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The plot against the evil eye: a selection of the best rites

A conspiracy against the evil eye will not prevent even those who do not want to resort to magic to achieve their goals. After all, how many people exist, the same will exist envy, anger, deceit, which can always result in the evil eye and damage to you and your loved ones.

You may not even know that this person has unkind feelings towards you, but his anger will poison your life.

The evil eye can lead to illness, failure in love affairs, family quarrels, poverty, failure in any undertakings. Therefore, it is very important to be able to properly protect oneself from evil, to drive him away from his happiness.

The plot against the evil eye: a selection of the best rites

Protection against the evil eye or damage was commonplace for our grandmothers. That is why since ancient times a large number of various ceremonies have reached the modern world. A variety of impacts allows them to be used in a variety of situations.

Many ceremonies can be used if you want to help get rid of the evil eye to a loved one. In addition, it should be remembered that the effectiveness of any magic conspiracy against the evil eye can be enhanced by reading a prayer.

Everyone knows that the conspiratorial pin well protects against the evil eye. For ceremonies, simple ceremonies are used and, as a rule, various additional attributes are used in them.

To enhance the effectiveness of a conspiracy, the power of a candle flame is often used. To do this, light a wax candle, not necessarily church, drop a drop of wax in the ear of a safety pin.

Then say the magic words:

Also, when spelling pins, you can use a bow. To use for the ceremony you need a large onion without flaws.

In it you need to stick a pin and say the words:

The plot against the evil eye: a selection of the best rites

You can also speak a pin using rowan berries. They need to be picked and dried.

After that, you need to string them on a pin.

At the same time speak these magic words:

After performing any of the above rites, the plotted pin should be pinned in an inconspicuous place on the wrong side of the clothes. If suddenly the pin is lost, then do not worry.

This means that the attribute has absorbed all the negative that was intended for you. All that is needed is to shortly speak a new pin and reattach it to the clothes.

Among the rites for the fight against the evil eye, a conspiracy against the evil eye with a mirror is very popular. In the evening, at sunset, take a table or pocket mirror in your hands, hold it to your face.

And seven times quickly repeat:

The mirror should pull out of you and absorb all the power of the evil eye. After that, do not look into this mirror until you clean it.

To do this, direct the mirror to the sky and say:

If you know the culprit, you can say the same words by pointing a mirror at his house.

There are other ways to combat the evil eye. So, if you live in a private house with a stove or a fireplace, you can use the evil eye for smoke.

Make fire in the stove so that there is as much smoke as possible.

Go outside and, looking at the smoke, say:

A strong conspiracy against the evil eye is carried out and the use of water, which has a powerful natural energy. To perform the ritual, you need to retire in a separate room, sit down at the table and put in front of you a glass filled with plain water.

For the ceremony, you also need to pre-cook a matchbox with nine matches.

It is necessary to light one match and look at its flame to say these words:

After the match burns out, and you feel the heat of the flame, it should be thrown into a glass of water. Similar actions should be carried out with the other eight matches.

That is, all nine matches must be burned.

Then you need to look at the state of matches in a glass of water. If they are not drowned, it means that the cause of feeling unwell is not the evil eye, and should be examined in a medical institution.

If at least one match drowned, then, therefore, you were subjected to an energetic attack. To remove the evil eye will need to repeat the rite.

That is, you must ensure that the rite ends with the fact that the matches are not drowned. If this was not possible to do in three sessions, then you need to contact a professional magician.

If everything went well, and matches float on the surface of the water, then it is necessary to utter the following phrase:

The remaining water should be thrown over the threshold.

The plot against the evil eye: a selection of the best rites

There is a universal rite that can help get rid of any kind of negative impact. Such a ritual should be performed on Sunday, and it should be started in the temple with repeated reading of the famous “Our Father” prayer.

Early in the morning one should go to church and, putting a candle near the icon of the Savior, say the prayer “Our Father” nine times.

After that, say:

This church ritual has great power and begins to act almost immediately. But in order to form a reliable protective shield around you, you need to wait about a week.

Light conspiracies gradually gain strength, but if the results are completely unnoticeable, then the rite must be repeated again next Sunday.

And, of course, one should not neglect simple, but proven for centuries, popular “preventive” methods of protection against the evil eye, like tapping the table, pinning an ordinary pin on clothes, spitting three times over the left shoulder, and so on. Thinking about the upcoming important business, try to imagine success and pleasure less — it makes you vulnerable.

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