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The mystical significance of tattoo lily in tattoo art

The value of tattoo lily in tattoo art

Lilia today is a very popular symbol in headdresses, especially for women. The main symbolic meaning of the tattoo lily is somewhat similar to the characteristic of the lotus flower in the eastern states.

Basically, the lily is personified with harmony, tranquility, generosity, glory and innocence, and also — peacefulness, grandeur and tenderness.

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The mystical significance of tattoo lily in tattoo art

Lily Tattoo History

The lily symbol was popular in many cultures and religious traditions of the world. In the West, the lily possessed an almost similar characteristic with the lotus flower in the culture of the inhabitants of the East.

In ancient Rome, lilies had the right to use exclusively the representatives of the elite of society. There he was minted on coins, plus the whole of the lily personified hope.

The ancient Greeks patronized the lily goddess virgins, it was believed that this delicate plant was born out of the milk of the goddess Hera.

The ancient Egyptians personified the lily flower with well-being and fertility. There was also a tradition to decorate the bodies of the dead immaculate girls with the flowers of this plant.

In the future, it began to indicate the transience of life and early death.

German legends and myths tell about elves living in these mystical colors.

The French lily revered as a royal symbol, its image can be found on the arms of various members of the aristocracy. At the same time, there was a tradition to put a flower on the shoulder area of ​​frivolous girls.

In adherents of Christianity, the snow-white lily is related to the Virgin Mary, and therefore symbolizes meekness, modesty, innocence and humility. Considering many icons, one can observe how the Archangel Gabriel is holding a lily flower.

Value tattoo lily

In nature, there are a large number of different types of lily flower, which means that its value will vary based on the specific species. Consider all possible options in more detail later.

A large number of lilies

Rather common versions of female tattoo, depicting the stem, from which emit flowers of lilies. This version of the figure is personified with eternal life and reincarnation.

The mystical significance of tattoo lily in tattoo art

Dark Lily

If a lily flower is made in dark shades, it can bring thoughts about the beauty of the night and hidden desires. Mysterious and mystical dark lilies are very different from light colors, innocent and naive.

Bright red or black flowers reflect passion.

White lily

The flower, depicted in a delicate bright palette, surrounded by thorns and weeds, symbolizes innocence and purity, and also flourishes against the background of a cruel and vicious reality.

Used by itself, without any auxiliary elements, this plant personifies modesty, purity, innocence, embarrassment, and naivety. Flowers are designed to inspire reflections on the sinlessness, fragility and chastity.

Orange lily

Tattoos with orange lily on the one hand will tell about originality, independence, original thinking, and on the other — will tell about the feeling of hatred.

Pink lily

This interesting version of the plant in the pink range will tell about the delicacy, tenderness and beauty of youth.

The mystical significance of tattoo lily in tattoo art

Yellow lily

The majestic yellow lily indicates impregnability, pride and arrogance.

Fairy Lily

In fantastic versions of images of lilies, which are in demand among dreamy lovers of fairy tales and mythological fans, it is believed that elves dwell.

So medieval Germanic folklore claims that elves are inextricably linked to the buds and die when the plant fades.

Heraldic lily

Take a closer look at the images of the heraldic lily and you will see that it does not look like a real flower at all. Variants of stylized drawings are very unrealistic, but at the same time they have different positive characteristics.

The classic version of the tattoo is a flower with three petals. In this case, the image differs in recognizable outlines, since one of the petals is located in the central part, and the second two, are bent and deviate from the first.

Most likely, the yellow iris, which is part of the lily flower family, became the prototype of this stylized tattoo. As a rule, the tattoo with a heraldic lily is performed in cases where a person wants to focus on his noble birth or wealth.

That is why heraldry is not very popular with men.

Royal lily

A royal lily tattoo will change its value based on the color gamut. For example, tiger lily buds will tell about the independence of a person, great creativity and originality of the personality.

Other options

Different cultures of the world interpret the lily flower as a symbol of fertility, for example, the inhabitants of ancient Egypt.

The most common interpretation is the association of lilies with nobility.

But, do not forget also the fact that the value of a tattoo of a lily as a female symbol is very rich, not monotonous, but not in all cases positive. Indeed, at one time the tattoo of a lily, applied on the shoulder, was a shameful mark, which indicated women are not the most strict moral principles.

The value of lily tattoo in men

It should be noted that representatives of a strong half of humanity decide to depict a lily on their body in extremely rare cases. Basically, it’s still a female symbol, and only those versions of tattoos in which the lily is depicted with honey can represent an exception.

Then she will act as a symbol of nobility, masculinity and loyalty to her principles. A man who decides to perform such a tattoo is distinguished by honesty, loyalty and is always responsible for his words.

The value of the tattoo on the zone

You can find a variant of the tattooed lily on the shoulder, as a rule, again in women. In this case, the tattoo will tell about a person’s unconventional sexual orientation or overly frivolous behavior.

It is possible to draw a logical conclusion that the more attractive the lily flower in a tattoo is, the more expressive symbolism it will have and the more difficult it will be to understand its meaning.

The most important thing is that people who have made such a tattoo can no longer even imagine themselves without it. It becomes like a part of their body, begins to complement them.

And it is absolutely unimportant that someone still associates this symbol with the stigma. After all, for the tattoo carrier, such an image is a distinctive sign that favorably distinguishes the person from those around them.

Therefore, if you decide to make yourself a lily tattoo — you can be sure that you will definitely not be overlooked; a correctly made lily flower will add you even more visual appeal!

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