you should put a glass in front of you, with holy water poured into it, brought in from the temple beforehand. In the glass you must lower your own wedding ring.

Next, speak the magic conspiracy:

After pronouncing such a conspiracy, the little ring should be put back on the finger and three times read the prayer “Our Father”, which will increase the magical effect. Then the holy water used in the ritual should be drunk.

This rite is recommended during the period of the moon’s growth, at night. Immediately after the ceremony, you must go to bed and not talk to anyone.

The plot on the ring - a symbol of eternal love

In order to fulfill the cherished wish, you can also hold a ceremony with a ring. In such a ritual it is important to use the donated ring and or the jewelry that you inherited.

What metal it is made of, and what stones are used to create it does not matter.

The ring should be put on the palm and say such magic phrases:

After the magic words the conspiratorial ring should be put on the finger and go to bed. After such a ceremony, the enchanted little ring turns into a strong talisman and removes any obstacles to achieving your life goals.

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