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The most effective conspiracy on beauty and attractiveness, their consequences

The strongest conspiracy on beauty, charm; their possible consequences

The effectiveness of the conspiracy to beauty depends on the enchanting inner power. Strengthens energy compliance with fasting for three days before the ceremony, the elimination of negative emotions.

Spell words should be pronounced quietly, but clearly and confidently. Reading conspiracies is effective when the intentions of the conspirator are pure, and her requests are not used to the detriment of other people (for example, for the sake of the temptation of other men or doing lascivious acts).

It is not recommended to hold ceremonies for beauty on the days of major church holidays: Easter, Palm Sunday, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

It is important to remember that ceremonies for gaining youth and enhancing attractiveness are performed only in a healthy, vigorous state. Do not use magic on critical days or when you feel unwell.

The following ordinances will help to become more attractive, to revive a former youth and become even more beautiful than in young years.

The most effective conspiracy on beauty and attractiveness, their consequences

They put a mirror in front of them, light a candle in front of it. The plot is pronounced, looking at its appearance in the mirror image:

"In the wide field, I will go, I will find a white-combustible stone of Alatyr. I look on four sides, ask for the beauty of the sun and the moon.

And on a stone that is not a nasty snake and not a bad toad. Firebird sits on it, casts a clear flame, captivates with the beauty of the traveler. Like that Firebird is the prettiest in this world, so shall I shine with silver-gold, dear (if there is a chosen one, call the name) captivate.


Conspiracy words are uttered in a whisper three times. After each need to get up and turn around counterclockwise.

The most effective conspiracy on beauty and attractiveness, their consequences

This rite is suitable for women who want to be attractive to men at a party or in a company. Before entering the room where the celebration is held, you should mentally pronounce the words of the conspiracy:

"Women are stupid and bad, their manners are ridiculous and thin. And the dresses on them are gray and hot. I will enter the mansion, like the Pavlitsa, the wonderful king-girl.

With my clear eyes I will lead — I will gather all the men. Wherever I go, run after me. And my beloved (name) more than anyone else runs, admiring me.


Entering the room, you should linger a little in the doorway and look around the room in a circle, in a clockwise direction. Any person who looks at the guest at this moment will be fascinated by her beauty.

The most effective conspiracy on beauty and attractiveness, their consequences

This ceremony is suitable for girls suffering from unrequited love. They rise in the morning, before dawn, and the living egg speaks:

"He laid a golden egg. It tells everyone to have fun, and it will endow me with unwritten beauty, make my face whiter than snow and make me happy.

As I said, so be it. Exactly!".

After that, you need to wash under running water. Having wiped his face with a clean towel, they drive an egg over his face and say the words:

"I will rise at dawn, ask the Lord for a blessing, I will go to the eastern edge. In the edge of the eastern water I wash my face from the Okoyan Sea, and let the sunshine shine through the sun. My face will be like a light egg.

My dear, as he sees me, he will not tear off his eyes. He welcomes me alone, loves and misses me.


Eggs should be cooked from the egg and eaten, representing a happy love relationship.

This plot is read in the meadows, during the growing moon. Suitable for enhancing attractiveness for both women and men. At dawn, you should go to the meadow.

They take a small piece of bread, a pinch of salt and some water with them. Walking through the meadow to meet the ascending star, say the words:

"The sun clear after the night woke up, but woke everyone up. Yes, in my appearance reflected.

The rays of his warm land caressing all the creature on earth awaken. And they clean me up badly, and pour health and light.

Gives me the sun red mouth chervonnye, eyes are clear, the image is white and rouge".

The plot is pronounced as many times as the soul commands. When inside there is a feeling that is enough, they sit down on the grass and start talking bread, water and salt:

"Without salt and without bread, man cannot live. He has no life without water, but without the morning sun. So without me, people could not live a day.

I will become sweeter than the red sun, purer than the sky of a deep, deeply blessed field. Amen".

Then brought should be eaten. The rite begins to operate immediately after.

Bathing is recommended to hold witch in "female" days (Wednesday, Friday), and representatives of the stronger sex — in "man’s" (Tuesday Thursday). After the magical water procedures should sleep head to the north.

The sacrament is held in the bath. On a lime broom the words are pronounced:

"I cast out chahotu and dryness, decrepitude and old age. I welcome health and beauty. May the hands of the servants of the Lord (name) be smooth, may the feet of the slaves of the Lord (name) be light, and the camp be slim and beautiful.

Eyes that let the stars clear sparkle, hair thick downwind play. Let the body be as flexible as a reed, but for everyone.


Then steamed conspiratorial broom.

The spell can be pronounced while washing, taking a bath, shower, visiting a bath or a pool. Plot text:

"I will stand on the east side with my back, on the west side with my eyes. On the western side, Joseph sits, sees the Most Holy Mother of God.

Looks — can not stop looking. So let it be for me, the servant of the Lord (name), the honest people looked — did not look, admired — did not admire. On the lock the plot is locked, and the key is lost.


The plot is used once or twice a month, strictly during the new moon period (otherwise the effect of witchcraft will be reversed).

To make yourself strong and beautiful, once a year it is useful to swim in an open pond under the moonlight. The moon must be fully reflected in the water.

If the luminary closes with a cloud, it is a bad sign. If the moon remains clear and pure, the fortuneteller will become stronger and more attractive. While bathing, the words are pronounced:

"Sister Moon, look at me! I smile, share power and beauty. Beauty-moon, may I be like you sweet and strong.

Give me a shot. Amen".

To conduct the ceremony from a natural source to collect water. It is important that the container was not plastic, but made of glass.

The rite is performed on the full moon.

That same evening, the container is placed on the window sill so that moonlight comes on it, and they speak:

"Seven birds flew high, heralding the arrival of seven queens. Each queen came to a little voditsa, but she lowered her leap into her".

The next evening, take a bath, adding to it 12 teaspoons of conspiratorial water. While preparing the bathroom, utter the words:

"I look at myself — I can’t stop looking. Good words and praise I get.

I am the youngest among the youngest, I am stronger among the strong. I am a proud lioness, no one will begin to fight with me, no one can be compared with me. No sooner said than done.


A bathroom with a conspicuous additive can be taken as many times as necessary until the water runs out.

The following plot is pronounced on any stone, which is then worn on itself as a talisman of beauty:

"You are my precious treasure, love. I do not lay the dungeon in your cheese, but I will speak to a girl of the lottery.

In the name of the twelve apostles, all the saints of God, angels and archangels! Let the grooms admire, adorn me.

I will be like that lepotnaya girl — red and ruddy, pretty and desirable. Let all the suitors go round about me, they would not see the white light either at home or on the road, in the world and at a feast, day and night.

As an honest people bows to the temple of God, so they would love and respect them, and meet them with joy. Key, lock, tongue".

With the help of these words, you can also speak any jewelry with a stone (for example, a ring or pendant).

Rituals for gaining harmony are carried out on a decreasing moon. It is useful to combine magic practices with generally accepted measures to get rid of extra pounds — diet and sports.

The action of the ritual is aimed at losing weight and getting rid of cellulite. It is carried out on a decreasing moon.

For the ceremony should specifically purchase a jar of sparse honey. Putting it on "distressed" places and gently clapping, utter the words:

"Sweet Honey Medovich, take my fat and cellulite. Let slenderness voiced obesity fat win.


Suffering from varicose veins, this rite is contraindicated.

If a girl or woman suffers from too much weight, this rite will help. It is necessary to go to the full moon in the bath, taking a boiled egg.

You can take a few pieces, because in the process of the rite only that which turned out to be cleaned without chippers is used (sometimes during cleaning the shell comes off with protein — such an egg will not work).

Having washed in the bath, clean the egg. If it turned out to clean it without bells, they begin to gently drive through the body and say the words:

"Golden egg, take away the excess fat and all the folds from me. I will give you to feed the chicken, let it be puzatenka, and I’ll be like a dove nice, like a birch slender. The egg lies in the hen, and the hen cackles.

Like an egg in a hen, and a hen in a hen house, so would I, a slave of the Lord (name), be a red and stately bride. Amen!".

The egg is chopped and fed to the hen that laid it down, and then the bird is sold. For forty days, the fortunate shall not eat eggs in any form.

During the following rituals, it is useful to visualize your appearance in youth. This will help increase the impact of magic.

Early in the morning, water is collected from a river, lake or stream in one bowl, and dew is collected in another tank. Houses light 3 church candles and say the words of the plot, first on the water and then on the dew:

"As the bright sun is bright and beautiful, it is clear that in the morning the dew is so early in the morning, and I am also clear in my face. I will bow to the sun in the morning and wash my face with water. I will become beautiful, fresh and rouge, with a face without a single flaw.

Taco wake up".

After that, they wash themselves with conspiracy dew. After washing the candles can be extinguished.

Water in another container is used for washing in the evening, before going to bed.

Rustic milk is best suited for the rite. But it is also allowed to use the product from the store.

Milk is poured into a saucer, crossed three times and pronounced a conspiracy:

"Milk is white, tasty, natural absorbing power! Give my look your whiteness and beauty. Natural strength is not exhausted, but my beauty will not wither.


After taking three sips, the remaining milk washes the face and neck. Milk is not rinsed off for about 15 minutes.

Then you can rinse your face with clean water and wipe off with a towel.

The rite is recommended to be held 1-2 times a week.

For the ritual will require:

  • mirror;
  • small amount of holy water;
  • clean napkin or a piece of cotton.

The mirror is wiped with holy water with a cotton swab or napkin. It is necessary to ensure that after this there are no streaks on its surface. Looking in the mirror and rubbing it, they read the plot:

"Voditsa holy, pure, blessed by God! Wash away all the flaws with me. May I be the most white-faced, most desirable.

Let my life be clean, every day, like a mirror surface. Amen".

The rite is held daily during the week. Already at this time, the fortuneteller will feel the increased attention of the opposite sex.

The following plot will help in getting rid of wrinkles. On the day of the full moon before noon, you should purchase a jar of new face cream. Without opening it, a conspiracy is pronounced:

"Stupid 12 red girls, 12 clear young women, 12 glorious queens. Each of them is pretty and fresh, as the star of heaven is good by itself. From every red girl lepotas in the barrel flows.

Twelve red sisters, go to your tent at once! I open the keg — dear and sweet, and I gather a clear lepot!".

Then you can use the cream. It is recommended to read the plot each time before using the product.

To enhance the charm and appeal, you should sit beside a flowering rose bush, saying the words in a whisper:

"Color red and purple, give me the beauty and beauty. May I be like a spring flower, more beautiful than the clear sun, bright month.


The plot can be read and a bouquet of flowers, standing at home.

Before you bring beauty with makeup, say the words:

"God the Creator adorned the firmament and the whole planet. By his command, the Earth is given an extraordinary beauty, and the firmament of the heavenly — height.

God the Father would have decorated me and His servant (Name). Morning dawn on the cheeks, the color of earth — on the eyebrows, the density of wheat — in the hair. Grant me, O God, the beauty, as if in a meadow of dew.

To your glory! Amen".

Then you can proceed to make-up.

In order to be young and attractive as long as possible, it is necessary on April 22 (the day of the ever-young Slavic goddess Lely) to cut the apple branch and place it in a container with water. When the first leaves appear, they are cut off and brewed.

Washing this broth and looking at himself in the mirror, say the words:

"I look at my beauty — I can not see enough. As the apple tree blooms with snow white, so will I be more beautiful than its color!".

In the tank they collect cool water and say the words three times:

"Voditsa sister, wash away all the wrinkles from me (redness, black spots, pigmentation, etc.).

Then you should rinse your face seven times. The rite is performed before going to bed.

It is not recommended to wipe the face with a towel after the procedure.

The following rituals help to get rid of skin imperfections: black spots, wrinkles, acne. For greater effectiveness, magical mysteries must be supplemented with traditional methods of treatment.

In order to enhance the effect of the rite, it can be performed 3, 5, 7 or more times in one lunar cycle.

For this ceremony, held at home, you will need a piece of any soap to wash your face. Words are pronounced on him:

"I walked through wide valleys, wandered through dark forests. I look — a damned hut on one leg. I bowed to the cabin, but I went to the old woman Yaga.

It turns out old Yaga, hunched and shaggy, iron chest to the knees, a dress without a belt, face aged and marked. I asked the old woman, the evil Baba Yaga: you teach me to be beautiful.

She served Yaga for faithful service for three days and three nights, she taught me to be beautiful. I am washing now with magic soap. Flaws all go, but beauty comes.

Key, lock, tongue. Amen".

Soaped soap washed every day.

On April 23, on the day of Terentiy Marevny, one should go to the forest and pick an odd number of leaves from any trees. Then they wipe the face and bury them under the most powerful oak that comes along the way. Digging in, utter the words of a conspiracy:

"Hello, Terenty! I do not take yours, but I leave mine under an oak. Let the bark of wood roughness be, and the leaves — like silk silk cloth.

So would I, a servant of God (name) with smooth skin be, and give all marks and notches to you, Terini, to give. Where the leaves are left, let the young grass sprout, the living water will leak, and it will take everything left for itself!".

Before rubbing the skin with ice, a spell is cast on it:

"The Most Holy Mary spent the day by night, and passed the long night. At night, the angel of the Lord drove away the evil from her.

Shuitsa persecuted, and left the holy cross kept. As the angel baptized the unclean and cast him out, so too he would drive the water out of my form.


The rite is held in the fall, during the leaf fall. Before the sacrament for three days is recommended to stick to a vegetarian diet.

Then go to the forest. Getting up under a tree (preferably under the birch), utter a conspiracy:

"On this autumn day, yes, in this light hour, I will rise, a servant of the Lord (name), at the tree, that I may give him a mandate. Come to me, deacons and protodeacons, priests and bishops, and readers, and altar men, and bell-ringers, and good ladies, and dilapidated old women.

In this hour I will shake off the skin of my old one, as if shaking off the tree, which has served itself. The leaf is yellow and dry under my heel.

Challenge you, the bell-ringers, to the service of the church people honest. Scold, father, evening liturgy, commemoration, on my old skin.

A healthy liturgy about the new, young, not the one that lies under my heel. I will close the plot for my young body. I give the old to the deacons and protodeacons, yes to the priests, yes to the bishops, and to every servant.

I will close the case, and put the keys under the Lord’s threshold. Keys under the threshold for storage, and the skin — for rejuvenation. The keys that the apostles protect, do not give anyone.


They leave the forest without looking back. Positive changes in the skin condition will be observed over the next few weeks.

The next conspiracy can be read by both men and women. The rite is suitable for getting rid of wrinkles, as well as any imperfections (acne, comedones, ulcers, rashes).

To make a face clean and attractive, you must go to the shore of a reservoir or swamp. There are grass cudweed.

The most effective conspiracy on beauty and attractiveness, their consequences

Bending over her, utter a whisper:

"Marsh, yes, living, not death, but on the face of white, and not on the back of the cross, others like a bow repulsed, and picked up in beauty. Amen».

Then the plant is uprooted. Having scooped up some water, bring everything home and prepare the broth. They should wash their face.

Magical grass helps not only to get rid of imperfections, but also to make a person more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex.

This rite is performed using melt water from seven icicles. The sacrament helps get rid of acne, wrinkles, black spots and any other skin imperfections. The sacrament is performed only on the decreasing moon.

Taking 7 icicles, put them in one container. When they melt, the words of conspiracy are pronounced:

"Holy Alexander of Svir, and you, the martyr Konon the Isaurian! And you, Reverend Sampson, and you, St. Timifuntsky Spyridon! Win my ulcers, free your face from boils by the power of God.

As the water from the holy heavens descends, but at the command of Jesus Christ turns into icicles, so would the boils and acne forever descend from my face, never come back. Amen".

The melt water is poured into a glass container and washed with it until it ends.

Rites aimed at improving the condition of hair, are carried out only on the growing moon. When performing a ritual or reading a conspiracy, hair should be dissolved by removing all jewelry and accessories.

The plot is read on the first day of the growing moon. On a comb or comb before sunrise, the words are pronounced:

"I will rise early in the morning, the younger granddaughter of Dazhbog (name). I will go from door to door, from house to house, but along a wide road, into a clean field. And beyond that endless field is the blue sea.

I will wash my face with water, wipe the petals of a scarlet rose, and brush my morning sun rays. As Alatyr-stone will dawn at dawn, so would I, the younger granddaughter of Dazhdbog, shine, and my hair should be thick, like coniferous thicket. Everyone will admire my hair, do not tear off the eyes.

My word does not unlock, break, cancel, replace. Amen".

The combed comb must be combed during one lunar cycle daily. Then the rite can be repeated.

For the next ceremony will require a decoction of herbs, made in spring water. Ingredients can be collected independently or purchased at a pharmacy. Fit:

Before use on the cooled broth, the words are pronounced three times:

"There are two wide roads in a wide field. In one flower bloom, wild grass grows. The other is dusty and desolate.

On the second road traveler went, but did not come anywhere. And on the first road I will go, I will find a white, flammable Alatyr stone. On it, three beauties-girls sit, but they all say among themselves.

One beautiful maiden has a blond spit, the second has a resin one, and the third has an ore. Their hair is healthy and thick.

Not sick, not lost, and every day is added. How strong is the hair of beautiful girls, so even if I had everything added up, it grew.


Broth should be rinsed hair. The ritual is held for seven days in a row.

The most effective rites for gaining lush chest on a growing or full moon. Magical events must be accompanied by visualization of the desired bust size.

The rite is held on the full moon. For the sacrament will require any old clothes. Looking at the full moon, the entrapment becomes the heel on top of the chosen piece of clothing and utters a white plot:

"That is not the clothes that lie under my heel, but the key is precious, golden. The beauty moon in the sky is full, and my chest day by day becomes lush. From the holy spring I wash my breast with my water.

A conspiracy key golden shut. Amen".

The clothes that lay under the heel can no longer be worn. But it can be used in the next full moon to strengthen the rite.

For this rite will require hop cones. This plant contains phytohormones that promote breast growth.

It can be purchased at a pharmacy or collected independently (in this case, the rite will be more effective). When collecting wild hop should choose a plant in deserted places where there are no roads.

Cones fit young, greenish-yellow hue. Raw materials should be pre-dried, putting it on a clean cloth.

When the hops are ready, you should make a decoction of it and speak:

"You grow up, hops, where honest people do not walk, where the horse does not roam the bay. Do the same, hop clear, my chest is elastic and beautiful. May the people marvel, admire, and my chest is filled with strength and health.


Then drink drink.

Hops — a poisonous plant, which, when overdose causes side effects: vomiting, bleeding, confusion. Pregnant to use it is contraindicated.

The permissible dosage per day is 1 teaspoon of cones per 250 ml. boiling water.

Reading prayers in order to enhance external beauty must be combined with work on spirituality. Therefore, those who use the appeal to the Lord or the saints should also attend the temple, read other prayer books, and give alms.

This appeal from the prayer book to the pleaser of God Hypatia helps to become more beautiful and get rid of women’s diseases. It can be read twice a day, during the morning and evening prayers.

"In the beautiful Church of the Apostolic Held from the age of God, He has become the Creator of Heavenly Crusade, Heavenly Creature, God’s Blessed Father Ipatius, and in it, the High Priest is faithful, the God-Primordial and All-Creating All-Trinity Trinity preached in the Universal Assembly, in the Spirit, and in the Universal Trinity in the universal Assembly, preached in Creature in the Universal, the Spirit, and the All-Creating Trinity Unity preached in Creature in the Universal, the Spirit, and the All-Creating Trinity Unity preached in the universal Assembly, in the Spirit, and the All-Creating Trinity Unity preached in the universal Assembly, in the Spirit, and the All-Creating Holy Trinity, preached in the universal Assembly, in the Spirit, and the All-Creating Holy Trinity, preached in the universal Assembly, in the same Creation of the Spirit and the All-Creating Holy Trinity, in the Universal Assembly, in the same Primitive and All-Creating All-Trinity Trinity Unity preached you in the Universal Priest, in the same Primitive and All-Creating Holy Trinity Unity preached you in the same Priest as the Creator, tormenting for the faith of Christ, having passed away, have you come to heavenly city, ideally for the Tripostate God for nothing, pray for those who honor you, and in Holy Jerusalem with the saints we will be honored".

Prayer is read before entering the temple:

"The church is the holy mother! Humbly bow to God before you. On you stands a saving cross, golden.

The domes sparkle in clear light, and at night the stars in them reflect their appearance. Angels of heaven visit you day and night.

Opponents are not your holy glory. I would be just as beautiful to me, the Lord’s servant (name).

Not for the sake of sinful passions, not for the sake of fornication, pride and envy, but for the glory of God, to do good deeds. Amen".

From under the tap or from the spring they collect in the water tank and say a prayer over it:

"Holy Lord God! I ask you to bless you for this water.

May she make me comely and healthy, to your glory. Amen".

Then wash with water. Prayer can be used any number of times.

The next Muslim prayer (dua) is read 7 times within 7 days. Before its pronouncement it is necessary to use spirits (non-alcoholic).

After its utterance should blow in the palm of your hand and hold them on the face and body. Dua text:

"Allahumma pawdawa va nuru Yusuf ala vazhhi taman Raani yukhibbuni mahabbatan"

Magic sacraments for enhancing beauty belong to the rites of white magic. These rituals do not use the call of demons; they are carried out at the expense of personal energy of the person. Under the condition of purity of intent, they do no harm to other people.

For these reasons, if carried out correctly, do not have negative consequences.

Poor results of witchcraft in the form of aggravated inflammation and wrinkles, a set of extra pounds and other problems with appearance may occur due to errors in the conduct of the ceremony. In this case, the reasons for the failures may be as follows:

  • Wrong time. If the rite is not conducted in the desired phase of the moon, the results may be the opposite.
  • Lack of concentration, concentration on the sacrament. In this case, the rite will act distorted: for example, acne will disappear, but will appear in another place.
  • Energy or emotional imbalance. Internal disharmony leads to the fact that the sacrament can act destructively, triggering an increase in negative symptoms.

If the sacrament is performed for the sake of debauchery, is combined with a love spell, or is performed with the intention to destroy other people’s family relationships, the consequences will be dire. Enthusiast runs the risk of serious health problems (especially in the female sphere), early menopause, overweight, loss of loved ones (up to the death of relatives).

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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