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The plot on the red thread: what words to say when tying charm knots on the wrist

Powerful plots on the red thread: to protect, attract money and love, fulfillment of desires

The red thread is one of the most powerful amulets. It protects a person from negative sorcery effects, attracts love, happiness, luck, money.

Many pop and cinema stars carry the thread, as it effectively protects against envy. The color of such a talisman has a special meaning.

It is believed that the red bracelet scares away evil spirits, gives its owner protection from unkind people and serves as a spiritual shield.

Amulet from a thread can be ordered directly from Israel or made independently. It is believed that the original thread is a more powerful amulet.

But if it is not possible to purchase it, it is possible to make a red woolen thread magically at home with the help of special ritual magic.

In Jerusalem, amulet is sold in any souvenir shop or store. If you can not go to Israel, you can ask your friends or order an amulet through online stores.

Recently, the red thread has become such a popular talisman that most companies sell it at an affordable cost.

The power of the original thread is associated with a special ritual that is held in the tomb of Rachel. According to Kabbalah, Rachel is the progenitor of the entire human race. Her greatest desire is to protect her children from evil.

Her burial is considered sacred. The Israeli rite of making amulets is that the tomb of Rachel is wrapped with red threads and then cut into small pieces.

To make your own charm, you will not need any special knowledge or any special schemes. To do this, take the usual thread, which is then wrapped around the wrist, uttering a prayer.

You can use wool and floss (they will last longer than wool).

To independently weave the charm, you should take three strands of thread and braid them in a braid. Bracelet will be more powerful if it makes a loved one.

The resulting pigtail must be wrapped around the left hand and tied with seven knots. A Jewish prayer, called Ben Prat Yosef, is recited during the setting:

The plot on the red thread: what words to say when tying charm knots on the wrist

Orthodox believers can replace this prayer with "Our Father", "Mother of God the Virgin, rejoice" or other prayers. In this case, the charm will be no less powerful.

The plot on the red thread: what words to say when tying charm knots on the wrist

When purchasing or making a bracelet of red thread with your own hands, you need to remember a few principles of wearing it:

  • According to Kabbalah, the only correct way to wear the talisman is on the left hand. This religion believes that negative energy comes to the person on the left.
  • The talisman begins to act immediately after the thread is tied.
  • It is desirable that the thread was tied to a close and loving person. It will become a powerful protective shield, affecting fate, protecting from harm.
  • The red thread is a suitable amulet for children. In particular, it will be useful to talented kids who can be hurt by evil and envious glances.
  • Not only Jews or followers of Kabbalah can wear a talisman. This is a world talisman, suitable for everyone.

Often, you can see a person guarding with a bead or a small pendant. Additional items enhance the protection of the talisman.

Specially selected suspension should have a special meaning, energy. Often for the red thread the following amulets are selected:

  • clover leaf — to attract good luck;
  • a cross — as a Christian symbol;
  • Hamsa (Arab-Jewish amulet in the shape of a palm) — to protect against evil and attract good luck;
  • bead in the form of a blue eye — from damage.

Such a pendant can be purchased at any jewelry store, jewelry store, special esoteric stores. In addition to the protective force, such a charm also carries an aesthetic purpose, pleasing the eye.

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