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The plot on the poppy: four options

The poppy has long been used in various magical rites, different directions. People believed that poppy has amazing properties. All parts of the plant were used in the rituals, but the most sought-after magical attributes are poppy seeds.

In addition, it is believed that the plant grown on its own plot will be the most effective in magic.

The plot on the poppy: four options

Magic offers a huge variety of rituals that use a poppy conspiracy. With the help of magical effects, you can improve material well-being, attract luck, restore family relationships or improve health.

A distinctive feature of all rituals with poppy can be considered that such ceremonies are simple. An effective rite can be conducted by anyone at home if he truly believes in magic.

If you feel that your relationship with your beloved man or spouse is slightly upset, you should hold a special ceremony with poppy. First, you need to pour a small amount of poppy seeds under the insoles in men’s shoes.

And then say the magic words nine times:

This rite came to the modern world from pagan times, so it can be argued that its effectiveness has been proven by time.

The plot on the poppy: four options

Very popular among the people rite, aimed at the head. This ritual is carried out in the event that you feel that you have made a mistake at work, and, therefore, a showdown with the boss cannot be avoided.

To soften the anger of their leader should use magic. Also, this ceremony allows you to cope with the head, who, despite the fact that you are fully and in a timely manner to perform all tasks at a highly professional level, constantly clings to you on trifles.

In this ritual it is recommended to use exclusively black poppy. Poppy seeds are poured in small quantities into a black pouch, sewn from natural fabric.

Speak, used attribute, should be these words:

It is necessary to find the moment and pour a few poppy seeds on the workplace of the chief. After that, your relationship with the leader will be adjusted, and you can work quietly.

If you suspect that you have a rival, do not make scenes of jealousy, because it will not lead to anything good, but rather push you away from you. It is better to conduct a special magic rite in such a situation.

The ritual is held on one of the evenings during the growing moon. In the ceremony poppy can be used in any color, but it should be poured into a white cloth bag made of natural fabric.

A bag of poppy should be put on the palm and substitute under the moonlight.

Then, looking at the moon, you need to say these words:

Conspired poppy should be poured into the pockets of clothing beloved and his shoes. After that, you can be sure that your man will not be interested in other women.

The plot on the poppy: four options

Poppy is also often used in ceremonies aimed at awakening the passion of a loved one.

In this case, he speaks such magical words:

Conspirated poppy should be used for baking, which you need to treat your loved one. But be careful that the treat does not go to anyone except your chosen one.

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