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The pin on the pin — reliable protection

Protective plot on a pin from alien exposure

Since ancient times, a pin on a pin has been considered a powerful magic tool that allows it to be protected from various alien influences. Such conspiracies are varied and can be a real support in everyday life.

The pin on the pin - reliable protection

Protective plots are always read only on a new pin. It should be remembered that this attribute is able to accumulate and transmit not only positive energy, but also negative. Therefore, it is very dangerous to lift an abandoned accessory on the street, because it can be charged with damage.

You need to think about the presence of detractors in their own environment, if the pin lies on the threshold of your house.

A pin on the pin turns the accessory into a reliable protective item. In real life, it will absorb all the negative energy that surrounds you, and it will not allow ill-wishers to harm you by sending targeted damage.

To transform an ordinary pin into a protective magic accessory, a special ceremony should be held. One of the days during the growing moon should buy a new safety pin, and on the same day you need to buy a church candle in the temple. Upon arrival home, you should retire in a separate room.

There immediately you need to read the prayer «Our Father» three times. After that, light a candle and place the tip of the pin in the flame of the candle.

Then the pin speaks with these words:

After pronouncing such words, the pin acquires protective properties and it should be pinned down from the wrong side of the clothes. Once every six months, you must rinse the used pin in running water and bury it in a deserted place, and repeat the rite with a new pin.

If the plotted pin is lost, you should definitely diagnose damage.

The pin on the pin - reliable protection

There is a rite that allows not only to turn a regular pin into a protective attribute, and to make it a talisman, attracting luck in life. The ritual is held at midnight on the new moon.

The pin should be picked up and said the following words over it:

The plotted pin must be left on the window sill overnight. After that, the magic attribute must be carried constantly with you.

Every new moon rite should be repeated.

The following rite will turn the pin into a reliable protective attribute. In the period of the growing moon should acquire a new safety pin.

In addition to the ritual will need:

  • Candle wax, it must be red;
  • Red long wool thread.

On the chosen day in a separate room, in the morning dawn or at noon, in bright sunshine, you should read the Our Father prayer. After that, from the match you need to light a candle.

Then start tying knots on the thread and pronounce the words:

The thread should be of such length that twelve knots can be imposed on it. After that, each of the nodules should drip melted wax candles.

And say the phrase:

Pin should pin to the wrong side of clothing.

The pin on the pin - reliable protection

You can turn a pin into a protective attribute by using smoke. To do this, you need to gather in the forest some spruce needles and pre-dry them.

The ceremony is held in a separate room in which the window is open. Needles are laid out on a refractory dish and set on fire.

Their smoke fumigates a previously prepared pin.

In the process, these words are pronounced:

It is necessary to ensure that the plotted pin is always with you. That is, each time, changing the clothes, this protective attribute must be reshuffled.

The effectiveness of such a spell attribute is time tested.

If you are a person with a strong natural energy, then you can speak a pin without using any additional means.

You need to focus, put a pin on your palm and say these words:

This method is optimal before any responsible meeting, when you doubt the purity of his intentions towards you.

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