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The mystical significance of the dream catcher tattoo

Sacral value of an interesting tattoo dream catcher

Tattoos — this is a fairly common form of art, which today is at the peak of its popularity. Each tattoo has its own sacred meaning, it can have an impact on a person’s life, both in a positive and in a negative context.

What is the significance of the mysterious and attractive dream catcher tattoo? You will learn about this from this material.

The mystical significance of the dream catcher tattoo

Historical background of the symbol dreamcatcher

Objects in the Indian theme began to gain popularity recently. Of course, the tattoo culture was not left out.

Now a tattoo depicting an ancient Indian amulet of the dreamcatcher is becoming more and more demanded by tattoo artists.

What are the roots of this mysterious amulet and what does it mean?

The main task of the image is to protect its owner. But dreamcatcher can be used in more specific values.

For example, it is believed that such a tattoo is not just a protective symbol, but also allows a person to always maintain a good mood. With the help of this tattoos, you will ensure pleasant dreams.

The cobweb is an element of the dreamcatcher tattoo, it will not allow negative thoughts to clog your head, both at night and at daytime. Also, with the help of a tattoo, a person will get the opportunity for development and spiritual self-improvement.

But, it should be noted that the characteristic of the tattoo has its roots in the meaning that the tribes of the ancient Indians endowed it with. After all, the tattoo itself came to our culture from them.

The original version of the amulet was composed of threads, twigs, beads and feathers. Ready talisman hung from the top of the bed, as it was designed to protect people from bad dreams.

However, the legend is silent about how this happened. Someone thought that only positive night visions could slip through the catcher’s cobweb, and bad dreams should be entangled in it.

According to another version, the dream catcher is able to skip both categories of dreams and thoughts, but as a result only positive ones remain, which ensures a calm sleep process.

Initially, the feathers of the amulet were used to entertain newborn babies. But in reality, they have a much deeper meaning. Thus, bird feathers are associated with breath and air, which are attributes of life.

The Indians argued that when the feathers begin to sway, it means that a person now sees a very good night vision.

In most cases, when creating an amulet for women, opted for owl feathers, associated with wisdom. And for a strong half of humanity, eagle feathers, which symbolized courage and courage, were more suitable.

Some Native American tribes produced a dream catcher with 8 points of contact with the circle. Thus the amulet became like a spider with eight limbs.

Additionally, the amulet was decorated with precious minerals. So one pebble acted as a symbol of one vital path that a person chose for himself for life.

And four pebbles were extreme points — North, South, West and East.

The ancient Indians also believed that the dream catcher did not miss not only bad dreams, but also became a reliable protection from evil spirits. The inhabitants of the tribes believed that this was facilitated by the presence of images of sacred animals that were combined with this talisman.

This trend can be traced in our time, as some versions of the amulet and today depict the imprint of the paw of some living creature (wolf, bear, owl, and others).

Of course, at this point in time, using the original version of the amulet is not entirely advisable, since the ward is quite massive and requires enough space for itself. A much more correct and correct decision is to make a tattoo with an ancient symbol that will also protect its owner from the evil eye, damage and, moreover, will always and everywhere be with you.

The mystical significance of the dream catcher tattoo

The value of a dream catcher tattoo on different parts of the body

Speaking about the amulet dream catcher, it should be noted that even an ordinary photograph or a simple drawing of an amulet will already have sufficiently strong protective properties. It will help protect its owner from negative influences from the outside, especially from evil entities, which are fed by negative human emotions.

Therefore, when you put such a sacral sign on yourself, you set yourself additional protection on a spiritual level.

At the same time, the protective properties of the amulet vary somewhat depending on which part of your body you applied it to.

Dream catcher on hand

The tattoo image of the dream catcher on the upper limb is a symbol of a shield on the arm. Such a tattoo is most acceptable for those individuals who have a somewhat harsh, belligerent character.

Dreamcatcher on the neck

If you are fascinated with rush, and absorbed by the routine — it is necessary to put a tattoo with an ancient protective symbol on your neck. In this case, the back of your body will be most protected.

Dreamcatcher on foot

In case the personality is interested in some esoteric practices, but more with the goal of better self-knowledge, it is worthwhile to place the dream catcher’s tattoo on the leg. Then the charm will best protect the front of your torso.

When to do a dream catcher tattoo

Today, it is not at all necessary for a person to have a connection with an Indian tribe to apply a dream catcher on his body. Although the original version of the amulet is represented by a circle, threads and feathers, there are quite a number of different versions of this tattoo.

Which one to choose for oneself is more a matter of taste and personal preferences. But in what situations, in principle, people decide to perform this image — read below:

  • dreaming of protecting oneself from targeted negative influences (spoilage, evil eye);
  • ensure quiet and pleasant dreams, goodbye forever to nightmares and insomnia;
  • feel merged with nature, which is personified with all the elements of the amulet;
  • demonstrate your respect and loyalty to the traditions of antiquity.

Based on all the above, we get a completely logical characteristic of a dreamcatcher tattoo: it will provide protection, freedom, and demonstrate interest in ancient cultures.

If you want to enhance the effect of the tattoo — place it as close as possible to the head area (for example, to the neck and forearms). Although many people feel inner peace already simply from the fact that their body has this protective symbol, regardless of its location.

At the same time there are no strict restrictions in the area of ​​tattooing. But, according to a small experiment, the fair sex more and more often stop at the option of applying a tattoo on the back area.

On such a vast area for creativity, real masterpieces of art can be created.

The mystical significance of the dream catcher tattoo

Features of a dream catcher tattoo in men

A strong half of humanity, as a rule, stops at the classic version of the image without additional elements. Auxiliary elements can be represented by wolf or bear paws or drawings of these living creatures.

And the use of eagle feathers is traditionally associated with the typically masculine qualities of character — courage and courage.

Tattoo styles

Choosing a style for tattoos dreamcatcher, based on the sense that fills this picture. Most young people stop with one-color tattoos, and girls stop with color tattoos.

To create a true artwork enjoy a bright style of watercolor. Applying Polynesia, ethnic, tribal it is possible to add national motifs to the tattoo, both antiquity and modernity.

Versions of monochrome graphic tattoos are classic.

Among other popular styles for a dream catcher tattoo can be called old school, trash polka or blackwork. An unusual view has a combination of images in black and white with the addition of bright color blotches.

Deciding to choose for yourself a tattoo with a dream catcher you will not regret it, because it not only has protective properties, but also will delight you with its beautiful look.

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