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The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

The strongest conspiracies on love: rites and conspiracies of different strengths

Love magic is considered to be generally available, but when choosing a conspiracy or a rite that will have to affect the feelings of a loved one, the magician will have to focus on the level of their own capabilities. The beloved, in whose name ritual actions will be performed, will be defenseless against surging sensations, the responsibility for his adaptation to a new state of mind will also fall on the mage’s shoulders.

Therefore, before succumbing to the impulse of blind love, you must first understand your own motives and determine the real place of this person in your life.

In total, there are 6 basic rules of love magic, the observance of which will bring the result as close as possible to the promised and reduce the negative inverse processes:

  • all performed actions must be kept secret, and ritual paraphernalia requiring long storage is hidden in such a way that it will never be found;
  • in the process of ritual, you need to visualize the result in the desired perspective, to present the future pleasant moments of intimacy with your loved one, as if they were already a memory;
  • it is supposed to forget about the conspiracy immediately after all the manipulations, and the upcoming alliance should be taken for granted, without anticipation or obsessive expectation;
  • conspiracies on love are carried out on the new moon and on the growing moon, less often on the full moon;
  • during the ritual, red candles are used, purchased in a church or a shop of magic supplies;
  • all ceremonies, even “white” ones, require washing in the church, preferably with the observance of a 3-5-day fast.

If the ritual did not help or its effect was different than expected, you should not immediately correct the situation with other conspiracies — you need to wait for the next rising moon.

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

Plots of love will not work or will lead to an undesirable result if the motivation to read them will be lust, desire for revenge or ordinary jealousy.

The great deviation from the code of magicians is the destruction of the marriage union or action against the spouse (spouse) of the beloved.

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

If the husband lost interest in his wife or began to look at other girls, the spouse may seek help from the moon — the patroness of the feminine. To do this, she needs to wait for a clear moonlit night, go to the gate of her yard and open it.

Looking at the moon and closing her hands in the “castle”, the woman quietly reads these words:

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

This spell is recommended to use men who are desperate to attract the attention of his girlfriend. A few days after the plot readings, the guy will notice that his beloved looks at him with favor, which will allow him to hope for a positive response to his next initiative.

The spell is pronounced at midnight, on any day of the rising moon.

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

The rite of “blind love” is considered light, because it contains an appeal to divine powers, but it is the strongest love spell using church paraphernalia and should not be used without extreme need. For the ritual, a linen or cotton white tablecloth, three white saucers and three church candles are bought in advance.

The ritual algorithm is as follows:

  1. 1. Closer to midnight a woman covers the table with a new tablecloth, arranges saucers with sticky candles on it and puts out the light in the room.
  2. 2. All three candles are lit from one match.
  3. 3. Looking at the fire, the woman for 2-3 minutes represents her lover in pleasant moments for him, then reads the plot three times.
  4. 4. With the word «Amen,» at the end of each prayer read, one candle is extinguished.
  5. 5. Once in the dark, the woman gropingly collects all the candles, twists them into a bundle and again lights and sets on a saucer.

This time the candles should be allowed to burn out completely until they themselves go out, after which the window opens and the room is well ventilated from smoke.

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

This powerful conspiracy acts on a Higher Power, so the result will depend not on the girl’s stubbornness and desire, but on how much the potential partners fit each other. If the relationship is doomed to failure in advance, then no effect will occur, but if a strong marriage is in prospect for the union, the ceremony will act instantly.

A conspiracy is read on Monday or Tuesday on a rising moon:

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

There are one serious flaw in the “landings” — they equally affect both partners, therefore the woman who reads the plot turns out to be in the same dependent position on her companion as he is from her. A girl should understand that such a love spell acts instantly and is practically not subject to cancellation.

You should buy some small souvenir made of mountain ash, birch or apple in advance and on the night of the full moon go out with him into the courtyard so as to be completely in the moonlight. You have to stand for a few minutes, thinking about your beloved, and then read the plot without pause six times:

“As the Light and Darkness do not merge together, so the servant of God (his name) with the servant of God (his name) will never disperse. I, to him, the servant of God (his name), inspire alarm, so that he can only wash and wash, suffer and suffer, drink no water, eat no food, think everything about me, remember everything in dreams.


The next day, you need to give a souvenir to your beloved and try to make him touch him more often.

On any women’s day, a broom and a yellow scoop are bought on the market without hiding and houses are hidden from prying eyes to a new moon. On the appointed day, this broom sweeps the yard in front of the house or the landing in front of the entrance door, and all the rubbish is collected in a new scoop.

Revenge the courtyard should be carefully, without missing the back streets, and at the same time whisper: “I am going to gather good fellows to my doorstep. So that neither misers, nor eunuchs, nor fools, nor thieves, nor idlers. Come to me, grooms, from all the good yards, right houses.

My word is true. Amen».

The plot is pronounced from 6 to 12 times, then all the collected garbage is poured into a prepared cloth bag and put away in a secluded corner until the next new moon. Every day during the month, “Our Father” is read above the bag.

When the plot works, garbage from the sacks is sown on four sides at a crossroads.

In the early days of the growing moon, a woman with moonlight washes her head above a basin, preferably with melted snow or rainwater. The water washed off the hair is taken out into the yard and, holding a basin in their hands, they say these words:

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

With the last words, the pelvis is tilted to the ground, so that all the water is poured out and the woman goes to sleep. Early in the morning of the next day, you need to go outside and ask any question that requires the answer “yes” or “no” to the first one you meet.

If the answer to the question is «yes,» then the woman’s beloved is her betrothed, if «no,» then their paths will diverge.

Conspiracies on love, read in the full moon, are effective only in clear weather, when the moon is visible in a clear circle. A woman should read magical texts (there are five of them), one after another, sitting on the threshold of her house or standing in front of the window in order to fully see the disk of the night light.

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

Full-moon love magic has the ability to respect the personal will of a man and will not work if a man feels negative feelings for a girl or is deeply in love with another woman.

On the new moon, the wishes of young women who were not married and childless are well fulfilled. For the ceremony you will need a golden ring, a red candle and some consecrated water in a glass.

After midnight, the girl, bareheaded and in a nightgown, lights a candle on the table, sets a glass of water in front of her, and throws the ring into the water. It is necessary that the fire of the candle reflected in the water and played a flash of gold.

The girl needs to turn on the fantasy and try to see the image of the beloved in the glare. When she succeeds, she recites the spell:

“Like a little sister in water, she hugged the ring, so love (the name of the guy) will embrace me (her name), won’t let go, will not shrive up, will grow stronger, and remain fresh. Amen».

The ring is worn on the finger in the manner of a wedding and worn until the next new moon.

The action of the ritual «bewitched heart» cannot be removed if the girl herself does not want to let go of her former lover, but it is also very difficult to do this at home — you will have to turn to a specialist for a lapel. If a girl is not confident in her feelings and passion for a young man, you should stop the choice on a lighter conspiracy.

How is the rite performed?

  1. 1. Between midnight and three o’clock at night, the girl spreads on the table a new white handkerchief (male).
  2. 2. A red candle is lit. Holding her in her right hand, the girl with drops of wax marks on the scarf a symbolic heart shape.
  3. 3. After the outline of the figure is marked on the shawl, they proceed to full waxing of the figure — the thicker the fill layer is, the better.
  4. 4. When the wax hardens, the full name of the young man is squeezed out with a wooden stick on it, and then a heart is pierced in the middle with a new sewing needle.
  5. 5. Trying not to break the wax figure and not accidentally pull out the needles, the handkerchief is tied at the four corners and hidden in the house from the eyes of others.

The ritual gives strength to the plot, which should be read several times from the moment the candle is lit and up to the minute the handkerchief is fastened.

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

For the ritual on the growing moon, choose any male day. An odd amount of dry aspen chips is harvested in advance.

After midnight, it is necessary to burn the chips on the plate in turn, releasing smoke into the open window and reading the plot. Repeat the text three times:

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

On the day of his birthday, if he falls on the first days of the growing moon, you need to go to the temple and buy two wedding candles. In the evening of the same day (before midnight), new burning candles read a conspiracy:

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

In the next two weeks, carrying candles with you, you have to go to church every day until you can get to the wedding ceremony (a young couple is required). The entire sacred rite must be defended to the end, and when they come home, light the candles side by side, on one plate, and let them burn to the end.

Cinchware wrapped in a scarf and stored at home.

If the guy is long and unsuccessfully trying to please the girl he fell in love with, he should read a special conspiracy for mutual feelings. The text is slandered on one of the women’s days of the week, in any quarter of the growing moon.

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

A girl who does not want to part with her beloved for a long period needs to go to an open pond where fishing nets are placed, or to put the cage in the backwater itself. For the rite from the net or cage, they get a live unbroken fish and, holding it tight, say:

“Just as this fish dies without water, just as a person dies without food, so you, God’s servant (his name), neither eat nor sleep, nor can you breathe. To leave far away, do not rise legs.

Be in my opinion. Amen».

The rite is recommended for women who observe the cooling of feelings of a spouse or suspect the second half of treason. The following plot is read on a handful of salt for 9 days with the first glimpses of the morning dawn, while the husband and other family members are still asleep.

On the tenth day, all the food eaten by her husband is sprinkled with conspiratorial salt, and the remaining crystals are buried in the courtyard.

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

To make love mutual, an uncomplicated rite is used for two photographs. They take two pictures — their own and the person they are in love with, and cut them so that the portraits are the same in size.

On the front side of the photograph of the beloved, some honey is dripping and they stick their own photo to it too.

They read a conspiracy: “Honey is sweet and tedious, and the servant of God (his name) is sweet with me. As all insects seek to taste honey, so the servant of God (his name) tends to me. Just like bees are hops and pryan medok, so also from me, the servants of God (my name), lose your head, have fun with your heart.

My word is strong. Amen».

After the ceremony, the glued images are wrapped in a red cloth and placed under the pillow. Immediately need to go to bed.

After 7 days, the bundle is taken from under the pillow and buried in the ground near the housing of the bewitched guy.

In the afternoon, on the eve of Easter, an unmarried girl who wants to find a groom in the current year needs to cook and paint 9 chicken eggs in red. When everything is ready, the girl takes each testicle in turn in her right hand, lovingly looks at it, kisses it and says these words:

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

For this ritual will have to buy a new mirror in a wooden frame, very simple, without patterns and decorations. The next day after the purchase you need to get up before sunrise, go up to the window with this mirror and, waiting for the first rays of dawn, catch them in the mirror and immediately immediately, without hesitation, pronounce the spell:

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

After reading this conspiracy belonging to the category of innocuous, white magic, you have to hold the mirror in the sunlight for a few more minutes and then put it in the linen closet. The next three weeks each morning, the girl needs to get a mirror, smarten up in front of him, and then hide again.

Soon for the beloved she will become all the more lovely and desirable.

A conspiracy is good when a man needs to wake up his former feelings after a divorce or remind him of himself at a distance. A girl needs to buy a big red apple, three red candles and a scarlet ribbon.

  1. 1. After midnight, a fortuneor lights up candles on the table, arranged in a triangle, picks up an apple and cuts it in half.
  2. 2. A seed box is scraped with a spoon in halves of an apple.
  3. 3. The processed fruit is placed in the center of the triangle.
  4. 4. On a small piece of paper, the girl writes the name of her lover and next to her, then rolls a piece of paper into a ball and puts it in the recess of one of the halves of the fruit.
  5. 5. The apple is folded in the manner of the whole and is well tied with a ribbon so that the halves hold tight.

Holding the apple on the palm in front of her face, the girl without hesitation says the following text three times: “As the apple dries red in the sun, so can my dear (his name) dry up without me. Only let me think and dream about me, with my name and dawn and sunset meet. ”

The next morning, an apple is placed under direct sunlight so that it begins to dry, and not to rot.

At dawn, in July or August, the girl should go out to the courtyard, become bare feet in the dewy grass and summon her lover in this way:

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

The guy needs to podgadat moment when the first snow will fall at night, and go out without a hat and heavy clothes. Catching snowflakes with his hands, the young man reads a conspiracy:

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

In the church they buy the thinnest, cheapest candle and take some holy water. On the night of the growing moon or full moon, one must go to the cemetery, light a candle, and, walking among the graves, read the plot.

The text is pronounced repeatedly, without stopping, until the candle burns out to a tiny candle.

As soon as the candle goes out, you need to quickly return home, without talking to anyone or looking around. Three days should be avoided meeting with his beloved, and on the ninth and fortieth day, counting from the first reading, fix the result with repetitions of the entire ritual.

A spell cast at the graveyard:

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

On the day before the ceremony, one should find a fresh grave of a young man in the cemetery, whose name will be the same as that of the man who speaks, and take a handful of earth from the knoll. You should also prepare: the blood of a young rooster, the fruit of a wild apple tree, a smooth stone from the seabed.

At midnight, from Thursday to Friday, being at home, the fortuneteller takes a half-liter jar, pours cemetery land there, pours it with any natural water, puts an apple and pebbles over the ground. From above, all the styling is sprayed with cockerel blood.

Then the witch whispers a spell and tightly closes the jar. Until dawn, the laying is buried near the house of a loved one.

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

Having passed through seven different courtyards, the girl with each sneakily takes a few straws and brings them home. At night, behind his dwelling, the fortuneterer folds all the stored straw up the hill, rushes to the ground and rolls his heart around the straw pile, quietly shouting out the name of the beloved boy and his own.

Then the straw is ignited from the match and while it is burning, the spell is read:

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

Noticing that the husband is looking at other girls, the wife goes to the market and buys a leather dog leash. At midnight at home, the leash is spread on the floor. The wife steps over him twice: towards the threshold and back, and then takes it in her hands, bangs on the threshold and says:

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

A girl who is not spoiled by the attention of her suitors needs to go to the village where there is a river and the fishermen put nets on. In the morning dawn, a girl needs to sneak unnoticed into the nets placed in the backwater, grab one of them with her right hand and speak the cherished words three times:

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

From Thursday to Friday, his wife takes a new bar of soap and, in the light of a church candle, speaks about his love spells. Then they enclose the soap to her husband so that he would wash them constantly until the piece turns into a remnant.

Even the most frivolous husbands after this conspiracy no longer interested in extraneous women.

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

Close to midnight, in the light of one candle, on a small piece of paper they write the following lines:

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

Then the paper is rolled up into a straw, the dried wormwood branch is put into it and set on fire from the candle. While the tube is burning, and the smoke from it is pulled out into the window, you need to pronounce the words of the spell written.

The ashes are collected in a paper envelope and kept at home until the desired object does not recognize the girl in his sympathy for her.

The ceremony, similar to the previous one, is recommended to young unmarried guys for receiving a response love from a girl.

The text is written on a small sheet:

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

Paper with a written spell is set on fire by a church candle, and ash, as it burns, is poured into a plate. When the note is completely burned, the guy, grinding the paper dust in his hands, pronounces the spell written earlier.

Ash tidies up until the conspiracy does not work.

If a girl ignores a boy in love for a long time, he should try to draw her attention to herself with a simple but strong plot on a sewing needle. For this, a new needle with a wide ear is bought and spoken.

If possible, the guy needs to hide this needle in the room of his beloved, preferably near her wardrobe or trellis.

The plot is read like this:

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

This plot should be learned to automatism, so that you can devote yourself entirely to visualization. At night, the girl goes to the window and, looking at the moon, bites her tongue to light pain. Then, while the pain persists, you need to quickly pronounce the plot:

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

The rite requires a serious approach and a firm belief in the need for such actions. Attributes are prepared in advance — a thick woolen thread of red color, a red candle and essential oil of jasmine.

Action takes place on the night of Friday.

In the light of a candle, you need to concentrate, to present an image of a loved one in your head. When the concentration is complete, a piece of thread is taken into the hands and proceeds as follows:

  1. 1. They tie the first knot and at the same time they say: “This knot is poured by the force of my intention”.
  2. 2. A drop of essential oil is applied to the nodule and allowed to absorb.
  3. 3. They tie it over the first knot of the second and accompany it with such words: “A secret union illuminates with the light of my passionate love.”
  4. 4. Apply a drop of oil again.
  5. 5. The third, the largest knot, is fixed with such phrase: “The triple knot is sturdy, and our love is even stronger”.
  6. 6. Now the knot is generously covered with oil.

On the same night, the rope must be attributed to the house where the beloved lives, and to bury it in the ground in the place where his leg will probably set foot in the coming days.

Reading on a daisy will help to reason with a loved one and to revive a relationship, if people are destined to each other according to fate, but if this is not the case, then the rite will not work. The girl needs, waking up early, to pick 5 flowers of small pharmaceutical chamomile near the house.

On the same day, the fortuneteller must sew a small bag of unbleached flax with his own hands and put the tattered petals into it from all five flowers.

The bag is tightly tied and, shaking it, they read the following text:

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

She puts a conspiracy torbuku under her pillow and does not get out 10 days. On the 11th day, the bookmark is cleaned in a secluded corner and stored until the result appears.

The plot is read on freshly prepared food on any men’s day of the week, but you need to cook so tasty that your loved one will eat everything to the last degree. Divination will act if a woman reads the text emotionally, with love, mentally visualizing the desired image.

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

On the eve of the day appointed for the ceremony, a laurel broom is bought on the market without surrender (the shop packing of a bay leaf is not suitable) and carries it home. After midnight, on the 26th or 29th lunar day, you need to tear one whole leaf off the broom, set it on fire from the red candle and, inhaling the fragrant smoke, read the plot:

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

While pronouncing the text, the girl needs to imagine how the lover caresses and kisses her. It is important to feel erotic excitement — such an emotional mood will strengthen the conspiracy magic many times.

In order to awaken the young man’s cooled feelings, or to return a broken relationship, you need to invite the guy to his home and have him drink a conspired drink. It can be a juice or any non-alcoholic cocktail.

A few minutes before the guest arrives, the girl pours a drink into a glass, spits in there and recites the following text three times:

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

To charm a man in such a way is possible only if he does not feel negative towards an increase in value and will in fact often put on the plotted garment. It is better if it is a bottom T-shirt or casual shirt, presented to a loved one on his birthday.

On the eve of the date, the girl lays the thing on the table, puts three lit church candles around her and says:

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

On the eve of a full moon or a growing moon day, a girl needs to get 3 hairs from her lover’s head (you can get it from a comb) and snatch 5 hairs from your head. At midnight, the girl lights a red church candle on the table, brings to the fire a bundle of braided hair (her own and a young man) and says: «As your hair flashes, so your (name) love will flash to me (your) name.»

The hair should be completely burned out, and the ashes are blown out the window.

In the market they buy a broom from birch twigs and pull three long vines out of it. They need to talk, put under the rug at the front door of his house and call a beloved guy to visit.

When he steps on the sticking rods, the witchcraft will take effect.

The words of the conspiracy are: “As the twigs dry, crinkle, so my dear (name) cannot. He dries for me, is killed, like three loziny, toils. «

When the guy leaves the house, stepping over the rods in the opposite direction, they are pulled out from under the rug, wrapped in a red scarf and hidden from prying eyes.

A ritual for an engagement ring is performed when there is discord in the family and there is a risk that the spouse will file for divorce. If the wedding ring, the power of the conspiracy increases several times.

In the last quarter of the growing moon at midnight, you need to put the seven church red candles on the table in the right circle and light them. A ring with a white handkerchief threaded through it is placed in the center of the circle and the words of the conspiracy are pronounced:

The most powerful conspiracies for love that can not be removed

The candles should be allowed to burn out, then take a ring with a handkerchief from the circle and hide them under the pillow. In the morning, you need to get out of bed with your right foot, get the plotted objects and separate them — put the ring on your finger and fold the handkerchief and give it to your husband until the evening of the same day.

The more often the spouse touches the magic item, the stronger the binding will work.

Applying the «black» plots should be ready for a magical recoil in the form of diseases and nerve shocks, so experienced magicians do not recommend using energy-heavy rites on their own. If people are destined to be together, a light push will suffice to entwine their fates, and if not, then inexperienced actions can quickly destroy their own and other people’s lives.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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