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The most effective love spells and plots for sex

Love spells and plots for sex: 14 strong rituals for self-realization

Since ancient times, men and women have used a sexual spell to attract a person of interest or to revive passion in a fading relationship. For such assistance attracts the forces of nature, the Higher forces, personal energy.

There are many rituals, but the most popular are ceremonies using improvised means and plots for sex. In order for such actions to have power, they need to be carried out correctly.

A kind of love spell, which is aimed at the emergence or increase of sexual desire — is called sexual binding. It differs from the usual love spell in that it does not affect the feelings of a person and does not break his will.

You can tie both women and men.

Such bindings are popular in couples where relationships have lost their brightness, which is reflected in sex life. They are also used to cause a strong attraction, but not to bind themselves to a serious relationship.

These rituals can be performed independently. If the desired object is married or married, then it is possible to break the harmony in the relationship of the family, which is bad for the bewitching one.

The most effective love spells and plots for sex

The following types of binding are most often used:

  • prayer;
  • conspiracy;
  • a prisuku;
  • sexual binding on the chakras;
  • love spell.

No need to simultaneously read prayers, dry and bewitch. Such actions, most likely, either will not have a result, or will cause the opposite result.

The most effective love spells and plots for sex

Appealing to God with a request for love is a white way to bring feelings to a desired object. Sexual binding is difficult to call, because there are no prayers to God, the Mother of God and the saints with a request for closeness.

But prayer is a powerful way to return a loved one to the family or to make him again look with love in his eyes at his wife or beloved.

Prayers can be read on their own or ordered in the church. The most effective are the appeals to Archangel Varahiel with a prayer for family happiness and to saints Peter and Fevronia about a happy marriage.

Matrona Moskovskaya helps those whose husband looks to the side. A prayer about the loyalty of her husband helps to save the family and improve relationships. St. Nicholas asked for love men.

This can be done by both married people and single people whose love goes away or is unanswered.

In order to appeal to God or the saints to be effective, you need to read the prayer correctly. It is better to do this in the temple, in the face of the saint who was chosen for the request. Before going to church, the temple must follow the rules:

  1. 1. The prayer should be read on the growing moon in the morning until 10 o’clock, at least until the mass.
  2. 2. Before you go to church, you need to endure three days of fasting and clear your mind of resentment, anger. At home these days, pray to the Lord with the request to guide you on the right path, to save you from negative thoughts.
  3. 3. You need to go to the temple in a good mood, with a bright heart. You must sincerely say the words of prayer and requests. Belief in the power of the Most High and prayer will surely help.
  4. 4. In the temple you need to buy candles and write notes about your health and loved ones. Donate money for the maintenance of the temple.
  5. 5. Put candles for health to the icons of Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary or at the altar.
  6. 6. In the face of the chosen saint you need to put three candles. The first one is asked to help in finding love. By lighting the second candle, ask specifically for the love of a particular person. Read selected prayer. The third candle is a thank-you. It is necessary to thank the saint for his help, to pronounce the words in the present tense.
  7. 7. Thrice to cross and stand for a while until the candles burn to about half.

Leaving the church, you should buy candles and small icons, holy water. At home, as soon as there is a feeling that you need to communicate with God or the saints, light a candle near the icon and sincerely read the prayer.

You can read it once or as much as your soul requires.

By the power of prayer, one can evoke feelings in one’s beloved person and even ignite passion.

The most effective love spells and plots for sex

Folklore text created to achieve magical goals, since ancient times is called a conspiracy or slander. The words that are put into the conspiracy are time tested, modified and supplemented to get the best result.

Ready-made working texts have reached our times, so changing words or throwing out lines is not recommended.

In the case when there is no suitable hex, you can create it yourself. But it is difficult, so you can ruin the case.

Speak or slander anything. For love magic conspiracies are used in different forms, for example, to the wind or to smoke, salt or water, to a thing belonging to someone whose feelings they want to rekindle.

This rite can be done for a guy and a girl. The result will be the same.

At night, from Friday to Saturday, during the rising moon, far from home, you need to kindle a fire. Slowly go around it in a clockwise direction, keeping your arms above the fire.

At this time, you need to ask the smoke to rekindle passion in a girl or a boy, necessarily naming the name and visualizing exactly what kind of relationship I would like. Then you need to stop and, looking at the fire and smoke, concentrate on conspiracy an odd number of times (3, 7 or 13):

“Let (the name of the object) be eager for me (your name) from now on and forever. Let it be so!


Appeal to the elements took its beginning in pagan magic, therefore, has great power.

This ritual can be done for women and men, but more often it is used for the former. Alcohol is always a conspiracy enhancer, and if the text itself is read passionately and a strong sexual energy is invested in it, the result will not take long.

To conduct such a ceremony, it is necessary to have the opportunity for a joint dinner.

It is imperative that on Friday on a growing or full moon during dinner, pouring wine into a glass, you need to mentally read the plot, putting all the passion:

“Animal power, animal power, seize (name), let his (her) thirst for passion, thirst for lust towards (name), dry firewood gnaws at the fire, and you (name) dry with hot desire and excitement to me (name ), henceforth and forever and ever. As said (a), so be it! «

It is necessary to fix your thoughts on the sexual chakra of the partner, feeling burning desire and lust. It is desirable to drink wine from a single glass, but this is not a prerequisite.

If in a couple the relationship has cooled or because of the worries and problems, the man is not in the mood for sex, then the woman can refresh her emotions with a simple piece of soap.

Toward evening, take the soap that the man washes and, long and lather, read the plot 7 times:

“I ask you to wash slowly so that the love for the slave (name) does not die away, so that the slave (name) as this soap was in my hands.”

A man will feel nested emotions and feel sexual desire.

A conspiracy is appropriate if there is a tiff, beloved or beloved does not come and do not want to meet, but relationships were filled with passion before. You can reconcile with the help of sex.

In this case, the wind will help.

You need to open the window and read the plot to the wind:

“The wind, the wind, you fly, my desire to (sweet) (name) carry. Okruti, persuade, dizzy head, excite, bring to me (name). Remember to force my body, close your eyes on others.

How fast you rush, so quickly beloved (s) deliver. As I ordered, so be it!


Elements love to help in love affairs, so conspiracies down the drain always work.

It is impossible for a person to read a slander by telephone, since such an action is a mystery.

On a walk you need to be a little behind your beloved. Gazing at him in the back, whisper the words of a spell in a whisper:

“Let him draw you to me, let him call. Comfort sexual will bring.

The text is pronounced 13 times. It is necessary to represent passionate sexual intercourse, think about how well together. A message of energy with words will surely touch your loved one, and he will feel a desire for intimacy.

Whispers can be sent at every meeting.

Prisushka, dryness, prisush — a kind of magical effect, which causes the object to dry without communication and sex with her beloved. In love magic, it is mainly used to influence thoughts, but it is also suitable for sexual binding.

For the ceremony will require:

  • white saucer;
  • salt;
  • photo of a loved one in full growth;
  • water.

The ritual is performed on a growing moon or full moon on one of the men’s days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday):

  1. 1. Pour some water into the saucer.
  2. 2. Throw a handful of salt from the new pack into the water. The ratio of water and salt should be such that the salt is soaked, but not dissolved in water.
  3. 3. Above the saucer, read the following text an odd number of times: “Eat, feed, water, a solyushka by yourself, give yourself all without a trace. So my beloved one (the name of the object), let him desire me and not calm down until he takes all. ”
  4. 4. Dip the salt into a picture and distribute it evenly.
  5. 5. Wait until the salt dries. Fold the photo with salt in an envelope and put it in an inaccessible place.

Salt well stores the information embedded in it, and transmits it to the object. Photography is an energy cast of a person, so the impact goes directly on himself, through a phantom. Given the strength of the translator, the action comes as soon as the salt dries.

A man will crave a woman, and with her refusals — suffer greatly.

Hair is a biological material. Impact on a person through his piece has incredible strength.

Desired prushka — for sex, respectively, the hair will be required from the intimate zone, although it can be used from the head, but then, apart from sexual desires, the object will also suffer on an emotional level.

For the ritual will require:

  • red wax candle;
  • one hair of the object of desire.

Ritual requires concentration and accuracy:

  1. 1. From the melted wax of a candle, make a small simple doll. She should have a body, head, arms, legs, and sexual characteristics. The beauty of the performance is unimportant, but it should be clear that this is a little man. In the groin area, attach the hair with a needle heated on a candle, so as to pierce the doll.
  2. 2. At the same time, quickly say the words: “I command your zealous to inflame me with passion and love. Let the cruise, sadness and longing cover you while you are without me. Amen».
  3. 3. Wrap the man in a handkerchief and carry it with you for several days. Then clean in a secluded place.

The object of prisukha will quickly become a passionate lover.

Knowing how to manage energies, you can make a person’s sexual attachment without harming your loved one.

The second chakra of Svadhishthana is sexual and is responsible for harmonious relations in the intimate sphere. With a well-developed and open chakra, a person does not experience problems in relations with the opposite sex, but may well be the object of a desire for someone whose feelings he does not even suspect.

Binding through the energy centers of the body will be the safest and for the one who binds, and for the object of his passion.

Need to remember the mandatory conditions:

  • Object binding must be healthy, especially mentally. Any discomfort will cause a serious malfunction in the body during work.
  • Women should not be exposed during menstruation.
  • The object must be in sight and not communicate with other persons at the time of visualization of the flow of energy.

How to create a channel for the exchange of energy:

  1. 1. The state should be calm, without unnecessary thoughts. You need to focus on your 2nd chakra and start filling it with energy. Svadhisthana is orange, therefore, it is necessary to visualize the energy of such a shade that is getting brighter and brighter. With proper operation, heat and increasing movement of energy flows in the area below the navel are felt.
  2. 2. Feels like it will become clear that the tethering is ready to give away his energy. At this point, you need to direct your flow to the Svadhisthana area of ​​the object. There is no need to hurry; you should slowly pump up your partner with energy until his chakra comes to the same excited state. This is not about sexual arousal, but about energy. When the partner’s chakra will be in the same state, then you need to start the return of energy.
  3. 3. After the energy contact, it is necessary to visualize the outflow of energy from the object back to the chakra. People with well-developed energy, having received back the flow of energy, will feel foreignness. It needs to be mixed with your own and for some time to visualize the circulation of energy between the chakras. The channel is established during the exchange of energies under control. You can not give your own without returning it, and take someone else’s, devastating man.
  4. 4. After the exchange of your energy is completed, you need to return to the place and visualize how the object chakra comes to rest. If this is not done, then the person being tied will spend the received sexual on any counter. A person may immediately have a desire to sleep, and he will show signs of attention, flirt. This means that the channel is set correctly.

Then everything will depend on the psychological type of person. He can be shy and feel shame for his desires, and he may turn out to be intrusive.

Regulate further relationships need, given the nature and circumstances.

The method is trouble-free, but difficult to perform for people who have little control of their energy. But if you choose this method, then you can practice and absolutely safely attach the object of desire.

For such a binding is required that sex has already taken place. During sex you need to weave a beautiful web out of thin silver threads of your energy and keep it until the onset of ecstasy.

At this moment, throw it on your partner, thereby fixing the euphoria with your energy. The person who has got to a web at the moment of the highest pleasure, will never want to get out of it.

The difficulty lies in the fact that without the experience of creating energy networks, cocoons, spider webs, it is impossible to do this without being distracted from sex.

This magical effect is the strongest among the existing ones. It differs from a love spell only in that it does not affect the area of ​​feelings and does not affect the psyche of the bewitched.

The result of such a magical effect will be quick and strong. Need to buy a silk red ribbon. If there are no tapes from natural material on sale, then you need to buy a piece of silk and tear off the necessary piece from it.

Scissors and knives can not be used.

On any day, but preferably on a growing moon, you need to sit alone, focus on your beloved, intimacy and caress with it, and read the plot seven times:

“I bind the servant of God (name) to the servant of God (name) Tightly and for a long time! To break and unravel no one could, no one was able to separate and tear apart! And the servant of God (the name) only wanted me and dreamed of me!

So that his thoughts and thoughts were sent to me! And he could not look at other women and could not love them!

So that the power of men is only with me! My word is strong, to (name) sculpt! «

Each time you read the text, tie a knot on the ribbon, they should also turn out seven. After the tape hide and no one to talk about the rite.

For the ritual will need:

  • red wax candle;
  • two single photos in full growth (own and loved one).
  1. 1. On the growing moon, at night, light a candle and put in front of her a photo of the bewitched.
  2. 2. Looking at the flame of a candle to represent the relationship with a sweet, to think about his caresses, tenderness and care.
  3. 3. To take your own photo in your left hand, look at it briefly and represent before the appearance of physical sensations, how feelings and body merge together, how it excites and how nice and pleasant it is. The more depraved thoughts are, the stronger the promise will be.
  4. 4. Then you need to connect the photos face to face and at the same time pronounce the love spell:

“As a stallion is young and insatiable with passion, it burns, one horse after another covers, So you (the name) feel masculine strength, reach out for me, do not know peace, Just slander me, indulge in sexual pleasures. As the photos united, the words of the conspiracy spoke, and so we were united forever by Love with a clear, passionate sex.

Both day and night, all day away. Let it be so».

To enhance the effect of the ritual, the rite can be performed every night of the rising moon. In this case, one candle is used, and the photos are stored in an envelope in a secluded place.

On the last night, leave the candle to burn out completely, and collect the drained wax and put it in the envelope for the photos.

After sex with a man you need to collect his sperm. It is desirable that sex was with a condom, it will facilitate the task.

Go to the bathroom or some other place, pour the seed into the jar and close the lid. No conspiracies are read. All energy needs to be concentrated on closing the lid.

Imagine how the sexual energy of this man closes in the body and has no exit from there.

The next day, a jar with traces of intimacy needs to be buried in the ground. A vacant lot, a scaffold, or a landing will do; the main thing is that no one finds it and does not open it; otherwise, the released energy will become uncontrollable, and it is not known to whom it will spread.

This ceremony is suitable for a woman who wants only sex with a man. The magical effect will affect his attraction, but will not arouse feelings of love in him.

As well as the ritual will be useful in a married couple, when good relations between the spouses are preserved, but the husband began to lose interest in his wife in bed.

Items for ritual:

  • three red wax candles;
  • new men’s handkerchief;
  • jasmine essential oil;
  • single photo of a man.

A ritual is held on the growing moon, after midnight. At home you need to be alone, because no one should interfere, otherwise the result will not be achieved.

Performing the ritual:

  1. 1. Rub candles with jasmine oil, set with a triangle. Sit on the floor in front of the candles and light them.
  2. 2. Put in the center of the photo men. It should be face up.
  3. 3. Spread a handkerchief on the photo. Put three drops of essential oil on a handkerchief.
  4. 4. Close your eyes, tightly clench your fists and barely hear for about 10 minutes the words: “I implore you, (name of man), I awaken all your desires for yourself. You will want and wish me, I will not sleep at night ”.
  5. 5. In the words you need to invest all your confidence and desire to get the result.
  6. 6. Open your eyes, wait for the candles to burn out and remove the handkerchief. The remaining items left over from the ritual, destroy the street in any way (photo too).
  7. 7. To activate the love spell, a handkerchief should be put in a man’s pocket or bag. If he does not use it, it will not affect the result, the main condition is that the person must take it once in his hands.

The action will begin to appear in 2 weeks. A man will give signs of attention, try more time to be around, to show interest in bed.

It should be borne in mind that men with different temperaments may react to magical effects in different ways. Some may be invited for a date after a week, while others will only begin to make hints after a month.

Sexual love spell — one of the safest magical effects. It does not affect the sphere of feelings, does not affect the mental state of a person and his physical health.

Given this, with the help of this influence can be tied to both men and women. It is allowed to bewitch people for the novel, which will not have a continuation, and it is possible to revive sexual relations in a married couple.

With caution you need to conduct ceremonies over people who have a family. A spree or an overly enthusiastic wife can ruin a happy family.

It cannot be argued that if the spouses are doing well, then no one will go «on the side» because under the influence of magic people do not control themselves to the fullest extent.

You should never use enchantments against a girl or woman during the menstrual cycle. A love spell at such a time can affect her physical health or give an unpredictable result.

If the sexual binding is done correctly, then the result will be a sickly attraction attracted to the one who made the love spell.

It is necessary to take into account the temperament and state of the human psyche and to do ceremonies that are appropriate in strength. It may happen that sex overshadows everything else in the life of the object of desire, the business and financial sphere will suffer, and normal relations with society will be disturbed.

The duration of such binding usually does not exceed 6-7 months, so excessive intimate attraction will not last long.

But a person who decides to perform a ritual should know that, apart from prayer and the energetic bundle on the chakras, all other types of bindings are still black magic, with all the ensuing consequences.

When a ritual is performed incorrectly or with malicious intent to torture a person, it will affect the object and the conducting rite. Charm will hurt, suffer, in some cases may be carried away by alcohol. There will be problems at work and in communication with others.

And the operator will receive a powerful backlash from the forces that are involved in the ritual, which will affect physical and mental health.

To avoid this, all rituals must be carried out, strictly following the instructions, asking the Higher Forces for help with respect, not to use old and unnecessary things in the rites. It is always necessary to pay off something for the help received.

In this case, you can avoid a rollback.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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