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The most powerful conspiracy against the evil eye, damage and curses

The best conspiracy against the evil eye, damage, curses to protect the child and adult

Evil and envious people are able to jinx or intentionally damage and curse those who they consider to be their enemies. To get rid of the magical effect and to protect yourself, your loved ones and children from it, there are special rituals, conspiracies and rituals using salt, chicken eggs, water and other things.

For carrying out cleansing rites do not need to have paranormal abilities. It is enough to perform all the actions exactly as instructed.

When casting damage, sorcerers most often use black magic. Different types of exposure cause different symptoms. They appear as follows:

  • Violation of behavior. The man begins to do what he had not done before. Damage can be done on eating behavior (appetite loss or gluttony), a quarrel between husband and wife, drunkenness, aggression or dementia.
  • The occurrence of adverse events. As if randomly there are problem situations caused by magical effects. It can be done on the devastation in the house, on theft or loss, on a fire in the house, car breakdown. If such a negative is not removed, unpleasant situations will arise again and again.
  • Sleep disturbance, nervous disorders. A person whose energy protection is violated constantly feels a sense of psychological discomfort, fear. At night, there are often nightmares.

All these symptoms signal the presence of a negative energy impact. Depending on the origin, it may be:

  • Evil eye. The violation of energy, arising from contact with a person who has a strong biological field. When such people have a strong feeling of envy or anger, they can negatively affect the energy of other people and destroy it. Especially the evil eye is dangerous for children.
  • Damage, love spell. Types of magical effects of a controlling character, when through special rituals diseases are brought to the victim, to failures, or to be forced into non-standard behavior. No matter what the damage or spell was done, they always negatively affect the psyche and health.
  • A curse. It occurs at the time of conflict between close relatives, when the mother repeatedly curses her child or when someone in the family dies, feeling hatred at her relatives at the time of death. Get rid of this negativity is very difficult.

If there is a suspicion that there is damage or the evil eye, it is necessary to diagnose. It is impossible to carry out cleaning rituals if the presence of a negative is not confirmed.

The most powerful conspiracy against the evil eye, damage and curses

The most accessible methods of testing for the presence of a negative in the home are diagnostics using matches or a church candle. To determine the damage matches need:

  • three ordinary matches;
  • water tank;
  • candle.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. 1. The candle is lit and installed in close proximity to itself.
  2. 2. They take three matches in their hands and ask mentally the question whether there is a negative impact on this person.
  3. 3. Light one match and keep thinking about this person.
  4. 4. Carefully shifting the match in hand, make sure that it is completely burned out. If it goes out, they light from the candle.
  5. 5. An ember from a small height is thrown into a vessel with water.
  6. 6. Also burn the remaining matches.

If the embers fell to the bottom, then there is a heavy damage or curse. If only one match drowned — there is an evil eye.

If nothing drowned, then there is no negative.

To diagnose a church candle, it is lit and gently brought alternately to the forehead, throat, solar plexus and inguinal region, knees and feet. Then examine from the back: the back of the head, middle of the back, lower back and legs. If in any place the candle starts to shoot, it means that there is a violation of the aura and the evil eye.

Appears soot signals the presence of damage. When damned, the flame of a candle lifted to the lower back is pulled up along the spine with a lot of soot.

Sometimes instantly goes out.

The most powerful conspiracy against the evil eye, damage and curses

With the help of a wax casting, any evil eye is removed, a love spell for melancholy, damage to the disease. For this ceremony you will need:

  • 150 g of wax;
  • tank with cool, clean water;
  • dishes for heating wax.

Before the beginning of the pouring out the patient is put on a chair. While the wax is being heated, they repeat the plot: "May the Lord be resurrected, may his enemies be scattered, as wax melted from the fire, so all filth from a slave (name) will melt now and forever. Where the Lord is, there is no power of the Enemy of man.

Want cleanse amen".

When everything is melted, hold in your right hand a bowl of water over the tainted head, gradually pour the wax into the water with your left hand, with the words "God bless". Casting study. If it has a flat surface, the negative is considered removed.

If there are irregularities, the ceremony should be repeated. Wax, which removed the evil eye, can be melted and reused.

After removing the damage, all materials must be disposed of.

The most powerful conspiracy against the evil eye, damage and curses

Shifting the negative on your worn clothes works well when you remove the curse, damage to the disease or appetite, removes damage to death and orphanage. Ideally, if the ceremony will be held on the night of the old New Year, but it is possible at any other time.

After waiting for the waning moon, go away from home, putting on new clothes, and on top of it — old, worn and worn. Having come to a secluded place, make a fire.

All old clothes are removed and thrown into the fire. Until she completely burns through, they repeat the words of the conspiracy over and over again:

"As the sky with its thunder of earthly creatures is frightening, as the celestial lightning of the forest, fields, burns at home, so I’m out of the body of a man I exorcise the name (spoil, illness), burn it in the crimson fireplace. I, serpents and serpents, and your sons and daughters, sorcerers and sorcerers, unclean forces and demoniac spirits, expel people from the body of fools, free me through fire.

Go you snake, for Kalinov bridge, waited for you an abandoned graveyard. Whoever put an unclean force in (name) has not gathered more strength.

I expel evil spirits from (name), exorcise the demoniac spirit, drive out the demon of the nocturnal and noonday, who is imprisoned either by sorcerers, or sorcerers, or healers, or unclean powers. As this thing is burned, it turns into ash, with me (imenik) and the devil burn away from the body (name) get away.

Fire — the doctor, ash — the baker. Amen".

When the fire is completely burned, the embers throw earth and go home. They don’t talk to anyone along the way.

During this ritual, it is important to take off and burn all clothes that have been worn more than once.

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