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The plot on the photo

A portrait of a man conveys not only his physical appearance, but also a part of his soul. Each portrait has a spiritual connection with its original. And the more similarities between the original and the portrait, the stronger this connection.

Therefore, portraits of people from ancient times were used in magical rituals. Photography is the most accurate image of a person, therefore plot on photo can have a very strong effect.

Skillfully applying such a conspiracy, you can succeed in both love and financial affairs.

The plot on the photo

For those who suffer from unrequited love and do not know how to attract the attention of a loved one, love can provide good help. plot on photo. To do this, take a photo of your chosen one in one hand, on which his face is most clearly visible, and in the other — a similar own photo. Looking at these photos, you need to read these words:

Attach photos face to face. Without separating them, put yourself under the pillow and do not reach out until you are sure that the plot has acted (the beloved began to show increased attention to you).

After that, transfer the photos to eternal storage in a secluded place — they will be a talisman that protects your love.

The plot on the photo can not only help to connect with your loved one, but on the contrary, forget him forever if you are unwell and you are sure that you cannot or do not want to be together. To accomplish this, take a photo of him and say the following plot over her:

With these words, rip the photo into small pieces and develop them in the wind.

With a conspiracy, you can always be sympathetic to you and bring you income by using a business partner, an important client or boss. To do this, get a photo of him and hide in a secluded place, and put a large coin on top and say:

Now this person will bring you good luck and profit.

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